Saturday, March 10, 2012

MoP Preparation Part 2

   Here we are back with another post that should give you an idea of what to start buying now, even though MoP is months away from being released. In the previous look at this subject we covered a more space efficient option of stocking up which was the Mysterious Cards, but today we are going to be looking at the more high investment/high payout market.

   This picture might be a bit corny looking, but then again it will do us justice as it basically hits the market we want dead on. So that market is the pets market, or to be more precise the rare pets market.

   As we all know until now with the shipping of Mists Of Pandaria we are going to get Pandokemon ( Panda Pokemon ) which will let  you take your non-combat pets and duel them against each other. Even though this might sound like a nonsense to some of you out there, it will attract a very high amount of players to it ( mainly kids ) and with it in the first month of MoP it will explode the demand for pets. If you want to check out which pets can be found where, you can find all the info you need at Warcraft Pets and i will separate a few that i think can be "farmed" of a sort from the Auction House.

   The best way you can start to obtain some of those pets is to get them from the Icecrown Champion's Seal vendor. As the name indicates, the currency for those pets is not gold but rather daily tokens called Champion's Seal  and that right there kind of limits your ability to buy a stock of these and then sell them as you see fit.  

    But it's not all that grim as there is a way that you can obtain these at a reasonable price, and then when MoP ships you can have a high profit margin. This way of procurement i am talking about is the trade channel. The way it actually works is simple, you go on trade and ask if anyone has any leftover tokens from playing back in WOTLK that would like to make some gold. If you don't get many hits like that, try to find yourself some "farmers" where you tell them a price you are willing to pay and they will go out and do their dailies and when they buy the pets they sell them to you, and then you sell them back to someone else for a much higher profit margin. This second way is a much more stable way of obtaining the pets as i have 4 people doing their dailies and buying me the pets. For a last bit of info, if you are interested what are the names of the pets, just check out the vendor sales list and you can see it. Or if you want some more ideas you might want to check out the Pets Category i have here on the blog

   That was about the pets, and now before heading out i would like to point out another market that is going to be profitable more or less on release week. And this profitability will come from the people that will level their professions. To be more specific the prices for the NEW ores and herbs will be sky high on the first week while the prices for the current ores/herbs will be all time low, so buying out the current ones and reposting them at a reasonable price will get you a nice quick profit as no one will bother farming the current materials just so they can get those initial 10-20 skill points off in their new MoP profession. As the beta hasn't started yet i can't say for sure how many of what will be needed until the current materials are redundant, but as soon as we get some info about it, i will make a post detailing this topic and have a number of materials you will need to level a single profession with the current materials.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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