Monday, December 19, 2011

Gambler's Gambit

   There are multiple ways of making gold in WoW, be it following a preset pattern of selling gems, glyphs, flasks, gear etc. What i really do love is when i'm trying out new markets and new ideas on how to make gold. In my previous post The House Always Wins i dived in the games of fortune waters, but i decided to take the usual Casino game and make a few modifications to the rules to make it more attractive. This post is primarily going to be as a recap on how i did with it, and hopefully give you an inside on the thing and let you see for yourself if you want to try it out of not.

   If you want to make some gold in WoW all you need is some logical thinking, but if you want to have fun while doing it get creative. Ok, now down to the facts on what i found out to work for me, and how much i thought was a fair deal for me.

   I will make out the rules of the game in a easy to follow way and with a option open for you to switch it around and set it to whatever you think it would be fair.

  • Entry Fee ( this is the amount that all participants need to agree on and pay up before the start of the round )
  • Ability To Allow for multiple payments per round ( this is for that guy that wants better odds at winning the pot, for instance everyone pays 50g he pays 200g, that way when you roll instead of rolling for 10 if there's 10 people you roll 13 and take his number and the next 3 as a win for him and move everyone above )
  • Decide on how much you want your cut to be from the total pot ( i chose 20% per round, but you can choose to go higher or lower then that depending on your server, and the people willing to play )
  • Offer some kind of a Jackpot ( you can choose to have it be a monetary reward like gold, but that's not much of an incentive, it's better to offer something that's like a gift wrapped in paper of awesomeness because let's face it everyone loves gifts )
  • Don't Spam excessively because no one likes spammers and you can get reported 

   Following these simple rules i managed to get some people to actually have some fun while participating in a social group activity, even if that was a game of luck. The best thing about this is that everyone that came played about 5-10 hands, some made some profits others lost tiny bits like 200-400g which in today's economy is nothing, and especially if you take into account that they had some fun and giggles while doing it which is why they are playing a game. Well while they were having fun, and to be honest i was having fun as well, i managed to net in 9k in about  hour and a half which on it's own is an impressive number. But seeing as how i got into this to try it out and see if it's worth doing i decided to make it fair and give something back, Christmas Times are near anyways, so i made the Jackpot to be a valor piece by choice to the winner, which on my server goes from 6-9k. ( The fact that the person that sold that item was one of my alts doesn't make me a bad Grinch, just a smart business Goblin ). So everyone had some fun, some people made some gold, some people had some laughs and i made some profits all in all a good day.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. It's a pity gambling is against the ToS

  2. Gambling is not against the ToS, the Mysterious Fortune cards are a shining example of it. You can even run a regular casino and nothing will be wrong with that, what's warning worth is if you are spamming trade chat with ads of it and actively promoting it.

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