Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making The Sale Continued ...

   One of the reasons why i am making this post is because i have spent a lot of time explaining to people the usefulness of advertising, and more importantly how to link items in macros. Before i start with my ramblings, if you want to read up more on advertising, read my post on The Art Of Selling With The Help Of Advertisement 

   If you have read up on that post, which if you haven't i would strongly recommend that you do, you can see that when making an advertising macro you need to link the actual items in the macro to get better chances for a sale.
   So let's get down to the point, and actually clear it once and for all how to link items in your macros. As you can see on the image on the left, i have chosen the Shadowspirit Diamond as an item i want to use in a macro. Now the way to do it is by actually using another macro, and yes i know it sounds like one of those Yo Dawg, i heard you like macros, so we gave you a macro, to put in your macro, so you can macro jokes, but just bare with me.

   First thing you want to do is open a new macro window be it by pressing esc and choosing the macro window, or by typing in /macro. After you've done that, i would recommend that you save the following script in a macro for easy access:

/script MacroFrameText:Insert("")

   This script is what we are going to be using to get the items into our macros. How that works out though is simple, yet crafty. What you need to do is copy the script, then open the macro window and make a new macro, and this time it's going to be the actual macro that you are going to use. Now when you've opened the macro screen, in the chat type in the script /script MacroFrameText:Insert("") and then find the item you want to link and shift click it into the script so it ends up looking like the one on the image /script MacroFrameText:Insert("Shadowspirit Diamond") and press Enter. 

   If you have done everything as i have told you, you will end up with the given item linked in the macro you are making, as it is shown up on the image.

   While we are at the matter of linking macros, i want to give you the macro for linking your professions in trade as well. This macro is actually another script, but unlike the previous one, there won't be any linking here but a more direct approach. 

/script s=strjoin(" ","Vile's",select(2,GetSpellLink("Jewelcrafting")),"emporium open for work. Get all your gems here for the best possible prices.");SendChatMessage(s,"CHANNEL",nil,2)

   As you might see the script i used gave me an advertising macro that has my profession linked in it, as well as some text. In the script you can see some red letters and then the normal black ones. The black letters is the actual script while the red letters are what i want to show up before and after the profession. 

   So i am hoping that this will clear out the confusion some people have about making macros, and then linking items in their macros. If you still are unclear on something though, ask in the comments or even the new chat option that's up on the right side of the blog.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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