Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diablo 3 Issues, The Last Shine

   Ok so for the last month or so since D3 launched i spent it in playing and "enjoying" the game. Well in that time i got the perfect diversion to help me go through the very boring patch that World of Warcraft has hit. Well in the last week or so i kept getting this feeling that the game has gotten very side tracked and today, while browsing the forums i found a post that simply outlined all the problems that i felt were an issue in the game and i would like to share it here with you. 

   Oh and another thing, this will be the last post that i do about Diablo 3, coming next post (hopefully soon) i will get back to covering WoW and ways to get rich there. So here we go, brace yourself for an awesome read and a pretty big wall of text.

Dear Blizzard,

After playing 18 years of your games (started in 1994, Warcraft: O&H), you WERE one of the best company producing games. I’ve been with you for all this years. I spent much time to play your games. I’ve been playing all your games universe (SC, WC, Diablo), also paid a lot for your games (about £1200).

At beginning your games was like step in future. Wacraft & Warcraft 2 was delicious, after that, brilliant H&S Diablo and then my beloved game Starcraft. I’ve started playing starcraft in 1998, this game was just awesome. played till 2002 then gone to Diablo. I’ve played D2 till 2005 and this is a year of the end Diablo 2. After World of Warcraft success in 2004, you started give a !@#$ about other your games. Diablo 2 was killed by bots, cheats and other stuff. Same ballruns for 365days/year and you did nothing to prevent this, even if peoples written to you, you didn’t ban account for botting, cheating and others. For me in 2005 Diablo 2 was DEAD. I’ve been back to Starcraft. After few weeks I saw maphack was a HUGE problem and you still gave a %^-* about it. Starcraft Community made antihack for game. NOT game producer but community. Game lost sense to me. In 2007 started playing World of Warcraft – in TBC game was great, if there was bot – instant banned. You gave big care about this game till summer 2009. After summer 2009 bots where everywhere, furthermore cheats – speedhack, flyhack and many others. And after 5 years of WoW – again you gave a !@#$ about your game. I was a farmer and I reported to you 10 botters/day – and what I’ve seen? They could still play! Cheers for you Blizzard. What was sense of wasting my time to farm gold and buy best gear on AH in game if I could buy gold on ebay for 1£? Stopped to play after release of Cataclysm, when I made clear run of 10 in blue items. Game lost sense – bots, hacks, to easy contents. You made game for kids to leach money. Then in 2010 Starcraft 2 shown up – campaign – brilliant, multiplayer – well after almost 2 years it’s on very good balance level – but still maphacks since open beta release. Played Starcraft 2 like maybe 3 months(with huge breaks) – it wasn’t at all that good as SC:BW. And problem of cheats :).

After long introduction, time to go to main game DIABLO 3.

15th of May 2012. Game of the Year (or even a decade) – TOTAL FAIL. So let’s go from beginning.

1. Servers

15.05 – About 6 P.M. – You can’t play – to many players situation last for 3 weeks. Last week was good, without any breaks(but sometimes lags). You had statistics how much copy will you sell, so you could do something to prevent this. But no – ‘we have money on our account it’s good. People will get angry’ – but we do nothing, they are away – ‘Sorry guys we don’t give ETA but we would like to apologize’ - In my mind was something like this – ‘sorry guys, you paid money for BETA(cause we wanted to be faster than Guild Wars II) and now we give %^-* about you, we still working on game, you paid for testing game’. Me and many of my friends feel like this way.

2. Bots, speedhacks, maphacks, autoIT.

There are available bots. You want names? D3A, mmBBQ, MythBot, D3BOT, InfinityBOT. Good Job blizzard. After 25 days, we got whole gamma of bots. Furthermore Maphack – Simple Map reveal, D3Advanced Maphack. Speedhacks ? No problem – you have movie even here: Noclip hack? It’s so simple: D3CLIP.
After 10 years of online gaming community is smarter, so what the hell – let’s use MACROS. AutoIT v3. Will be very cool – let’s make scripts – Royal crypts, ACT 3 Meteor, even ACT 3 chest near jeweler . We won’t get banned cause we do not inject to DLL files – EPIC WIN.
Tell me dear Blizzard, what you will do with botters ? And we can go to point 3.

3. Hotfixes.

Ok, so you did hotfix to Royal crypts, goblin in act 2, meteor act 3, Tyrael. Why? Cause it wasn’t work as intended? In my humble opinion it was – especially royal crypts ‘cause been in beta. Time to say to community – we are so sorry, We’ve failed, our release was to fast – we give back your money – cause we cannot stop botters, game is not ready yet.

4. Exploits.

List of exploits is so long, that I even won’t write about it. Starting with AFK leveling, going through, afk gold farming, ending at bosses (each one can be glitch, butcher, belial, azmodan, siegebreaker, izual, diablo).

5. And now ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest FAILS in this decade. AUCTION HOUSE.

RMAH should be deployed @30th of May. Now it’s 11th of June. But I ask you blizzard if you are ready for this? After EPIC fail and silent hotfix today?
The thing is about canceling auction – you can rollback system date 2 days before and you can easy cancel your auction. Simple right? So Like 4 hours ago, before hotfix Imagine this situation:

2 Players, Player A sending item on AH, person B buy, Person A take money for item, person B, reroll system clock before transaction. You get your money back - rinse and repeat:). I have news from people who made that like 3 billion of gold by this method in 3 hours. Good job blizzard!

Now think about this. Method was available since patch 1.0.2a been released. I think about 1000-2000 people would know about it. RMAH should be on 13/06. 1KK of gold will cost about $0.1-$0.5. There will be so much inflation. So I’m asking you blizzard. What you will do?

Going straight to end:
When I heard about RMAH idea I was like – finally, game will be protected, there won’t be bots ‘cause of RMAH, I can be a gold seller and earn money on thing I like. You wanted to do money on selling items. You wanted to get profits on it – and it would work. But implementation of idea is totally missed. I was counting on you blizzard. I thought that after 2-3 years I can write in my CV gamer as a job title – cause it was possible. The experiment you wanted to do was great – but you failed. The point 5 from my post ruined not just your company and RMAH, but others game producers going to think twice before implementing RMAH in theirs games. Your Idea was great, but first you should take care about game, bugs, exploits, test it thousands of times, then think about making money on RMAH.

Best Regards.

Continuation of the thread with proper criticism



  1. Hey Vile, a friend redirected me here because you were talking about my message to Blizzard. As much as I love people reading it, I would appreciate it if you could remove the letter from this post and instead only provide a link to the thread so changes can be read if they are made/discussions can be all in one place.

    Lupi aka Tom

    PS: Nice blog. :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply, was out of the country so couldn't reply faster.

      The reason why i decided to copy the text here as well as put a link opposed to just leaving the link is because people tend to not check out things that i leave only a link.

      The link is still up at the start, so people can go to the source anyways.

  2. Never bought D3 because I just knew blizzard would screw it up royally.

  3. You know the game just came out and they do know about the issues. I agree that bots are a problem, especially on the economy but I'm absolutely positive that they will find a way to block them. I'm sure a team is working hard on that right now. You just have to look past it for now and enjoy what they did create. A game that can be fun and a way to make a few bucks on the side.

    1. I agree that they are addressing the issue, but that is what they should have done in the Beta and not when the game goes live.

      We will see how it all pans out in the end

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