Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Ore Shuffle

    The Obsidium Shuffle, or the Elementium Shuffle known by most is the grand jewel of Cataclysm that made many goblins very rich. Now here is the funny thing, even though we are nearing the end of the expansion and almost everything is out there, and everyone is making gold off the gold tricks and tips there are still people that have never heard of the Shuffle. The reason for making this post is quite simple, i have been trying to help people make gold on my server for a while now, and since i started the blog i had a place where i can redirect with anything they might want to know, but i saw that i didn't have a topic that explains the Shuffle so here it is.

The Ore Shuffle ( taken from the Consortium site )
   As you can see from the image above it is very self explanatory, but i will go into a bit of explaining just in case. Just so you know in order to take the full extent of the profits the shuffle brings you need to have a Jewelcrafter, Blacksmith, Enchanter and Tailor (this one is optional).

    The entire shuffle starts with the purchase of Obsidium, Elementium & Pyrite ore. Once you have bought them you have a choice, that choice boils down on whether you want to prospect the ore for the gems or you want to manufacture Heavenly Shards. In order to find out which one would be more profitable you need to check out your prices for the Heavenly Shards and if they are high, or you are low for your enchanting market you might want to go that way, but at the same time you want to check the prices of Greater Celestial Essences and the Infinite Dust as that is what you can get if you choose to take the prospecting road.

   If you go with the prospect option you need to know how to get from having Alicite, Hessonite, Jasper and Nightstone into Heavenly Shards adn Greater Celestial Essences. By crafting the gems into rings and pendants and then disenchanting them you get to have the finished product. Now one of the things you should be aware is that if you decide to go this way you should know that you have a chance to get a rare (blue) ring or a Pendant. Now there is a bit of a trick here, and that trick is the item level of the items you end up getting and i will explain why.

    If you are using Jasper then you are taking the best deal because the jasper is the only one that requires only one gem to make a ring, opposed to the other ones which will require you to spend 2 gems to make a single item. But this is not the best part, the best part is that when you end up getting a rare (blue) item, it is going to be a level requirement of 79 which makes it ideal for twinks and leveling characters, and i have been selling them anywhere from 300g to 50g, and that for a 3g gem is a 10000% profit margin.

   If you are using Hessonite and Nightstone for your crafting you will need to spend 2 of them to get a single item. This on it's own puts it at 50% efficiency, and the other thing is that the rare (blue) items you get have a item requirement of 81 so the twinks are no longer your targeted market. But it's not all gloom and doom, and that is because if you disenchant these rings you get Heavenly Shards, as well as increased chance to get Greater Celestial Essences from disenchanting the green items.

   I really don't see a point in explaining that you need to cut the rare gems and post them on the Auction House as that is quite obvious. And at the end of the explanation i can only offer to give you a place where you can get the best spreadsheet that can automatically tell you which road is the best to take, and which will make you the most gold. The site i'm talking about is the Consortium forums which will give you the most awesome weapon you can wield if you take on to do the Shuffle.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Blacksmithing and tailoring isn't considered part of the obsidium shuffle. If you want to add to JC and enchanting, you throw in alchemy(trans spec). Then you transmute your carnelians into inferno rubies. The great thing about having both enchant AND alchemy is that you have more choices in what to do with the results of your prospecting, so then you can easily adapt to changes in your server's economy over time. Do you craft/disenchant those uncommon gems you're looking at? Or do you transmute them? Lots of versatility here.

  2. Well the blacksmith part comes into play when you craft the shoulders that you DE for the heavenly shards so not a direct part of the shuffle but an alternative. And the tailoring is an option when the price of the bags is higher then the price of the materials it costs to make. So The blacksmith and tailoring are an alternative to the prospect.

    P.S. I made huge amounts of profit pre-patch from selling Heavenly shards that were made that way.

  3. @Handera

    Why would alchemy be part of the shuffle but not smithing/tailoring?

    The point of the shuffle is to convert materials (obsidium/elementium/pyrite) into its more valuable forms. If blacksmithing is what accomplishes that, then it's definitely part of the shuffle.

    Even when stormforged shoulders aren't the most profitable conversion, big-time shufflers will still craft them because you can't unload all your stock with a conventional shuffle anyway.

  4. Well actually Handera did have a point with the alchemy part as i have transmuted more then my fair share of gems. So it's my fault that i didn't mention the alchemy part as well.

    And the blacksmith with the stormforged shoulders is awesome for one other thing, when you DE it you have a chance to score 2 items due to the bountiful bags guild perk.

  5. I tend to go the prospecting route and I prefer Obsidium because it has a better chance of Carnelians, Hessonite, and Nightstone. Even though it takes 3 of these uncommon crystals, I wind up with more of the usable rare gems after transmutes.

    I will transmute these into Inferno Rubies, Ember Topaz and Demonseye. Alicite and Jasper I craft into Jewelry and DE for Hypnotic Dust and Lesser Celestial Essences. Zephyrite, alas, gets cut and vendored. I keep token amounts of Nightstone, Zephyrite, and Jasper for the JC dailies of course.

  6. Well the Obsidium is better if you want to go with the transmuting way because you end up getting more gems per prospect but the Elementium is better, for me at least because the Elementium Prospect yields in more rare gems.

  7. The key thing here is to do whatever is most profitable on your server. If you do this with large amounts of materials, you will need to diversify so you don't flood a market. For example, on my server, the market for cut gems has been flooded to the point that the uncut rare gems actually sell for more than the cut versions. Download the spreadsheet, follow the instructions for downloading market data for your server from the Undermine Journal, and make your profit.

  8. you linked Infinite Dust and it should be Hypnotic Dust

  9. also. the hessonite and nightstone necks with LESSER Celestial Essences, only the carnlian spikes give Greater Celestial Essences. also like to add ONLY the blue neck from hessonite and nightstone give heavenly shards. the others give small heavenly shards(req 3 to make a normal shard)

  10. One additional note, depending on Volatile Life prices it might be most profitable to make and sell or DE Vicious Amberjewel Bands with your Amberjewels (and therefore Alicites).

  11. See i knew that making a post that covers pretty much what everyone is doing is going to make people post their two cents :)

    Anyways with the actual post i had bunch of people whisper me in game telling me that they are actually reading about this for the first time, and had questions about how to configure the spreadsheets.

    But anyways thanks to everyone that posted here, keep it up.

  12. @Fluxda.. Jim..

    I think it's the cost of the volatile Waters that makes the most difference in the crafting of the Amberjewel Bands

  13. I tend to craft a lot of Hessonite bands and Alicite rings and d/e them for the LCEs. Maybe I've gotten lucky, but when they d/e into LCE's, it's never just one, it's usually 3-4. I take 2 LCEs and make Enchant Chest - Might Stats, which I can sell for 300g on the high end and about 170g on the low end.