Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Will To Play Restored

   First thing you think when you read the post name is ask yourself "What the hell is he talking about ?", well give me a few moments of your time and i will explain. First thing i want to clarify is that this is not going to be one of my usual gold tips, those will follow up much more frequently in the future i hope.

   Ok now to start from the beginning, i have been playing the game back from Vanilla and enjoyed it all the way, in that time i did PvP and PvE as well. In TBC and WOTLK i used to do some hard core raiding and BG running and i enjoyed every bit of it. Mid way through WOTLK i got pulled into the AH PvP and i started loving it. I hit the cap and pushed on making gold and had loads of fun while doing it. 

   As soon as Cataclysm hit i stopped with the PvE raiding and focused on the gold making, and made my first million, then pushed on and made my second million and even got a interview with wowecon  but i didn't stop there either. But then when i got up to like 2.4 million i kinda lost my interest into making gold, and seeing as how i wasn't playing almost any PvE or PvP the game started loosing it's appeal to me. So as this was happening i noticed one thing about the blog posts i was doing, namely they were starting to get more of a theoretical feel to them, as well as a more high level investment ideas opposed to gold making tips that you can continue to build upon yourself. So in order to get back into the game and have fun i decided to do something rather eccentric and borderline weird ... 

   ... as you can see the image on the left, i gave my gold away. A few posts ago i made a post about leveling and selling guilds as that was what i was doing at the given time because the gold went to some friends that happen to play on a different server. 

   Now to be perfectly honest, i still have 800k left which is still a huge amount for some but then again the reason why i didn't give that away is because it wasn't 1 million which is the cap you can put in a guild bank when you are transferring it, so it seemed like a waste of money. But i am really considering the idea as soon as i hit 1 million to give it away as well ( But i will keep some for me so i have some starting capital for MoP :) )

   Anyways now that is done i want to give my thanks to a few of my friends that helped me in my endeavor. As 

you can see on the image here, these are the guys that helped for for about a week in leveling up two guilds to level 2 so i could have used them to do the transfer. ( There are 4 characters on this screen, and in case you can't see the 4th, it's the shaman on the dragon in the background.

   Anyways these guys stuck it out with me for almost a week of grinding their ass off helping me out and i would like to send out my gratitude to them, and especially to one of them that i woke up early early in the mornings for a few days and then making him endure my voice on Skype for day after day. But on top of it all they even helped me out with the transfer thing, and they helped me by making a character on their accounts so i won't have to delete any of my characters ( have 10 ) when i wanted to make the actual guild transfer. 

   I won't name any of them so i keep their anonymity but they will know who they are, and all i want to say is I LOVE YOU GUYS as much as one man can love another, without it being gay. So having said all of this, in the future posts i will try my best to give you more quality gold making tips that will be more hands on instead of ideas on what to invest without having to care if you loose some gold while doing it.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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  1. Vile, please sir, allow me to help you with your future endeavors... Send me as much gold as possible. Help me, help you.