Saturday, April 21, 2012

Arcane Crystal Profiting

   One of the most profitable ways of making profit in a  market is when you can find a niche market that no one , or very few people know about or are actively participating in it. Well today we'll take a look at one of those markets, and how you can obtain some quick profits by doing these.

   For this Niche Market you will need to have Alchemist that is at least leveled to where he can transmute Arcane Crystals and Thorium bars.

   First of all we need to define what is the item that we want to sell, and that is the Arcanite Bar. Now as any alchemist can tell you, you will need 1 Arcane Crystal and 1 Thorium Bar  to be able to transmute one Arcanite Bar. This isn't anything complex or confusing at any point that would require me to go into detail, it's simply check the price of the Arcanite Bar and compare it with the combined price of the Thorium Bar and the Arcane Crystal and you will see that in 90% of the time you will turn a hefty profit from doing this. Though if the price of the Arcanite Bar is lower then the price of the combined materials then buy them out and repost them to your liking and your profit margin.

   Another thing worth mentioning is that if you happen to come across some cheaper Arcane Crystals BUY them out, and the reason why i'm telling you to do this is simply because the Arcane Crystals are the only ones that you can't obtain through the conventional prospecting way, but you rather have to go and mine Thorium and hope that you get lucky.

   Before i head out i want to tell you one last thing, and that is who is going to be your buyer and why. Well your buyer is going to be either the fanatical transmogrification guy that wants to have all of his weapons as awesome looking and unique as possible, or the very smart crafting goblin that decided he wants to take the first guy's gold. What i mean by this is that the Arcanite Crystal is base material in a wide assortment of items that can reach very VERY high prices on the transmogrification market if you happen to be the only one crafting those items, and you don't do the wrong move and craft more then one item and annihilate the illusion that the item is rare and a justified purchase for 10-20k gold.

   So get on your AH, check the prices for the Arcane Crystals and the Arcanite Bars, and if you see that there is a room for profit there jump on that wagon and ride the Gold Train Express. But if you happen to have a crafter Blacksmith/Leatherworker you might want to check out what you can craft with the Arcanite Bars. Between the quick shuffle of the market and the very high payout of the Mogging market this can turn out to be a very good deal for some of you, so get to your Auction houses and start selling.

   And like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. So how exactly do jewelcrafters take this farther? You said initially that they do, but then provided no details.

    1. Well this was a screw up on my part that i thought i had corrected as initially when i started writing the post i was with the pretense that you can acquire the gems from prospecting Thorium Ore, but then confirmed that you can't obtain it in that fashion.

      So thanks for pointing out that bit that i need to fix :)

  2. Getting these crystals actually is pretty straight forward nowadays as long as you're a miner and don't mind a little farming.

    Ungoro Crater has always been a hotbed for Thorium and now with players out of this content and flying possible in Azeroth, you can make the easiest farming run in the world just circling Ungoro and picking off the almost untouched veins of Thorium easily. The mobs there are all low to mid 50s (so no aggro at all for an 85 unless you stand on them) and the thorium is in rich supply. I get a good 20+ stacks of thorium an hour this way and crystals drop pretty regularly.

    I personally have a profitable market for Blacksmithing using arcanite bars in the rods for enchanters, as well as crafting the legendary Enchanted Elementium bars as well.

    If you have the patterns as mentioned, the transmong market is ripe for the taking too.

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