Sunday, August 12, 2012

Preparing For MoP Investments

   So in about a month Mists Of Pandaria will ship out and finally we will have something new to do, kill new baddies, raid new places, level our professions and open up new opportunities to make gold. But before MoP finally ships we are going to have some time to make some pre launch investments that will pay out big in the near future, and i will further explain how and why.

   As the sign on the side here says, we will be buying the "used" goods, or translated into WoW terms we will be buying the soon to be old tier stuff. 

   What i mean by this is simply the same thing that happens with the release of every expansion, the week or so before the release of the expansion people get into insane mode, and they are trying to unload everything they have in the hope of making some quick gold off it while it is still current. This has some basic logic behind it, but if you give it a second thought and realize that even though it won't be the current end game tier there will still be market for it, and it will probably end up being much more expensive than it is now.

   But enough with the vague talks about what is going to happen, let's take a look at some actual items that will be worth buying when the big "Yard Sale" begins.


   Pets or companions will be in great demand in MoP, especially with the whole new Pokemon like pet battles. Up until now there was a demand for these pets from people that simply wanted to have them walk next to them, but now that they will be able to actually make them fight, and level them the demand will go even higher. But not everything is as jolly as it sounds, with the shipping of MoP Blizzard decided to make one crucial change and make all the mounts and pets be account bound. What that means is what ever you have on one character, it will now be shared on all of them.

   So there will be a huge increase on the demand for pets early in the launch of MoP, but that demand will be saturated rather quickly for the more common (vendor/crafted) pets, while the demand for the more rare and extremely rare pets will be further increased, and with that the prices for those pets will inflate quite a bit.  I have covered a bit about the location of the pets in the world, as well as the vendor location in a previous post so you might want to check that out, but if you are looking for more information about pets, you might want to check out some of the other blogs that are on the blogroll.


    MoP will open up a huge profit market for the crafty scribe that will be up to the task to pounce on the possible profits that could be made early on in MoP. To be even more precise i am talking about the whole new Panda glyphs that will be available at the start.

   Now even though everyone will have them, not everyone will be able to craft them in high volumes. The reason behind this is pretty simple, they will still require 3 inks, but instead of requiring the overstocked inks from Cataclysm it will require the new Ink Of Dreams which will be expensive as hell for the first two months or so. So knowing this here is the punch line, BUY YOUR INKS NOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL DIRT CHEAP !! 

   I can't stress this enough without putting them with big red letters so i did just that, and as for the Panda glyphs the majority of them will require Ink Of The Sea, so make sure you stock up on those in particular. 

   If you are looking for some more info on Inscription and how to prepare for MoP as a scribe, then you might want to pop over to Croda's Blog where he covers all about Inscription

   I will cut this post short here, because if i continue on it will end up like a wall of text and we don't want that do we. Anyhow in the next post i will cover the preparation and shopping lists for the Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and the major crafting professions. But for now i leave you at this, and remember like always keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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