Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diablo 3 Magic Find

Here we are back again with another post that will be covering D3, and more specifically it will be covering the Magic Find portion of the market. Before i get in deeper into this i want to give you a small intro in how magic find works, and why people like to have it on the gear they are buying from the AH.

 Magic find is important because it increases the chance for you to get a magic or rare item, but it doesn't stop there. For instance lets say you kill a random monster on Inferno Act 1 and it drops you a weapon with 2 affixes ( 50STR + 50VIT ), this was dropped because you killed that monster with 0% magic find so you got a random weapon with 2 affixes. Now if you had extra magic find your chances to get an item with 3,4 or more affixes is increased, lets say you killed that same monster with 100% magic find, that means that the chances for that same item to show up with additional properties is increased double, if you ramp up the magic find to 220-230% and kill that same monster you have a chance to get that same weapon with 4-6 affixes, which in return would mean a more expensive and better item.
Add to this the 5 nephalem buffs which add 75% (for now) to magic find and gold find and you end up with a staggering 300% or more increased magic find and a chance to fish for those legendaries, set items and all round awesome items.

So as you can see the difference between getting an item that would sell for 10k and an item that would sell for 10 million is hidden in a bit of good luck and a hyped up magic find gear. Now i will get to the core of this post and the way to use this need for a better magic find to your advantage and more importantly to your profit.

As you can see on the image on the side (that took quite a bit of time to make it), different pieces of gear have a different price tag as their magic find amount increases. Just as an added clarification i started noting the prices from when they were worth it (20k and above), and you will see items with lower amount of Magic Find that i didn't put in the list but that is because their price was too low to mention, so i end up vendoring those.

One of the things that would be a good idea is to either download the given image on your PC/Mac, or bookmark the post and have it open while you are playing the game. The reason behind this is that when you are randomly killing monsters and they go about with dropping magic items, at times they can drop items with Magic Find that would be extremely expensive (300K+), but due to their blue color and nothing making them stand out from the crowd you can end up vendoring them and missing out on a great deal of gold. So like i said have that image in the background or the post bookmarked for easier refference to help you with the deciding of the worth of the magic find items you have for sale.

One thing though, if your piece of gear has a nice amount of a primary stat (STR, VIT, DEX) on top of the magic find that would only mean that someone can use it as his primary gear set and that he would be willing to pay a higher price for it, so price them accordingly. The prices that are stated in the image are all based on the Magic Find only, so if there are other stats that are important the price will be much higher. For instance if you find a high Magic Find item with DEX, VIT and Resistance to All, then you've found an item which is perfect and you can sell it for huge profits.

When i said his primary gear set, what i actually meant is the gear that you are always wearing for his killing opposed to the gear that you have in his bags ready to switch it before that elite champion dies. Oh, in case you didn't know what i mean, you need to have two sets of gear (prefferably), where one would be your HIGH survivability/damage build, and the second one would have a HIGH Magic/gold find on it (more magic then gold). Like i said it is pretty simple, you wack the champions with your damage build, and right before they die you quickly change to your magic find gear and finish them off. That way you have all the advantages of having a high damage gear as well as a high magic find gear.

An item in the 490k bracket being sold for 250k
Ok enough with the explaining on how it works, lets see how we can use this price list for making some profit. All you need to to is simply choose armors from the AH, then choose a piece of gear (lets say helm for instance) and then in the affixes field put in magic find. After that choose a percentage you want to see, put in 33% and check the prices from lowest to highest. Usually you will see that prices will be from 150K - ?? Millions, but what you are acually interested in is the lowest price. Many times people that don't know what they have will list their blue items for as low as 10k or 20k and think that they made a massive sale because they got 20k opposed to selling it to the vendor. So you simply buy it from them and relist it back at a discount on the average price, if the average price is 150k list it for 130k and it should take you anywhere from 10m to about an hour to sell it.

So that is the basic idea behind the auction house flipping, you need to have a base price to work from (the list), you need to factor in the 15% auction cut and you need to know which particular market you want to take a swing at (the magic find market).

Now as a unrelated topic. I have had mails of people telling me how i have been doing a good job with the blog and that they enjoyed it. But seing as how WoW hasn't had anything new added to it in a long time, and the economy has slowed down alot, i kinda set the blog in  a low activity mode as i didn't want to make posts that were a different approach to something that i have covered in some previous post. And the second thing is that i don't want to make posts about the BETA because that is what it is BETA, it changes alot and nothing is set in stone. I hope that Blizzard will add something interesting in WoW that will rekindle my interest in the gold making aspect of the game, and in return i will have more things to write about. Until then i will make post, but it won't be the usual 3 or more posts per week, and i might transfer the Diablo posts over to Jim Younkin's site he has about Diablo, but i will announce it if i do that. 

That's all for now, i hope you liked this D3 post, and more importantly i hope you are having fun in the game, be it WoW or Diablo 3.


  1. I formatted it into a spreadshoot on google docs because the resolution of the magic find table was too low and I couldn't read it on my monitor without zooming in and that made it almost un-readable

    1. Well if you just click it it comes up at full screen. But anyways i like your approach much more so thank you for making that.