Sunday, April 1, 2012

WoW Guild Leveling And Selling

   In World of Warcraft there are many, many ways of making gold but in reality it all boils down to two basic things, What are you selling, and Who is your targeted group of buyers. Today we are going to take a look at a rather interesting market that if done right can net you some insane profits, and this market that i am talking about is Buying/Selling of level 2 Guilds.

   The guilds in WoW are basically like the houses we have in the real world, except we don't get extra XP, reputation and gold in the house when we kill things but that's not the point here. In before i start going on and on about how to obtain and sell the guilds let me give you the basic idea as to why it is profitable to get in on the guild trading market, and who your targeted group would be.

   First of all let me clarify the thing about the Level 2 Guild. The reason why i stated that you want a level 2 guild is fairly simply yet very few people actually know about it, and the thing that they don't know about it is that if you want to transfer a bigger sum of gold across servers you need to have at least a level 2 guild. 

   So now knowing this you can see what your targeted market group would be, it's the people that want to switch servers and have more then 50k gold to their name. Now if you take into account that MoP is in the Beta and can be seen going live in the foreseeable future, you can see new and returning players hopping back in the game, and the one thing they have in common is that they want to play with their friends that happen to play on a different server. Now their problem is that they can't transfer their gold with them, be it 100k or 1 million. So they come to a impasse as they don't want to part with their hard earned gold, but at the same time they want to play with their friends on that other server. So their choices of the matter boil down to either transfer the character and leave your gold behind or play alone and leave the game in less then a week.

    This is where you jump in and try to help them out by offering to solve their problem and give them the thing they want the most, their character with all their gold on that other server with their friends. So the way you do this is by selling them your level 2 guild that at that time to them would be like salvation.

   Now there are a few things you need to know about how the guild transfers work in case you want to do one yourself or give further information to your buyers.
There are four major things that you must know or explain to your potential buyers ( or don't tell them ) and those are:

  • The guild master must have been the guild master for at least 7 days
  • The guild master must be at least level 10
  • The guild must be at least level 2 to be eligible for transfer
  • The account that the guild master is on must have an authenticator active for at least 7 days
   So knowing this you can offer the information to your buyer and explain to him that if he decides to buy your guild he will have to wait 7 days no matter what.

   And before i head out i will leave you with the last bit of information about how to obtain the guilds, and how you should price them. The first, or obvious way would be to make a new guild from scratch and then level it to level 2 which even though it might sound like a lot of work it's not as you can do it while you are doing your random daily quests, but you will need 2-4 friends to help you out ( this means leaving the guild they are in and joining yours for the duration of the runs, so their rep with the initial guild would be wiped so this is best done with alts). For more information about which run gives how much experience you might want to check the post on the Blizzard forums about this particular thing. And the second way of getting a guild would be trade channel. 

    Now about the pricing, when you are hunting for a guild and you find someone that is willing to sell you their level 2 guild try and make it sound like they have something that is hardly worth anything and try to haggle it away from them for as low as 2-5k gold, but at the same time when you find someone that is willing to buy a guild from you then make it sound like you are giving them the key to the Playboy Mansion and sell it for as high as 20-50k. The reason why this would be an acceptable price to some is because they want to transfer 800k or 1 million gold and they simply don't want to wait any more so they are willing to pay any price to do so.

   So there it is in a bunch, the whole fuss about how to obtain and sell a level 2 guild or as i like to call it, sell hope to the people :)

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. I would like to sell a world of wacraft guild level 25 name is "High Threat", the guild is on illidan. psst offer.

  2. I would like to buy a level 2 or higher guild, contact Orkfryer on hydraxis server alliance side in storm wind city. I want from 5 to 7 tabs, and will give extra gold if the tabs have good items in them. The extra bonus gold will be given after the trade. You will get 50% of the payment when I join the guild and the other 50% after I am promoted to guild Leader. =)

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