Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farming The Old To Get The Gold


   Well before i get on talking all about how to cash in on your character by farming, i want to say it once again that i suck at the general farming part due to me loosing my nerves and bailing out on it,but this little way i am going to explain to you here is not actually something that will get you annoyed, or require you to do the same 'ol repetitive task.

    Ok, since i said that i dislike farming, and i have posted a pretty self explanatory image above it is becoming clear that this way of farming that i'm talking about includes running the old Vanilla Raid instance BWL (Blackwing Lair). Many of the people that are playing nowadays joined the WoW train around WOTLK, or even Cataclysm. Nowadays it's quite rare to find someone that joined in TBC, and as for finding someone that played back in Vanilla, well that's pretty much like getting an epic back in  Vanilla (only people that played back then will know what i mean by this), so it doesn't really  make me wonder why people aren't doing the old raids, it's simple, they dont know about them.

   Before you get down with the idea to doing this, you need to be aware of a bit of a loophole this raid has, what i mean about this is that you will need to go through the attunement for the raid, and secondly you will need 2 friends to come with you to help you with the first boss (you could try with 1 friend or even solo, because there are videos out there showing how it's done) due to the mechanics of the fight where you will need to MC the boss while your friends defend you and the boss.

   So lets get down to the bare facts as to why this particular raid is a great gold maker. Time wise BWL will require about 30 minutes of your time to finish, and if you take two friends and kill every boss in there you will each get 450g from the kills alone. If you roll on epics and then vendor them you get some additional 50ish gold but this is not the great farming opportunity i was talking about, but rather more like a consolation price for your time spent.

   The main gold income from BWL comes from not from killing bosses, but from killing these little goblins named Blackwing Technician, and the reason why you would go on a vendetta like rampage against them is very very simple, they have a chance to drop
an Elementium Ingot which after smelted by a miner is what the legendary sword Thunderfury is made of.

   You will find these guys a bit inside the instance, i think it was after the 3rd boss in there, but don't hold me to the word, but no matter what you will see them because they are not just a few, they are quite numerous which means you get to kill a lot of them and  in return can yield some nice drops of ingots which on the AH sell for anywhere from 500-1500g. As a visual representation of their drop rates

check the image on the loot roll table from killing just one group, yup that's right, you can get 2 or even more ingots per group and if i'm right there should be like 5 big groups in there so that ends up being a big pile of Ingots that you can sell for even bigger piles of gold.

   If you are doing this run with friends, kill those mobs and share the love and the loot, but if you are in there with random people you suckered in to come in promising awesomeness then leave them alone and proceed to kill all the bosses, then wave them away and as soon as they are gone go back and get your ingots, but while looting them chuckle maniacally and whisper words like MY PRECIOUS MY PRECIOUS !

   That was about it for the gold making part of this instance,  and now i am going to tell you yet about another thing that makes this raid worth your time, and that is the fact that this raid has one of the best looking models in the game. So if you are a character that can wield swords, maces or two-handers then by all means do go and check your luck acquiring some of the loots from this place, simply because the models are gorgeous as you can see on the image below where i've showed the models for "Doom's Edge", "Draconic Avenger" and "Draconic Maul", and the best part about these, they are all trash drops, so you might get them while you are hacking and slashing the trash mobs.

   One last piece of advice i can give is that if you don't have a friend that can come with you on that particular run at that time, simply ask on trade because there are alot of people out there that are trying to get their T2 models in preparation for the drop of 4.3 and the release of Transmoging.

   So as a recap, with about 30 minutes of your time you get 450g guaranteed gold from the bosses, you kill the Technicians and get Ingots and you get a chance to get your T2 armor as well as a chance to get some of the best looking weapons in the game (according to me so if you have a different taste then it's cool). So who says that farming needs to be boring, well conventional farming is boring but i like this way more and the gold yield is much higher then flying for herbs or ores.

   This was it for today and as always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.



  1. I would like to point out a "working as intended bug", those little goblins that drop the Elementium Ingots hold a secret and that is that they will only allow you to loot the item if you haven't killed 62 mobs that can drop the item. I raised a ticket from a GM and got the response

    "Elemetium Ingots are a valuable epic item that drops from thrash and doesn't bind when picked up. In order to prevent these items from being farmed excessively, a restriction was placed on the looting of this item. One you have killed 62 Blackwing Technicians, you will no longer be able to loot any more Elementium Ingots, even though you will see them drop and will be prompted to roll on them."

  2. Well that's a bit of a useful information that i didn't know but still even with 62 of those pesky goblins it's a nice drop ratio from them and will still net you some good gold