Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fast Recap Before The Ball Is Dropped

   So now we know, tomorrow patch day, and if you prepared like you should have it's the day that you will make a killing from all the sales. I won't make this a long post, i'd rather make a short one that will tell you what to expect, and how to make maximum amount of gold from it.

   This first part if for CRAFTERS. Everyone that has ever been in the PvP gear market can tell you that it's a high profit margin market if you start it in the beginning of the patch.

   Q: Will new crafted PvP gear be available ?
   A: Yes, there will be new ilvl 377 crafted PvP gear available with the various crafting professions
   A List of all the craftable items

   What does this mean to us as gold makers? Well it means that if we want to profit, we need to be well prepared, and have all the items premade ( not the actual PvP items, but rather the ore smelted into bars, cloth into bolts etc). If you are low on any volatile that you will need to craft the PvP gear now would be the last moment to buy it.

   Second thing that you must be prepared for, the fact that the orbs from heroics will be made BoE so if you can forge those weapons get on it, and stockpile some Truegold, which if you have read the truegold post  you've probably did it anyways.

   If you are not a crafter don't worry, you can make gold if you happen to be a alchemist. New instances and raid will mean new "thirst" for pots/flasks. So expect their prices to rise up a bit and the sales to intensify.

   JEWELCRAFTERS. If you are one, then get ready for a real storm of demand on patch day. When i say that it's going to be a storm, i mean you are going to be selling faster then you can cut. This is why you want to have all the gems pre cut to atleast a full stack of 20 sitting in your bags. If you want to maximize your profit though there's one thing you should make that is crucial, and that is to log in the minute the server goes up. As soon as you are in, don't go checking out new stuff, don't go opening the door if someone rings or answering the phone, just go to the AH and buy out every single gem you see up there and post them back up, at prices that you feel like are where you want them to be. (for me this is 200g per gem) So don't forget, RESET the prices and keep your stock up.

   One last thing about our PvP oriented readers. Read up on this post from mmo champion blue tracker.
    In short, don't buy your honor gear on patch day, but wait for one week to do so because there will be more powerful PvP gear available for honor then.

   I usually make my posts with pretty pictures, and catchy phrases but seeing as how i have to go and finish my prepares for tomorrow i leave you with this picture, and I bid you luck on tomorrow's sales

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