Monday, October 10, 2011

The Ultimate Gambler ... Profiting ??

   Ok, so i usually write about ways and trick on how to make gold while you are using the buy low, sell back at a profitable price, or even craft this, dominate market then profit. Today i would like to make a short post about something that caught my eye, which i think is something close to brilliant.

   What i'm talking about is a guy i saw that was barking on trade channel offering 30g per Heavy Junkbox ,which on it's own is an item any rogue can pickpocket from humanoid mobs that are 55-59 level. I have to admit, once i saw his barks i was immediately intrigued as to why he was buying them and i asked. His answer was dodgy at the least he told me he was getting rep with the Ravenhold Mannor, which could be the case but there was something that simply didn't add up, he wanted the lockboxes UNOPENED. So i left him be and didn't put too much stock into what he was doing until the next day i saw that same guy on the AH posting Teebu's Blazing Longsword for 50k gold.

    Now for those of you who weren't around in Vanilla WoW, or have never heard about this item, it's a sword that's really really resembling a lightsaber and even though it's stats are close to nothing coming patch 4.3 with the introduction of Transmogrification you will be able to make your weapon look like a lightsaber.  There are many people out there willing to shell out some serious gold, just so they can make their character as unique as possible. The catch with it is that it's a very very rare world drop and the Heavy Junkboxes have a 0.01% of dropping it.
   So like i said in the title if you happen to be one of those people that enjoy a bit of gambling, or maybe have even tried the Mysterious Fortune Cards but didn't like their taste then you might consider taking up the ULTIMATE GAMBLE and try and obtain this elusive item be it through farming it or gambling for it by barking trade and offering a price for Heavy Junkboxes.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


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  2. IM not sure if he attualy did this. Many players who have a high amount of gold also seem to like achievments. Expecially acheivments that give you pretty awsome Titles such as "..The Insane."

    I think its around 1.4k Heavy Junkboxes can be turned in to achieve Exalted Status with the Revanholdt. (One of the places you need to be exalted for this achievement)

  3. Like i said it's quite possible that he was doing the rep thing but somewhere along the way he probably got the sword in one of those lockboxes and that is the golden ticket to profit that did come true for this guy.

    I never said it's a sure way to a big pay day but rather something like a new way to have fun if you like gambling