Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preparing For MoP Investments Part 2

   In the previous post about the pre-launch for MoP we gave the companion and Inscription market a quick glance, and today we are going to take a closer look at a few more markets that would be very lucrative to take advantage as we send off Cataclysm on it's merry way, and welcome to arrival of the new expansion. 


   First market that you would want to keep your eye on would be the materials market. Now to make it clear, i won't focus on telling you about each crafting profession separately but am i quite sure you will get the idea.

   The idea behind the crafting market, and its potential to be a huge profit margin is quite simple, yet very few people will see it. The actual idea is to buy the materials you usually use to craft your items, be it PvP set items or PvE epic items. The reason for this is because their price is dirt cheap seeing as how it is the end of the expansion and very few markets are moving any goods at all.

   So the price of the given "raw materials" is cheap, the supply is abundant and the competition is really not in the mood to buy it out. Everything sounds like it's setting up to be a sweet deal, but wait that's not all. By buying your materials now you will buy them at prices that aren't affected by the incoming inflation that will hit when MoP ships out. So as an example, if you spend 20g for a stack of Obsidium or Elementium Ore, expect that same ore to be 100g or even more depending on the inflation scale when MoP is the new dog in town, and Cataclysm is left in the rear view mirror.

   But lets take another look at what we want to keep our eyes open for in particular: 

   You want to keep an eye on the price of Elementium Ore for it's use in crafting all the level 85 plate PvP items. You also want to keep a healthy stock of Pyrium Bars which you can use later on to continue crafting Ebonsteel Belt Buckle, these will always be in demand from the people that end up twinking their level 85 characters. Another very important thing would be to keep an eye out for the volatiles, and their price. They are easy to obtain now and their price is cheap, but as soon as MoP hits their demand will go down but the supply will simply borderline dry out, so get yours now while you still can. 

   Another material you might want to get stocked up on would be leather, even though it's price is still a bit steep remember that inflation still hasn't set in and everything is still rather cheap. So if you were in the PvP leather market it would be a good idea to get stocked up as well.

   There are a few markets though that i wouldn't stock up too high on, and that would be the cloth market. The reason behind this is that with the introduction of the mass looting system it is going to become very easy to obtain cloth and it's price is going to be rather "volatile". 

   Last of the professions that would be worth stockpiling on would be the enchanting market. As it is now the price of the Hypnotic Dust as well as all the other latest materials is cheap because the influx is rather high from people still doing the Ore Shuffle but as soon as that is over the price for the dust as well the essences will go up. While on this topic it might be a very good idea to stock up on some Jasper and Alicite  which you can use later on for some post Cata DE action, as well as crafting and selling the rare rings to people that are leveling alts, or the new Pandas.

   Ok i'll end this post here, but in the next post we are going to take a look at how to approach the end of the expansion as a Jewelcrafter,  as well as a trader that wants to bank on the uprising of the new "PANDAmonium".

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there. 

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