Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Era Of The Truegold ... Let it Come

   I will try to keep this post as short as possible, mainly because i would simply like to put it out there so people actually do take notice and get well stocked up for the upcoming patch. With the infamous Truegold, and yes, i did say infamous because a lot of people burned themselves buying the truegold in metric tons in the coming of the current patch, only to get burned because they thought that their price will skyrocket, due to the coming of the craftable weapons, from the Firelands daily vendors.
   But, what they didn't take into account, was that it would take 28 days for the vendors to be opened up, and more importantly, it would require 5 orbs, from the crafter to make one, and that is where the problem was, because most people didn't have the orbs.

   Well, one of the great things about the upcoming patch is, the fact that Chaos Orbs will be made tradeable, and now everyone can pick one up, and sell it on the AH. So from there, it can get to the hands of the crafters, and from there they will be able to manufacture many weapons, that will decorate the hands of the wannabe killers, and raiders, and in return will spike the need for Truegold for quite a bit, seeing as every weapon will need 8 truegold.

   So there it is in a bunch, if you stocked up on truegold for the previous patch and thought you screwed yourself over, think again, because the price didn't budge then don't feel bad (unless you've sold them all for high price which in that case, who's a good gold goblin why you're a good gold goblin) because you will be able to make some good profit by selling them when the patch hits, or even if you are a bit on the fast side and buy off the Chaos Orbs off the AH the first day, or two while people still don't know about the change to the orbs being off the soulbound thing, then you might reap some high profits by selling the weapons at their old prices, but know that will not last, and you will surely see a sharp drop in their price few days in the patch.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


  1. Ya but come 4.3 there is going to be a lot of new higher ilvl weps from the new dragon 5 mans.....Anyone that is smart enough to kill the bosses in there will not buy up a boe wep for 8k+ when they can farm for them.

  2. You are looking at the wrong group of people .. what you need to be looking at is the newly dinged 85's and the people that will not meet the ilvl requirement.