Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hopping On The Profit Train

   So hopefully you've done your fair share of killing the direbrew boss event every single day with the promise of treasure, mounts and BoE's from the satchel, well unless you've had the most rotten luck of not getting a single drop (this was my luck actually) but even then there's very good profits to be made from this event that will end in 3 days.

   What this gold making opportunity is a limited availability item that usually by now it's price has rock bottomed at 100-300g and that item is Tremendous Tankard O' Terror and this is the item you want to have in stock as soon as the holiday event is done.

   The reason behind this is very simple, the item is actually an ok weapon for Rogues to pick up and it's a item level 365 weapon which puts it neck to neck with the other BS crafted items that sell for the better part of 10K on the AH, so you will have people willing to buy this weapon for three reasons. Main one would be those Rogues and Shamans out there (If it's not the best item i apologize but i saw AGI and thought of Rogues and Shamans), second one would be to break the ilvl requirement to get into the heroic ZA/ZG (this is what all the new level 80s dream of so they can get out of doing the random HC, unless they are rich which in that case they can buy the shiny epics and yes this means your item as well), and third and to be honest i think this would be the best reason and that is the Transmogrification coming next patch because there are sure to be people out there that will go for the look of having a big ass tankard in your hand while smashing people's brains with it.

   So as a recap, you have about 3 days left to do your daily runs for the chance to get a tankard if you dont get it then check your AH for the item and buy it out if you see it at a 100-400g price range, wait for 1 week after the event is over and then repost them on the AH for somewhere between 2-4k (it will be a good DPS wise item for about 2 months which is how much time it's gonna take for the 4.3 to hit live servers) and even after the patch is live the item will still hold it's Visual quality and i'm quite sure people will be looking for it,

   So i hope you get some good profits out of this item, and like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


  1. Careful with stocking up on tankards. In theory, it sounds good, but in actuality (based on my server history) you may not even be able to unload them at all. I still have 6-7 from Last Year's Brewfest that I never could sell, even at less than purchase price.

    Problem is that the reason the prices are dropping so low is that the incoming supply outweighs the demand. These tankards have very limited use since they are +Agility Maces.

    If players don't buy them now while the auction house is flooded, why would they buy them for a jacked up price later? In my experience they won't, and you may be stuck with a bunch of tankards that just get disenchanted to redeem any value whatsoever.

  2. Well like i said in the post, this year it just so happens that the end of the event is about one and a half to two months away from the patch that will probably bring the higher level items acquired from instances so that leaves a vacuum where your item will be on par with the other crafted items, but dont forget about the mogging coming next patch, that's something that will up sales coz you'll see people going after that item for it's sheer looks stats or no stats. (you might even sell your old tankards as well because it's the same model)

    If nothing else then i can always shard them as with the coming of the new patch you will see a huge increase in the worth of the Maelstrom Crystals due to everyone needing new enchants and people will buy them out to either resell them or make them into scrolls or even shatter them to get Heavenly Shards.

    So i paid 200g per item if worst comes to past i shard them and get a single Crystal and if the guild thing procs i get 2 and i can either make double my cost or even quadrouple. So anyways if i win i get big if i loose i dont actually loose :)