Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Spotlight (December)

   Here we are with the third installment of The Spotlight series. If you have seen the previous posts in this series, you will know that it's a once per month post about the most interesting sites, blogs or general things i have found out for the month, but if you are a first time reader check out the October and November posts.

   For this month, i have a few sites, a game and something very special to put the spotlight on. And yes just so you are clear, i did say i had a game to put the stoplight on but more on that when we get to it. So let's start at the beginning of it all with the sites i told you so.

    First site i would like to put the light on is This site is an awesome find for anyone that enjoys reading information about WoW, be it raid related information or reading about their class, but most importantly it has a section that is all about transmogrification which is pure awesomeness. In there you can find the armor sets, as well as all the cool looking weapons that your class, or your alt can wear, and see where you can acquire them. And another good thing about that site is that it has a weekly giveaway for pets and mounts to people that are following them on Facebook or Twitter, so why not give those guys a chance and check them out.

   The second site i was talking about is As you  might guess from the name of the site, it's a site that pretty much covers all about Transmogging. How this site is unique is that, they are putting up screenshots of characters that are wearing different sets of armor, that when put together simply look great. Another great thing is that they are updating the site every day, and there are multiple images per day of various armor pieces that you might decide you like, and you want to put on your character.

   These were the two sites that i liked in this previous month, seeing as how it was all about the 'mogging in the post patch period. Ok now down to the game part. For this month i have a game to recommend to you, and that game is World Of Warcraft. 

   Ok before you start thinking that i have gone insane, and that i am recommending a game that you are actually playing, i will stop you right there and tell you that this is a free private server. Now before you get the wrong impression, this is a server that is NOT a Blizzard operated server, but a private server that has 100% up time, has about 1000 players on it at any given time, has fully functional Blizzard like raids, as well as battlegrounds. Ok but now this is the GREAT thing about it ... dum dum dum (war drum sounds) ... this is a Vanilla server. What this means is that this server has only the original WoW to it, which means you can only progress up to level 60. I will put in a few of the strong points of the server and leave the rest to you to discover.
  • High population
  • High XP gain rate or normal XP gain rate, so whatever you want to do you can do it
  • Working professions
  • Working instances
  • Working raids
  • Working decay style PvP ranked system
  • Working economy, and a very active auction house
  • Very active world PvP
   So there were a few of the things that i find awesome, but if you decide to try it, i am sure you will find some  more things that you like. Before i close the book on this, here's a suggestion, if you are bored with the same routine of posting your auctions by clicking your predefined TSM script, try the AH on this server and see how it was to make gold back in the Vanilla time when gold was gold and epics were in most cases blues :)

   Ok and last but not least, heck i'd call this the BEST and biggest part of this month spotlight would have to be YOU. Yes i said it, You the readers and the better part of the community that is reading my blog, as well as the blogs of the other gold bloggers out there in the gold making community. The reason why i decided to put this in this month post is, well a post made by Cold on his blog. But the post wasn't that touching as the replies i saw in the comments. That moved me, i mean i saw that there is still a caring community that is supportive, and sticks together even when the times are rough, and not everything and everyone has declined to the levels of ignorance and irritation you might find in a random LFR. So not to make this a long rant, i wish you all the very best time for the holidays, a very exciting New Year's Eve and know one thing, you people are the best !

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there. ( While you have your eyes open, don't be a douche and drink, and drive for New Year's eve. If you are gonna drink get a dedicated driver, or take a cab. Other than that I love you all )



  1. Thanks for the link bud. I have been just amazed by all of the encouraging and supportive comments, tweets, texts, and Emails I have been getting flooded with.
    They have definately helped raise my spirits.

  2. How could i not share the love when you linked a picture of your cat, who is awesome by the way

  3. Thanks! That little bugger costs me almost $400 8 years ago, but he's worth every penny, as he's a pure Seal Point Siamese. Siamese are simply amazing.

    They are the smartest, most loyal (been compared to dogs), talkative, and very sensitive and caring, and I think Siamese are gorgeous. The belief that Siamese are mean is a myth that stems from Walt Disney's Siamese characters in Pinnochio. Siamese are so awesome they are more like a wizard's familiar, than they are a pet.

  4. I've spent 500$ on a graphic card that died in 5 months, that was a bad investment, a cat that you own for 8 years and counting and you payed 400$ for it, heck i'd call that a good deal

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