Friday, September 30, 2011

The Way Of The Leatherworker

   So you've chosen leather working to be your choice of a weapon to take on the AH PvP with and now you want to know how to use it properly to make a "killing" and let me give you a few pointers of what you should shoot for, well actually now that i see this it sounds like i'm about to give you tips on how to kill people in Quake Arena or Unreal Tournament so i'll stop with the comparing it to killing and get down to the gold facts.

   The tools you will be using will be tactics and particular items you will have to keep an eye out, but even like the image on the left that portraits all the tools that a leatherworker uses (even though you never see your character hammering, or snipping the leather, he still uses them) you will use knowledge of the items and their value to help you make some good amount of gold.

   Before i continue on with telling you ways to cash out by using leather working i would like to let you know that i will try and cover the basics on how to make gold with the profession even at lower levels as well as what you can do when you have maxed you your skill.

   Long time ago, in the pre BoA heirlooms leather working low level items used to be very lucrative seeing as how they were very good choice for people leveling but since the release of the BoA items they are worthless, or so i though for quite some time. What i mean by this is that with the upcoming feature added in the game in Patch 4.3, Transmogrification, some people are actually tapping back in the old leveling crafting sets to look for models for their epic looking gear. Just so you know i wont go into details about which sets to go for because to be honest this is a market that i am just starting out with and i have seen some positive gold income but simply check your crafting option your leather worker has and see how they look like, and if you think it's cool then do try and sell it on the AH, but make sure you put a little ad on the trade channel, something in the line of, [X Item] on the AH, this is your chance to get this epic looking [item] and make everyone turn yellow in envy. Get yours now!

   As a guide line try and do some looking around at the Nightscape armor set, usually there aren't any on the AH and so i managed to sell 5 full sets for 70g for each item in the set and seeing as how there are 5 items that's easy 350g by selling a low level item, so if you have some other full sets check the price on their materials and don't be afraid to experiment.

   Ok one of the basic thing every leather worker can do is take scraps and turn them into leather, well as your skill in leather working increases your profession will allow you to craft a higher level leather by using a smaller number of a lesser level leather. Now the reason why this is important is the fact that leveling leather working requires a lot of  leathers from different level and while people would sell lets say Light Leather is selling at 1g per item while Medium leather is in low supply and it's selling at 10g per item, what this means is that you can buy all the stacks out from the light leather then use your skill and turn them into Medium Leather and get bunch of expensive leathers that usually sell within few days. (The numbers i took were random and do not mean they need to be taken for granted, always check your AH before doing the conversion)

   Now i would like to get down to a more direct approach on what's been a good seller for me particularly and in return to give you a heads up on what to keep your eyes peeled for.

     Bags, bags, bags, these are the best selling items in Cataclysm, Wrath of the Lich King, The Burning Crusade and pretty much Vanilla any why is that, well simple everyone wants a bigger bag so they can fill it with more goodies so they don't have to take that trip to the AH or the vendor every 10 minutes.  

   As a leather worker this can mean only one thing, you have the access to creating an item that is in a high demand by almost all profession driven people because creating the regular bags that we can fill with anything we want is left to the tailors we get to make the bags that are used by leather workers, miners and scribes. If you give it a little bit of a though you will actually think that it's not a good market but if you try it out and see for yourself you will love it, in the continuation i'll post the 3 most profitable bags to craft.

Mammoth Mining Bag - This is the bag that every miner would love to get. This bag has probably made me hundreds of thousands of gold and for a very long time i wondered why people were buying it because i could never understand the need for big bags for mining because i would get bored after 30 minutes but then it hit me. There are people out there that don't mind farming, or they see farming ore as their only way of making gold, but even that wasn't enough until i saw that one of the names of the guy that bought the bag from me had a generic name like qrrsffas and weirdly enough there were 500 stacks of ore posted by someone with the same exact name so that got me thinking that people that bot or even hackers buy those and the fact that the costs for that bag is 8 Heavy Borean Leather which would on a normal day cost about 80g to make i would turn around and sell it for 900g and they would sell and all this due to the very low competition on the servers due to people either not having played the Sons of Hodir quests in WOTLK and acquired the pattern or simply don't want to try out that market thinking that no one would buy it. So if you have a leather worker that's able to craft that bag get to it and start seeing some good profits, if you dont have the pattern then get down to the Sons Of Hodir and do the initial quests just so you can open the vendor from them and get access to the pattern.

Trapper's Traveling Pack - This is the same item like the Mammoth bag but instead of the miners as a pool for your costumers you will be tapping into the leather working guys, and do know that these bags sell quite well and you shouldn't be afraid to give them quite a hefty price as i've sold them anywhere from 500-900g price range and they have sold.

Pack Of Endless Pockets - And last but not least is the bag for all those scribes out there that want to have more glyphs in their bags, and this like the other two bags sell quite well and at the same price.

   So those three little bags should be sold by you at any given time and as for the mats keep an eye out on the AH and when you see that cheap Borean Leather or Heavy Borean Leather on there snag it and use it for your profits.

   Now that we've passed the bags i'd like to tell you about the next items on the list that i've made a killing on, and they are not a big secret or anything but still i rarely see anyone posting them on the AH, like maybe one or two guys that refresh their auctions every 12 hours or so, and the items i'm talking about are the PvP sets. With the patch 4.2 there was an upgrade to the crafted items and their item level was raised to 358 which is enough to give you entrance level resilience so you don't end up feeling like a glass figurine. There are five sets available from which two are actually more profitable then the other two basically because one is sold to Rogues and Feral Druids while the other one is sold to Enhancement Shamans and Hunters, while the other three sets are meant for Elemental Shamans and the other for Boomkins and  Resto Druids  which is a smaller market but still not something to be thrown away. Just as a clarification i'll post the sets with their respectable items so you can see them.

Bloodthirsty Leather This is the one that you end up selling to Rogues and Feral Druids
Bloodthirsty Dragonscale This one is the bread and butter for the hunters and Enc Shamans
Bloodthirsty Charscale This is the one for the Elemental Shamans
Bloodthirsty Wyrmhide And this one is for the resto druids

   Like all the other items don't be afraid to price them quite high, as i've sold them for anywhere from 900-1450g and they have sold, and are still selling on a daily basis.

   So there you have it in a bunch, using your leatherworker to make gold by turning lesser quality leather into higher one for profit, using the AH to get cheap leather that craft it into bags for huge profits or even get into the PvP supplying scene and give the people their PvP gear so they can be well on their way to seed destruction and pain to the enemy, whatever you choose to do know one thing, gold will be coming your way so start planning on what you are gonna spend it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suppliers And Profiting As The Middle Man

   In this next bit, i would like to give you an inside on a way how to make gold by actually not doing anything, that will require you to go out, and kill things or stalk the AH. What i mean by this is, not that i am going to tell you how to make a gold forging machine, but something similar, when you see how much gold you can make, by simply doing it.

   Ok so to cut it down to the point, the thing i am talking about is profiting with the use of suppliers. Now before i go on let me give you a simple explanation of the term. A supplier is usually a guy/gal that will supply you with a steady stock of materials on a daily basis at a predefined price that you have both agreed upon and is satisfactory to both of you. For a better explanation i will give you an example of what i have set up with suppliers.

   I have about five guys that constantly supply me with Elementium/Obsidium Ore, and another two that supply me with leather. For this instance i will put the spotlight on the ore guys. What is happening on my server, is that i am one of the four or five main gem suppliers, so i am constantly on the look out for more raw materials (ores), so i keep my eyes open for any chance i can get to buy them. Well at least that's what i used to do. I was trying the AH for my ores until i actually though about getting the ore directly from the source, meaning cutting out the AH, and with that getting a constant flow of ore and denying all the other people the massive amounts of ore that would usually overflow the AH, that would otherwise lower the prices of ore and in return would plunge the prices of gems and BS crafted items. But i keep my eye out even nowadays about new suppliers that i might have missed out.

   Ok so i told you what i do, now to tell you how to get suppliers of your own. Best way to find someone to find someone that could be your supplier would be by checking the AH for guys that are posting massive amounts of certain ore or herbs. They are usually even posting them at a low price all with the hope of selling them fast. What you need to do is very simple actually, just check the name of the seller, and send him a in game mail where you tell him that you would buy out all his stock every time he has some to provide and you don't care how much he has you will simply buy, buy, buy. Eight out of ten times this way will prove to be unsuccessful because most of those huge posters like seen on the image are either bots or farmers that don't speak the language well (Chinese, Arabic or some other language depending on the server, AND NO I'M NOT TRYING TO BE RASIST ahh NATIONALIST ahh , or whatever). But still, you might have some luck and actually get one to talk to you and then hopefully come to an arrangement that would suit you both.

   Another way of getting a supplier is by keeping an eye out on the trade channel for people that would say something as simple as WTS [Elementium Ore]. Now unlike the 20% chance of success from the previous example these guys are actually the opposite and they have like 80% chance to be your guys. Let me elaborate a bit so you might get the idea why. Since they have decided to try out trade channel with their rather big stock of ore that only means one thing, they are smart, why exactly are they smart you would ask. Well they are smart because it's one of two things, first the way they obtained that ore, lets say they have 150 stacks per day that means that requires quite some time to obtain which would imply them having a little brother/sister slaving for them mining all day while they are away or at work, or the more viable choice they have a bot that does the same thing, but in any case that is not the question here but rather their need to stay away from the attention of blizzard by posting a large amount of ore on a regular basis and keeping it down to private COD transaction with a constant buyer (THIS BEING YOU)

   So i have given you the two main ways of getting the suppliers you will need now let me give you one more advice how to deal with them. Before you start talking prices with them remember one thing they like you are guys playing this game and if you try and cheat them out of their profits they wont be happy and might stop with the supplying you part so remember to always keep your suppliers happy and treat them well. Ok about the prices i will give you an example of my server. What is happening on my server is the prices fluxuate somewhere from 18-35g per stack price and that big price difference is due to the time it's being sold which means at around 6-7am (EU Time) when the farmers post their stock prices are lower but as the day goes by price of ore starts climbing because supply is low (be proud of it because its probably your doing as well if you have your suppliers). Now what i have set up with my suppliers if a price tag of 20g per stack no matter of the price on the AH, i always give them a fair price which means they don't have to deal with the AH, with the posting fees and the ah percentage but most of all they keep their anonymity. So there i am i have all those people COD sending me hundreds of ores on a daily basis and what i do is my choosing, be it save them for prospecting or take them and then mail them on my alt in stacks of 12 (max mail stack number) and have them at close reach should i need them.

   So take into account all the things i've told you and you end up with the fact that at any given time i have a large amount of ore in my possession for me to either use it or sell it. And as the title of the post says you can do some serious profiteering by simply getting your stock from the suppliers at the 20g price and then at night time usually after 1am (if you are awake that time) you can swing these stacks for 35g or even higher so for simply being the middle man in the transaction you get a 15g profit over the 20g you paid for the ore. And on the 450 stacks i sold last night i have made 6750g (i know i should have made a screenshot after i got all the sales instead of the first 50 sales but you still get the idea).

   So to summarize this post would be, getting the suppliers should be a thing you are always on the prowl for, treating your suppliers fairly should not be something you would ever forget to do because they are giving you the sweet sweet items you sell for profits and last you need to decide if you want to prospect the ore or sell it as ore.

   So there we are i hope this will help you guys and gals out there to make some serious gold without pretty much doing anything that would be time consuming or boring.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sailing The Waters Of The Gem Market

   One of the high earners if not the highest one in the WoW universe is the gems market. The reason behind all this is due to the fact that everyone from level 60-85 be it that they are leveling or raiding end game content or even PvPing will be getting gear that has sockets and needs gems, and this is where the term PROFIT shines at it's best.

   If jewelcrafting is your choice of a weapon for making a killing on the AH, then there are a few things you need to know, before you get into the business and actually start making some serious profits. First thing you need to know is, that unlike other professions where the items you will be crafting can be bought with items you can farm, jewelcrafting works a bit different where in order to be able to cut a certain gem you need to have the pattern for that gem, and that is purchasable from the JC vendor. The currency is the daily token you get from doing the daily quest, and what that means the "older" your jewelcrafter is he will have access to more gems if you've did the daily quest.

   So, what this exactly means is that if you want to be in the big game you will probably need to invest some time into doing those dailies, and not give up when you see how much time it will be needed before you get all the patterns available to you. Just to make it more vivid, for Cataclysm rare (blue) gems there are 53 patterns all worth 3 daily tokens which means that you will need 159 days to acquire all the rare gems, plus another 12 patterns for the meta gems which actually require 4 daily tokens which is another 48 days, so in total 207 days worth of doing dailies to have all the patterns available to you and unlock the full potential of the jewelcrafting profession.

   So if you are still reading that means that you are ok with the fact that you will need to do some daily quests and are still willing to invest your time in it, well then read up on a few more pointers.

   If you want to be a successful in the gem market then you need to start thinking like a big player, and what that means is that you don't simply scrape the earnings like any other jewelcrafter but instead you are dictating prices of gems and controlling the supply line and the how to do i will try and elaborate a bit on in the continuation of the post.

   So like we said we need to be dictating prices rather then following them and how you do this is not really that complex but it will take some social skills and communicating with your competitors. Ok i'll stop with the chatter and get down to the bare facts.

   First things first you need to define the prices you want to set, as a example i have my price ranges set xx - 195 (where xx is the lowest you would go to sell a gem, but i would rather i never have to get to that low point), and after you do that you need to get one thing straight because from 90% of the jewelcrafters out there don't seem to get, and that is the fact that when a guy/girl comes to the AH with the intention to get him/her gem it really doesn't matter what prices are there (well not if you overprice them to oblivion) but all they want is to fill up that empty socket because the sight of that new piece of epic gear just being empty like that is a painful sighting for them.

   Second thing after you've set your mind on a given price is to make sure you talk to the most active jewelcrafters on the server and iron out a deal and ask them to put their upper prices to 195 as well just so they don't systematically undercut you if they've set their top price to 120 per gem.

   And the third would be to make sure everyone gets accustomed to the gems worth being 195 rather then 20g or 30g. This last bit takes a bit of a finesse and some gold to back you up but once you get it to be in the zone you want it to be then everything gets into place and the profits start piling up. BUT and i do mean this as a big BUT, for everything to work out you will need to invest some time in the last phase because lets say people have been buying gems for 30g and now suddenly their price is 195g they will rebel a bit in the beginning and even undercut you, but just keep buying those cheap undercuts and in the long term you will see a increase in profits and when you buy those 30 gems for 20g don't look at it as "crap i've spent 600g for a bunch of gems" but rather something like "i invested 600g to get 4500g" (and this is even if your prices drop to 150g per gem).

   One last thing before we continue on to the setup would be my advice to you, see if you can talk to the competition if they could recall their gems off the AH before you start the price resetting (meaning buying off the stock on the AH and posting them for your upper price) and don't be afraid to clue your competitors in on what is going on, because you will all profit in the long term, because remember if they are your competitors it doesn't mean they have to be your enemy so befriend them and profit together.

   Ok since we've passed the few basic things you need to understand on how to approach the AH when you want to deal with the gem market lets get down to telling you the most effective and easy way to set up TSM for it. ( If you are new to the TSM addon check the explanation in my other post )

   First of all make a new Category called Cata Gems (you can choose whatever you want for that matter) then make 7 new groups named respectively after the color of the gem plus one group for meta gems, that being as the following: Inferno Ruby, Amberjewel, Ocean Sapphire, Ember Topaz, Dream Emerald, Demonseye and Meta Gems. So after you have made these groups then cut at least one gem of every gem you can and respectively put it in the matching group.

   After you've set all the gems in their groups get the prices set up as i said before where the top is 195g and the low point being the lowest you would actually go, setup the posting number to be 5 ( i've found that to be the golden middle for selling gems where it's not too high to be simply wasting the gold on posting ah cuts and not too low that there's not any of your gems up because they were sold out) and set the undercutting price as 1c.

   Ok i sincerely hope this will clear up some of the unclear things people don't know about jewelcrafting as well as if it's worth it for them to get into it. So as always stay tooned in and i will make a few more posts about how to further control the market.

Cutting The Boring Time Down


   I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Apathy123 FOR HIS DETAILED QUERY ABOUT THE MATTER AND  I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE ABOUT THE MISINFORMATION OF THE POST. (If you didn't read the post that was in it's place then you have nothing to worry about)
If anyone did read this post before it was deleted and liked what it said and found it to be something that he liked, then go check out the post that was specified by Sinshroud, it's basically a totally legitimate way of doing your milling and prospecting while doing anything else on the net.

Kudos go to Apathy123 AKA Sinshroud.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trolling for Gold

   Ok this little bit of info i'm willing to share has been one of my dubious, low punches i have used in the past to tailor the prices of a given item to my suiting by using a tactic that's not quite honorable thing, but hey it's cool non the less :).

   I'll try to elaborate a bit as to how this whole thing works. Trolling, yup you heard it right trolling, you know those awful people that dwell in the trade channel and pounce at every chance to turn a perfectly    good working trading channel into a anal, chuck norris, dirge spamming you know the a-holes of every MMO game. I'm guessing right about now you are wondering what do forum trolls have to do with making gold, well read on and you will see.

   Ok to get down to business, i have 10 characters on my server and even though i am always about being creative with names for some reason i decided to make 9 of them start with Vile which kinda blows but then again i had half the wits to name my mailing character something different and that kinda made it all possible to use the following tactic. So what is involved into this tactic is you logging on your character A ( lets call him Ace ), here for instance we are trying to control the price of Pyrite Ore, so you log on with Ace and go on the trade channel, now the following part takes a bit of a imagination as to you'll need to think how to make the people that have the item you need sell it for under price and don't feel cheated.

   What i like to do when i want to achieve this effect is play the troll card, and by that i mean i get on trade and start barking things like. ROFL @ U n00bs for stocking Pyrite Ore now that there's no Epic gems your gold has evaporated and your profit gone. L00$eR$!!!  after a post like this expect some flaming and then some people starting to call you idiot, troll or something in that order, but what we are interested is what in fact is happening on the AH in the Pyrite Ore section. So while half the server is busy calling you an idiot you have the people that have been stockpiling on Pyrite Ore hoping to score big on the gems and didn't get the memo that the epic gems are coming from the new raid are sweating and contrary to the common rule of DON'T FEED THE TROLL they are doing just that but without even knowing by doing exactly what the troll wants them to do. So what you will see is, prior to your trolling prices holding at 70g then 10 min into your trolling you see someone offloading 30 or more stacks of pyrite ore for 50g, 20 min into it you'll see that now there are 4 people posting amongst them selves and undercutting themselves and soon the price goes down to 35g, mind you that 50% decrease in less then half an hour. So what you can do at this point is buy them out or continue on to phase two.

   Phase two is still a bit of a gamble but still very profitable if played right and it requires a bit of some extra trolling. What i have done is post something like. KEK you suckers posting Pyrite Ore for that price? pff coming next week their price is gonna be 10g LOL, good luck selling that crap. Now this is where people either see through the bull crap or ( the majority don't see through it ) they start dropping their price even more and that is where the honey pot is located. I'll take as an example what happened with my server, the prices started at 70g (when i logged in at around 4pm) then i did some trolling by 6pm prices went to 40ish, at around 7pm i decided to go on to phase two, and at that time there were 5 guys posting their ores and undercutting each other, after my phase two, two of them saw through the scam and simply decided to take their ores from the AH while the other three continued going even lower. Needless to say by 11pm the prices plummeted to 19g per stack and that's when i jumped in and bought out about 200 stacks or the ore and the stacks where between 19-21g and emptied out the AH.

   After i got all those stacks i sat on them till about 1:30am (i've found out that the best time to post things for it to be low competition but still a high amount of people is about this time because most of the raiders are gone to sleep but there are many more that are awake) and then i had one of my mates post 20 of the stacks of ore i gave him at 120g per stack, and i undercut him with my 20 stacks on my Ace character for 119g 95s. So right there i've set in stone the price of Pyrite Ore to be normal at 120g for the next guy to comes to the AH and check out the price. So what i do about this time is i log on one of my other characters and start barking in trade something like WTS Pyrite Ore, much cheaper then the AH. More or less in the next 5 min i get 5 whispers asking me about price which i set at 90g, 3 out of 5 will laugh at me and simply tell me too high but those other 2 will be buyers. Last time i had a guy asking me if he buys large quantity will i give him a discount, i said ok for 80g and he bought 200 stacks.

   So right there is the whole essence of the thing, i spent some minimal time trolling the trade channel got the price to go down then bought out about 200 stacks for 20g each and sold them later on that night for 80g which on par means i've made a 60g profit on each stack  so 200 x 60 = 12 000 so there we are basic math says that some good 'ol trolling netted 12k profit without me crafting, or undercutting with anyone about anything, and my only two weapons of choice were the trade channel and the Auction house.


Being this guy, a tricky little annoying bugger will make you gold but if you choose to be the guy below ....

.. yeah this guy. Then my good friend you will not fare well in the WoW universe unless you like time away from WoW in to form of 24h and 72h bans.

Alternate Inscription, breaking it down

   In my previous inscription themed post i made a few remarks and wrote about my personal views on the whole making and posting of glyphs and making a killer on the AH. Well in this post i would like to help you scribes to open up your eyes to a more wide arsenal of the weapons that your profession is supplying you so you can successfully wage and win the AH PvP (don't think it's a blizzard recognized term but that's what is exactly what it is). Ok so not to sound like a dull 90 year old grandma i'll jump straight down to the breaking it down to the bare basics and how to do's .

   First item i want to talk about is the Adventurer's Journal, this little journal is basically one of the least used niche markets out there, and why is that, simple nobody cares to profit off the guys leveling through level 75-85. Ok so right about now you are probably going, what the hell is he talking about, well, see what that journal does is, it gives you a random buff that stays with you for an hour and that random buff can be a resistance to a certain school of magic (granted this would be awesome to sell to raiders but sadly once you are 85 the damn book tells you that your are too wise to use it), or and this is the good part, a 10% increase in the XP you get from killing mobs or turning in quests.

   One thing you need to do if you decided to sell these and actually be successful is to advertise it in trade channel, just make a macro with something like ( Are you stuck in the endless questing that WOTLK brings or you are new in Cataclysm, well get your Adventurer's Journal and cut that leveling time in half) and make sure for whatever macro that you decide to go to mention the fact that it will make it faster to get the hell out of WOTLK areas because for some reason A LOT of players dislike that continent in general and wish to be out of Northrend as soon as possible, and like always link the item in your macro.

  One last tip about this item is that you shouldn't be afraid to charge a lot for it even though it's creation requires virtually nothing, like 1 Blackfallow Ink and 4 Parchments but don't look at it from that perspective, simply look at it as you are selling hope and joy to the people that are struggling to get their alts out of WOTLK or the boring leveling through Cataclysm zones or dungeons and we know you can't put a price on hope and joy, well actually i've priced it at 150g and it's been selling like insane so i guess hope and joy is  worth that much in this instance :) . So try this out and you will soon see that the Adventurer's Journal is actually a epic profit maker as you can see on the image of the item below.

                                      (This is not the actual book but you get the idea :) )

   The second part of inscription that will make you heaps of gold is the infamous Mysterious Fortune Card and this item like the journal is dirt cheap to make and the best part with this item is that this is blizzard's attempt in introducing gambling to WoW (and i'm not talking about that fake dice rolling for loot but proper gambling with the addiction and all the shindigz). The introduction of the Mysterious Fortune card was both brilliant and damning for many people and that being the reason because many of the people that saw the potential in the cards and sold them made tens and hundreds of thousands of gold on the other hand all the people that bought them simply got nothing out of them (except a few very lucky people that got the 5k card) but even so people were happy because they were spending their gold on something that gave them a rush and made them want more while disregarding the asking price that was on the AH  for them. So it's that simple you sell something that's clearly over priced, people buy it in bulks because what kind of a gambler would you be if you only bought 1 card you simply had to have 10 or 20 to try your luck out and at the end of the day no matter if you won or lost your gambling need was fulfilled and you were happy, well not you clearly, it's the guy that you sold it to, you were too busy counting the gold you got from him and his friends that he told about that awesome thing he found on the AH.

   Ok to get down to the facts and the bare math of the genius behind the Mysterious Fortune Card. It like the journal takes 1 ink and only 1 parchment but the only difference is that this is a high quantity moving item so that means you are gonna see profit returns much faster. Ok so that was the difference but there is one other thing that is pretty damn important when selling these items and that is advertisement, meaning once you post your items it's time to bark that macro and watch those sales simply sell sell sell. I will give you two of my most used macros and help you see how your profits quadruple.  Macro 1: ( /2 Mysterious Fortune Card on the AH now, grab yours now and roll the dice of luck for a chance to earn 1000G, 3000G or even 5000G, yes you heard it right 5000G. Get yours while the stock still lasts )    Macro 2: ( /2 Mysterious Fortune Card on the AH dont miss out on your chance to score the big win and net in 5000G for a measly price. Get yours while they last ) And just as a clarification i have the channel 2 set as trade so if you have trade in a different number then change the macro as needed.

   As for pricing i have sold these for a wide price range going from 7 - 40g per card, and no matter the price it's always sold so don't go shooting yourself in the foot by undercutting for huge amounts if there are other people selling the cards as well. Also when posting those babies post them in batches of 1's 5's and 10's for the best results.

   And last but not least if your Mysterious Fortune Cards are not the only thing you want to sell or there are too many people crowding the space at that given time then simply take your Fortune cards, take some flour and make it into a Fortune Cookie and this is about the same as the fortune cards but with a spin off, these cookies are basically a food buff along with a mysterious card, and what that means is that your average gambler is not your only buyer but all raiders are potential buyers and all you have to do is attract them to your item, and you do that by using .... you got it, advertisement. Here's my most successful macro for selling the cookies.    ( /2 Off to a raid,need food [Fortune Cookie] on the AH. Get your class best food buff along side with a chance to get  [Fortune Card] and profit 5K gold ) all you have to do is link the cookie and the Fortune Card in the macro so when people click it they see that they can sell it for 5000g to a vendor.

   So there you have it the alternate way of making gold with inscription down to it's core.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crusader Hunter Profiteer

   One of the very best things you get to experience while re playing an alt in WoW, is the sheer joy of watching your little guy, or girl, run up next to some other guy, or girl (or some other monster that has an undefined gender), and simply obliterate him with your sheer awesomeness. Well, in order to feel that awesomeness, you need to have the best of the best in weapons, armor, and enchants or, simply you will be same as everyone else, and not the l33t killing machine that you know you are :)

   In this little post i will give you people a simple inside in one of the fastest way of making a few thousand gold by simply killing a few mobs, and looting the things they drop ( aka farming spot). The spot that i'm talking about is the Tyr's Hand down in Eastern Plague Lands, and the item we are gonna be farming for is the notorious Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader. 

   One of the reasons why this place is still so good to farm is simply because the enchant can be slapped in a enchanting vellum and sold as a scroll, or if you don't want to do any selling, or simply lack an enchanter then you can simply sell the formula on the AH and there have been times i have sold it for 10k. The only reason why that price is not so wildly exaggerated, is the fact that the crusader is one of the best twink weapon enchants, and for a very long time the formula was taken out of the game and was simply unobtainable, and people simply don't like to do some more extensive research which would tell them it's back in the game, so they shell out the gold.

   But enough for my ranting it's time to give you the hard facts, so you can go and make some profit. As we can see on the image above, our target of interest are the Scarlet Archmages this time around, opposed to the Scarlet Spellbinders that used to be the mobs that dropped the formula.

   So the Archmages have about 1% chance to drop it, which is not all that bad, but remember to kill all the mobs up infront of the cathedral even if they are not Archmages because if you kill them there's a chance a archmage will spawn in their place. And another thing you'll get from all that sense less killing is a bunch of mageweave cloth as well as some greenies which can be DE'd for some profit.

   So to sum it up, killing the archmages is a great way to get some serious gold for selling the formula, or learn it and sell the scrolls of crusader. So have fun and go get some gold.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Profiting From the Brewfest

   Dear sweet Jesus almost forgot that the brewfest event that happens yearly. As for this event i'll keep it as simple as possible.

   There's mounts of gold to be made from this holiday, and it's quite simple how Tankard O' Terror, that's the BoE mace that drops every year from the bag you get from doing the holiday boss and this year they made it a ilvl 365. So what this means is that during the week there's gonna be huge amounts of supply and they are gonna be dirt cheap but after the event ends for like a month or so when the supply is depleted those weapons are gonna be worth a fortune to many new starting out toons, so go go do those runs of that silly brewfest.

   And one other thing you should know is that every time you kill him you get 20g each, and the time needed to kill him is about 30 sec so if farming kills is your thing this is the place to kill. (BLIZZARD SAW THE ERROR IN THEIR WAYS AND NERFED THE KILL GOLD TO 1g something AFTER 24h)

P.S. If you are by chance on a RP server go and get an Ale while doing it so you are in character, if you are not on a RP server then take a normal beer :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

TSM (Trade Skill Master) Explained

   Ok this post is basically gonna be about the basics of how to have a basic setup for your TSM  add on because even god knows it's boring as hell trying to explain the same thing to twenty different people all asking about the same thing, so read on if you want to know how to work up and set up one of the best addons if not THE best one when it comes to mass posting and cancelling of items on the AH.

Step 1: Downloading the addon, when you get the addon get all the modules that go with it.

Step 2: After downloading the add on and logging in the game in order to see that your add on is you need to write down /tsm in your chat bar and you should get the main window of TSM as shown below.

  Step 3: Click the Auctioning Groups/Option button situated in the second to the top right corner as seen in the next image.
Step 4: Now that you are in the Auctioning Groups/Options click on the Categories/Groups option on the left and from there choose the Create Category/Group as seen on the image below.
In this window you have two fields that you can use them to write down information, first one is called a Group Name while the second one is called Category Name.

   Now before we continue on i want to make this even more simple by giving you a comparing example as to how does the system work. When looking at TSM imagine as you are looking at the windows explorer and where Categories are the folders while the Groups are the files that hold all the important information. So in a manner of speaking the only role the Categories have is to make it that your items spread in different groups have a place to go for easier navigation, but there is a secondary use of Categories settings where you can set the settings for a given Category and those will be the default settings for all the groups unless changed manually, but we'll get to that in due time.

Step 5: Now as an example we'll make a Category called BS (standing for Blacksmith) and a group called Bloodthirsty (standing for the PvP set that BS's can craft). Once made you will be able to see the Category above the Uncategorized category on the left as seen in the image below.
   Now once you have made the bs items category click on the bloodthirsty group which should be on the left side in the uncategorized category and click the add button until it's transferred to the right side as shown on the image above and at the same time moving  the group from the uncategorized category to the bs items category. What this means for us is that by setting up the settings in the bs items category will make that default for the bloodthirsty group as well as any other group we add to that category later on in the game.

Step 6: Adding items to the newly created groups is what you have to do because that's the thing the add on needs, because after we make all the settings for when to post and when you withdraw items from the AH the add on needs to know to which items to apply those settings. In the next image i've allocated all the bloodthirsty gladiator set pieces in the bloodthirsty group.
   Adding items to a certain group is the same as adding groups to a category you simply choose the items from the left side and then click the Add>> button until they are transferred in the right column which means they are part of that group now. ( IN ORDER FOR THE ITEMS TO SHOW UP IN THE LEFT COLUMN YOU NEED TO HAVE THEM IN YOUR BAG )

Step 7: Now that we've created Categories and added groups to those categories there's only one thing left to do and that is actually input the information we want the add on to follow and more on that will be explained in this next image.

   What we see here starting from the top in the first fields is the information asking us what kind of stacks should the add on keep an eye out, for this group we've set it up so that it ignores stacks that are bigger then 1 which is actually the only size that the items in this groups can be because items that are worn like armor and weapons don't stack, but this can be useful if you are posting ore, herbs, food, flasks, potions etc.

   In the second section we have the settings for the Quantity / Duration of the items. Well these fields are pretty much self explanatory as you can see i have set mine to post at 24h duration (you can change this to anything that works for your play time ) and to only post 1 item at a time (you can change this to how many you want).

   Next one up is the General Price Settings, and basically this is where you tell the add on for how much you want to undercut your competition, in this instance i have set the undercutting to be at 25s but usually i set it down at 1c.

   Lower then that is the Minimum Price Settings (Threshold) like above it's pretty much self explanatory, you simply tell the add on what's the lowest you are willing to go to get a sale as i have set it at 100g.

   Next one is the Maximum Price Settings (Fallback), this is where you tell the add on what price to use if there is no one on the auction house that has posted any of the items that are in your group. As you can see in my group that has been set at 1650g.

   And the last is the Advanced Price Settings and what you set up in this field is basically tell the add on what to do when the prices go under your low threshold, and as you can see i have chosen to not post the items but you can choose that you want the add on to post your item at your fallback price if the price has gone too low in hope that it will make people see the high price and hopefully raise theirs (low probability of that but hey everything is possible)

   So after you've done all that all that's left is that you go and open the AH window, in the upper right corner you'll see a new button that has TSM written on it. So after clicking you get a new window that you can see a bunch of new buttons on it's right side. The one on the top is the POST button by pressing it you tell the add on that you want it to scan the items in your bag to cross reference  with the information it has in it's data base that you build for him by setting up all the settings. So after clicking the post button and you have the items that fall under the settings that you set up  you should end up with something like what's shown in the following image.

   So all that is left for you to do is click the big post button and see how the items show up in your auctions bar all of them at the highest possible price but still undercutting the guy above you.

   So far i have shown you how to make the categories, groups how to add items in the groups, how to add information about pricing and how to post the only thing left is to show you how to check for undercuts to your active auctions and we'll be done.

   Checking for undercuts is pretty much the same as posting items on the AH and all you have to do is click the second button from the right and that will check all your auctions and see if someone has undercut you and if someone has it will give you the option to cancel your auctions so you can re post it again as seen on the image.

   So there you have it that's what you need to start off with the basics of the TSM addon and with some more time and ideas invested in it you'll end up making thousands of gold with minimal time invested.

Gold Pets Continued

   In my previous post about making gold from pets i mentioned some of the pets that you can acquire by simply walking up to various vendors and picking them up for some gold pieces, well now i'll drop the ball on some of the more profitable pets that are not that hard to obtain but do make a killer sale in the market.

   First of all i will start off by giving you the names of pets that can be crafted by using different professions that actually do sell quite well.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

  This pet has been one of my best selling pets due to the fact that anyone that has engineering can pick it up but it's like 99% of the people that do have engineering simply don't care to do the research about where to acquire the pattern to make it and even less people nowadays while leveling end up going to Winterspring and simply that is the place where you will find Umi Rumplesnicker and she is the NPC that will give you a few quests to finish which in return will grant you the pattern to make the Yeti ( YOU NEED TO HAVE ENGINEERING LEVELED TO 265 TO GET THE QUEST )
So after acquiring this pattern go ahead and start dominating the market and don't be afraid to tag it with 2k price because there has been sales where i have sold one for 4k, so play it smart and if you are the only one on the server doing so much better for you.

Mechanical Squirrel

  This pet is one of the easiest ones to get, the pattern is a random world drop for low level areas and there is usually a pattern up on the AH almost always and usually there are people trying to sell one for quite cheap but that doesn't mean you can't profit from it. For it's making it requires materials that you can usually get on the AH for anywhere under 20g and if it happens that no one is selling one you might be able to post and sell one for anywhere ranging from 100-400g. So bottom line it's a pet that has a very high profit margin but it's very slow to move and it only depends by your competition as how high it's price is going to go.

Pet Bombling

   This has been a very good seller for me basically because in order to make it you first need an engineer and then you need to run a Gnomeregan instance which nowadays almost no one does (I'm on horde side so yeah) so i've sold a bunch of these for a nice hefty price to go with it. The only down side of the little bugger is that you need a Big Iron bomb to make it so it's a bit of a hassle if the mats are not available on the AH at the time of your choosing

 Lifelike Mechanical Toad

   If you have had the luck of being one of those rare people to get the drop of the pattern, or even better to pick it up from the auction house posted by someone that didn't know the real worth of the item he was selling then you are in luck. What i mean is that this little toad is a very rare sighting on the AH and it's very rare to find an engineer that has it and even if you managed to find one that has it he probably has a monopoly on it and can ask for very high prices like 4-5k for it and actually manage to sell them, so definitely something to keep an eye out for.
Personal World Destroyer

   This little guy sells like hotcake and if you take into account that it's requiring materials that are current it only means that you can snag them for a cheap price and then go ahead and sell it on the AH for anywhere ranging from 500-2500g. The only drawback to this pet is that in order to be able to make it you need an engineer that has specialized in Goblin Engineering, and if you are that engineer then you can simply waltz up to the trainer and learn the pattern for him.

De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion

   This guy is basically the same deal as the Personal World Destroyer but instead of needing Goblin Engineering for it you need Gnomish Engineering. (YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER DEPENDING ON YOUR SPECIALIZATION AND NOT THE TWO ON THE SAME CHARACTER)

Enchanted Lantern

   This has been one of the best sellers in Cataclysm, as the reason why i could not tell you but it simply seems that people like going around while being followed by a flying lamp (I've seen rogues that have it in BG's while being in stealth but that's besides the point). The way to acquire this one is by having a maxed out level enchanter or a friend that has it maxed out, and the pattern for it is learned from the Twilight Highlands vendor or nowadays any enchanting trainer. (THIS IS HORDE ONLY ITEM)

Magic Lamp

   Same as the Enchanted Lantern but with the only thing being that this is ALLIANCE ONLY ITEM. (But you can sell it on the neutral AH if you want to sell it to us dirty hordes.

P.S. If you are playing Alliance and are a rogue, by all means do buy this one and always use it while you are in a BG it will make your skills multiply by 10x  :D

   Well in a bunch these are the companions that will make your pet market skyrocket if you are selling them and make your gold making skills get off the ground. So have fun spending that gold.

Glyph Bonanza

   We have all been in the position where when we were playing that we needed glyphs and those glyphs come from the Scribes working hard at hand writing those glyphs, well jokes aside the main focus of the whole profession is the glyphs, but not only glyphs which is something majority of the people seem to forget.

   Ok here i'll try and cover the basics of what you should be doing to gain profits from inscription, depending on the amount of time you have available to play.

  Well like we said the main focus of all the scribes is the glyphs business even though for CATA Blizzard decided to go with the buy it once own it forever way of working for the glyphs, for which i think was a poor move but hey their game so their choice, but what's important for us as scribes is what that actually means for us and how we can make a profit off it.

   First of all and before you start well on your way of making heaps of gold from glyphs you need to be aware that if you are just starting out it's gonna take you the better part of the month doing all the glyph researches until you have all the glyphs unlocked and even after that you are gonna have to fork out some gold to buy the Book Of Glyph Mastery to learn those glyphs as well (be careful when buying these as some times you end up seeing them on the AH for 500G and other days drop for 50g so try and scope them out when they are cheap and use them, or buy them and resell them if you have learned everything there is out of them)

   Scribes to do all the glyphs require inks and the way to get those inks is by milling herbs. Now that is common knowledge but what the majority of the people do nowadays when they needs herbs they go out and farm them. Ok i don't know about  your server's economy so i can't be a judge about it but if you ask me doing the manual labor of going out in the world and herbing or mining is a waste of time as the prices for herbs in most servers is dirt cheap going for 10-20g for the basic Cinderbloom and about 20-30ish for the other ones (not counting the off times when prices of certain stacks of herbs jump to 90-100+ gold) so your best bet it to clean the AH out and use those herbs for all your Inscription needs.

   Well for starters the first thing you should be aware is who your targeted group of customers is, and that is either alts that people are starting out or someone that is trying out a new spec they have never played it and needs those glyphs because he has never used it before, so what this means is that no matter what those two groups of customers have end level characters and in return have gold to spend which is good. (there's another group of customers which are the new players to the server but seeing as how they don't have a main on the server they probably have no gold so we don't care about their broke ass :) ). So since we know that our customers have gold all we need to do now is get them to buy our glyph and in return make us happy.

   When it comes down to glyphs and setting the right prices i put them 25 - 350g price range and i don't make any difference whether its a major, minor or Prime because for me they are all the same and they all cost the same, 3 inks, so i treat them as such. Now the best part about the glyph market is that you can start up strong even if you don't have all the glyphs available for crafting, and how you would go about doing that is so simple that it can't get any simpler, you BUY them from the AH if you see their price tanking under the 30g price threshold (but make sure there aren't 100 glyphs posted from that same glyph because that would be a clear indication that the reason why that glyph is so cheap is because there's a lot of them going around and the need for them is low. So the easiest way to configure them is to make a single group in TSM (Trade Skill Master) put the price range at 25 - 300 and post 3 of each or how many you want but anything above that would be a waste because it's much more probable that you will be undercut before you end up selling 3 glyphs of the same type. So after you do that you simply go to the AH let the addon check and post your glyphs.

   So there you are you have your glyphs posted and now gold is getting a head start into rolling in your bags, but you can choose to stop there and roll with it or expand into the rest of the Inscription market goodies like the infamous Mysterious Fortune Cards, Adventurer's Journals, Certificates Of Ownership and many more which i'll try and cover in more dept in a future post.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Night Gold Shuffle

   WoW is a world that works pretty much the same as the real world, and what i mean by this is the fact that it never sleeps, not even when you are sleeping. Well if you take this into account, then you can see a profit somewhere in there, and i will further elaborate on this.

   When you are selling an item (that's in high demand like gems, glyphs, flasks), then you are more then aware that your ability to sell is reduced down to that brief window of opportunity of a few minutes before you are undercut by the competition, and put down the queue of successful sales. Now knowing that you either need to be brushing elbows with the competition and get your piece of the sales pie, or if you are not a big fan of the endless posting and re posting then try and out maneuver the competition. Going about this the right way could be a tricky thing, but if done right very profitable, i'll take as an example the gem market.

   Ok, so on my server i have seen 4 other major gem suppliers other then me. After doing some of the scoping out of the competition, i noticed that most of them go to sleep around 1-2am and get up at around 6-7am which can be seen in the statistics below.

   As a clarification, these are the posting times of 3 of the guys that are usually posting against me and with the rose color i marked up the times of the day that they simply dont post anything and that is the time between 1 or 2 am till 6 or 7 am which leaves about 5 hours of up time opposed to the ten or so minutes you get if you post during the day.
   So, what this means is that i usually do my last posting for the day at around 2am and i know that the following day when i log in i will see 50-100 sold auctions which depending on the prices of the gems it can net somewhere ranging from 5-15K from that single post alone.

   The same strategy that i used for the gems can be used for pots, flasks, (glyphs to some extent) and the best thing is that it's guaranteed to work and be quite effective. One thing that might make you wonder how this would work is the fact that it's only logical to think since the suppliers go to bed it's only logical that the other people do it also and that is the cast for most of the people but not all because every server have people that are playing from different time zones and if it's 2am at your place it might be 10pm at some other guy's place that's playing on your server and he is your potential buyer.

   So there you have it in a bundle The Late Night Shuffle is basically playing a game of last man standing, and if you are the last one to post your wares you are sure to see some great profits the following day.

Blacksmith's Main Interests

   Blacksmith probably has  one of the good ways of making gold where you can craft items that are in a constant demand due to the game's mechanics and player needs. Here i'll try and note out the best ways that you can use your blacksmith to make gold, oh and if you've missed the previous post about the enchanting rods check it out.

   Ok to get down to business i'll try and make it easy and fast to see what you should be focusing on.

Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Pyrium Weapon Chain
   These two items are always in high demands because EVERYONE uses the belt buckle and as for the weapon chain, hell all the PvPers love it for some reason so they sell quite well and take into account that it costs only 1 Pyrium Bar and it usually sells for 50-150g then you have to love it, every single sale.

Eternal Belt Buckle
   Yes this is the WOTLK version of the Belt Buckle, and before you ask yourself why bother crafting those then check out the little bit of info that says you can't use it on item level above 300 but that only means that you can use it on lower level, and yes that means people that are leveling and most notably higher tier twinks.

   One of the things you should check is the competition and the prices they are posting, i usually corner the market and post them for 200G, and usually during the late night shuffle.

Bloodthirsty Pyrium PvP
   This set is where you make alot of gold and you don't even have to check recheck and triple recheck for undercuts because it's usually one or two guys holding the markets and rechecking the prices every 6-12 hours, so with minimal effort you could be carpet bombing the profits on those pieces.

   One of the main reasons why this set is so profitable is because it's aimed at all the people that are into PvP and are leveling an alt or just starting out in PvP and they buy that gear as a entry level gear to help them not die right away in BG's or Arena.  And the best part about this set is it's aimed at Warriors, Paladins and Death Knights so it's pretty much covering 3 classes which is a pretty big market.

   As for  pricing i use a very wide pricing net which means 200 - 1250g and solely because usually people do silly things like posting 5 of each at ridiculous low prices but still profit like 130g or something but for some reason i don't like profiting 30-40g on an item that i sold for 1250g the night before, so my advice don't go below 200g

Bloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium PvP
   Now this set is a bit more different from the previous one for one reason alone, it's meant for the holy paladins alone and in perspective it has a much more narrower crowd of buyers and in return the profits are lower.

   And as a finisher i'd have to add that blacksmith has one of the best uses for the Chaos Orbs, which means that if you have done the dailies for the Molten Front and have access to the patterns for the BoE weapons you can earn tens of thousands of gold by simply crafting those weapons ... you dont even have to but the mats just offer your services and say you charge 5-6k for the orbs and you will get some people asking you to do it for them.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Support Blacksmith

   Blacksmith is one of the primary professions in WoW and a fairly decent profession for making gold. The ideal thing about blacksmithing is that you end up crafting gear and weapons that characters will buy while leveling or twinking their alts or buying items for end game content, and no matter what if you play it right you can earn quite a bit by putting your paws on that market as well.

   As for this post i'll focus on the part of blacksmithing supporting other professions, namely enchanting. Now every novice, prominery or expert enchanter to do his profession needs bunch of enchanting materials which they can get one their own by disenchanting items but they will need the enchanting rods if they want to get into a higher skill enchanting and this is where they need a blacksmith (THIS IS YOU) to help them out (NICE WAY OF SAYING ROB THEM BLIND).

   Now most of the blacksmiths playing on the server will never look back and post enchanting rods on the AH simply because they don't see them as a big earner, and this is why you can profit on this so much. Usually it's one of two or NONE blacksmith doing the rod posting and if the last is the case then prepare yourself for huge earnings. But to make it shorter here's a list of rods as well as suggested prices that i've found out the be the middle ground for Greedy Profit VS Time Needed to Sell.

Silver Rod                             20-50g
Golden Rod                           20-50g
Truesilver Rod                      20-50g
Arcanite Rod                       100-250g
Fel Iron Rod                        100-250g
Adamantite Rod                  100-250g
Eternium Rod                      100-250g
Titanium Rod                      100-250g
Elementium Rod                 100-250g

   Those are some guide lines as for which items you should focus should you decide it's a market you want to cover, but before you decide if it's worth getting in it check your server's AH to see the competition and to make sure that there isn't someone that's constantly keeping the prices down, but even if the prices are low the moment you checked the AH don't forget to check if that is a one time thing that guy has posted them or is he posting them at a regular interval through out the week by checking him out at The Undermine Journal or the European  (EU)The Undermine Journal.

Selling the Obvious

   One of my favorite ways to make gold, even though it's not the most lucrative business is selling items you can get straight out from the vendors. And what i mean by this is that you can rack up some fast and easy gold by just walking up next to the random vendor that's sitting usually next to the auction house or very close by.

   You would think that i'm full of crap and that everything i'm saying possibly can't be true because lets face it why would you pay ten or even fifty times the worth of something that you can get from the vendor, well the answer is simple, people are either too lazy to walk to the vendor don't care or they are not informed but either way that's gold in your pocket.

   I'll put down some items i've had insane margins selling like 500-1000% even though they are not expensive profit is profit.

Blacksmith Hammer          13c                     10-20g
Mining Pick                       57c                     10-20g
Walnut Stock                 3g 50s                         10g
Hair Trigger                       63s                         10g
Enchanting Vellum              7s                          1g per item, usually sell them in 3-5 stack size or 20
Coal                               3s 50c                  20-35g stack

Dust Of Disappearance 8g 75s                   15-25g depending on competition

   Those are some of the basic no brainer items you can post up on the AH and get some nice profits but i have to admit my favorite vendor items would be the items you buy off the Inscription Vendor in the Twilight Highlands, but for a better preview check it down below


Una Kobuna sells

Deathwing Scale Fragment          4g 50s              125-175g
Bleached Jawbone                    29g 60s              125-175g
Preserved Ogre Eye                  24g 67s              125-175g
Scavenged Dragon Horn            12g 78s              125-175g
Silver Charm Bracelet               33g 41s              125-175g

   One thing you need to remember about these items is that you need to leave an impression that they are rare and something worth buying and not something that's easy to obtain or give notice to the potential buyer then he can get it from a vendor by doing the silly thing and flooding the AH with them, so think smart and only post 1 of each at any given time and watch the gold come pouring down in due time.

   The reason why these items sell at such a price is that all the scribes get access to the PvP items that they can craft but need these items but for some reason, be it that they dont know that it's sold by a vendor or haven't unlocked the vendor by doing the quests they decide to turn to the AH and in turn to fill up your pockets with gold.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The art of selling with the help of advertisement

   Have you ever wondered how come you are playing on a same server with thousands of other players from whom a good percentage are rolling with the same professions like you, but for some reason while you can sell like one or two items at a time, you hear they've sold ten, or even more times more then you have, so what gives?

   Well advertisement of course, when you want to move an item, you have (we are not talking about fast moving items like gems and glyphs to an extent) the best chance of getting some serious gold using the troll's lair AKA the trade channel. Now, if it's so simple why isn't everyone doing it you might ask, and the answer on that question would be, NO.

   What i mean with that is, 90% of the people that i've seen in trade channel are doing their ads just wrong.  What i mean by that is, you don't go about on trade channel with something like:  WTS [X Item] xx gold, no, no, no you have to use a bit of a advertisement finesse, and i'll elaborate a bit on this.

   Lets say you are selling one of the BoE items you can get with Valor points. Usually you'll see people barking trade channel with something like WTS Valor Wrists 5K gold, or some other random number like that. Well the right way to approach this would be for starters, DON'T tell everyone that it's the Valor wrists but put the link of the actual item in trade, and check the price on the AH for the highest one. Usually there's a few on the AH going for twice their asking price in trade. And when you are selling them just use your imagination and make it sound nice, i'll even throw in an example.

   WTS [insert item (wrists for this instance)], because we all know that if you want to get into raiding you need your performance to outshine all the other people in the raid, so get your best in slot item here.

   Now, i am aware that in that bark there's a bunch of information that is probably not all true, but the beauty is that it doesn't have to be. Maybe those bracers are not BIS but all that matters is that you make the sale, and that the buyer is happy he got a good deal, even though he probably overpaid for it. So basically if you want to up your sales your best bet is advertisement, so it's pretty much like that.

  And as a few more examples i will post a few of the cheeky ads i have for a few items of interest that i've sold.

Certificate Of Ownership

Still curse the day when you named your dear pet Cockmonster, well despair no more there's a way to fix that. Get your Certificate Of Ownership and change your pet's name. On the AH now

Fortune Cookie

Off to a raid,need food Fortune Cookie on the AH. Get your class best food buff along side with a chance to get Fortune Card and profit 5K gold

   And one more thing that is essential, when you are making your trade barking macro, you need to make sure that you are linking the items in the macro it self so the people can actually know what they are getting, opposed to a bunch of text that they automatically discarding as spam, or troll talk.