Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Cookie Season

   So Winterveil is upon us and the only thing i'm giggling about is the amount of cookies i'm selling. Well these are not the regular fortune cookies but rather the Gingerbread Cookies that are required for the event with "WoW's Santa" (No i'm not going to call him Great Father Winter)

    The only requirement to make those is to have 1 small egg and some holiday spices, and boom, profit. So if you didn't pick up any before the season check your AH to see maybe (slim chance though now) there's some egg left for a cheaper price, then flip it and make it into a cookie and then profit. I've been selling them in stacks of 5 for 350g per stack, and they are literally going ... well like cookies/cakes.

   If you didn't stock up on eggs, or simply didn't know about it, there's a way to farm these eggs and quite an effective way for that matter. What i'm talking about is killing the Feral Dragnohawks outside Silvermoon that have 100% chance to drop it and have a chance to drop 1-2 per kill. It took me 4 minutes and i already gathered up 50 eggs so it's an extremely fast way of obtaining those. As you can see on the image on the right, that's the best place to farm these.

   Another thing that you might want to get down to supply your Auction House is to make those outfits that you end up with the pattern in your mail if you have the corresponding profession leatherworking/tailoring.

   With these two in mind you can make some easy profits, but be warned though, the prices i stated were from my server, so before you get into this market check your ah and see what's what.

   I won't drag this on any more, so i bid you happy holidays and good hunting.

   If you want a second opinion on the matter check out Cold's post on the matter, and see what experiences he has had with the event and what he has to say.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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