Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Way Of The Farmer

   So up until now i've discussed ways to make gold by using your professions, using the AH to get deals and even using advertisement as a powerful weapon in your arsenal but now i'm going to cover a part of the game that is in there for the sole reason of making you gold and providing you with materials for all your crafting, and yes that is called farming.

    Before i continue on with this post i want to let it be known that if you have the patience to go on these runs and acquire the materials then kudos to you but for me it simply doesn't work and i loose my patience in about 20 min of farming, but then again that's just me so lets continue on.


   As a starter i would like to start with the place that a lot of people know of but then again even more people don't know of and that's the best place for farming Embersilk Cloth

As you can see on the image the place we are talking about is found in Deepholm and the mobs you are going to end up killing are the Stone trogs that are fighting will all the dwarves (probably because they are bored and they decided to have a bit of a rumble with the dwarves but nothing too serious as noone ever dies from either side unless you intervene). As you can see on the map outlined with the green line is the route that is best taken to get the maximum number of kills while waiting for the respawns from the ones you already killed.

   There are two things you need to know about this place before you go off killing the trogs and that is that you will need to get a class that can do some serious AoE damage and with the possibility to avoid the mobs so they don't gang up on you and kill you. I've done this with a few different characters and it worked well with a mage, shadow priest, hunter, druid haven't tried with others but feel free to try it out.

   Purely for facts i will shoot out few of the numbers i got while doing these runs and what kind of a profit you could be expecting to get out of this run if you decide to make it.

This was gathered in 1 hour: (THIS WAS WITH A TAILOR CHARACTER, what i mean by this is that tailors get a bonus in how many cloths they can loot from a body)

240 x Embersilk Cloth
78G worth of gold from the looting
51G worth of gold from selling the garbage
7 (78-81 lvl) items which sold on the AH for 180-300g each

16 Tiny Treasure Chest, and NO these did not drop from the mobs perse but they dropped because before i started the carnage i drank a Potion of Treasure Finding  which is by far one of the best potions to get stocked up if you are a farmer-killer type of guy because inside the little chests there is gold and cloth and a chance to get 1-4 from every volatile there is.


   Savage leather unlike herbs and ore it can't be farmed by just flying around and picking it up but you rather need to get down to getting your hands dirty by killing things. One of the best places to acquire savage leather by far are the crocs outside Baradin Hold and as you can see on the image

their name is just that Baradin Crocolisk. Now what you need to know about this place is that if you are on a busy server where people have alts that they want to get reputation with or they haven't done it with the mains and are doing the dailies then they will be killing the crocs and all you'll have to do is simply walk over and skin them and profit, but nowadays it's mosty desolace in there and there isn't much of an activity in there so you might end up killing the crocs by yourself which is not that bad as they drop some vendor garbage which isn't much but still it's something.

   Like previously if you have the need for leather and the only way to acquire it is to farm it then get a Potion Of Treasure Finding as well for those extra Treasure Chests.

   Killing these crocs and skinning them for an hour produced:

   210 x Savage Cloth and at 99g per stack it's not a bad deal
   9 x Strange Bloated Stomach this is pretty much like the Treasure chest but only skinners can get it and it contains volatiles.


   One of the two "main farming" professions in WoW are mining and herbalism and they can be very profitable if you have the time and nerves to do them.

   But to get down to the point and drop some info and some stone hard facts on what you can expect to gain by going all out farming for herbs.

   I'll start off by showing you the best route you can go about if you decide to farm some Azshara's Veil and the zone in particular is Vash'Ir (The big Water Zone) and by following this path as shown on the image you can get a nice amount of herbs, and as a guideline i will give you the rundown on how much you can expect to get out of an hour of farming it .

   And this is what i ended up after an hour of farming this zone with this particular path set up for me.

   155 x Azshara's Veil
   65   x Volatile Life

   Other herb then Azshara's Veil that's actually quite profitable to sell is Heartblossom as it is a high value item due to it's demand from alchemists for pots and flasks but also from JC's that want to use them to help their transmutations from Carnelians into the Inferno Ruby's.

   As you can see on the image best place to farm Heartblossom is in Deepholm and you can either try and follow the green line of take the better approach by actually flying through the entire zone because the damn things are scattered through the whole zone. As with the Azshara's Veil i got about the sameish results in about one hour of farming these bad boys meaning in 60 min i got
   180 x Heartblossom
   76   x Volatile Life

   Twilight Jasmin is another choice you could take up and it can be found in Twilight Highlands, and it's same as the Heartblossom scattered throughout the whole zone and in 60 min of farming i managed to get 160 x Twilight Jasmine and 56 x Volatile Life.


   For the mining part i'll leave it down for farming Elementium Alone because after the breakdown on the Obsidium Shuffle on my server their price has dropped way down. Ok so down to the facts and location about the Elementium Ore.

   Best place to get loads of Elementium Ore is Uldum and you can see the best path to use on the image on the left side. One thing that might be worth mentioning is that while you'll be mining for Elementium you will most likly get some Pyrite Ore as well so that means only more profit for you.

   In about one hour of farming i got 240 x Elementium Ore plus another 65   x Pyrite Ore

but another thing worth mentioning is that while you are mining you have a chance to mine out some Volatile Water and Fire but if you are a Engineer you have also the chance to get some extra Volatile Air's as well which if combined together they make some good end game profit.

   So there you have it my dear fellow goblins, the basics of farming and what you should expect to get out of if you decide to use farming as a tool to make gold with.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


  1. Certantly one of your best posts, asides from the TradeSkill Master one. Although after reading though all your other tips and tricks its hard to get in to the state of mind to attualy go out and farm for hours and profit when i can just repost auctions every hour or two and then go back to what i was doing.

    Although i can see huge earning potential here if you do have enough will power to go out and farm your self.

    Also, Very nice tip about the Potion of Treasure Finding. I have never heard of this before.

  2. ++ Also loving the layout of this post, very easy to follow with all the screenshots but must be a real pain to keep it up with all cropping and uploading of pictures