Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Darkmoon Faire Shuffle

   The Darkmoon faire got a revamp a while back, and it even got it's own island instead of wandering around like a bunch of homeless gypsies. Well as you have all seen it, (at least i hope you have seen it) it offers some new daily as well as monthly quests which is kinda neat as those quests offer some profession skill ups which can be quite useful at higher skill.

   But today we are not going to be looking at the dailies, or the monthly quests for that matter, no we are going to take a look at a little niche market that the Darkmoon Faire opened up with it's arrival.

   This niche market that i am talking about is the possibility to profit off from the people that are collectors in the game and want to own every single pet or mount in the game. Well just so it happens that the Darkmoon Faire offers quite a bit of pets as well as a Darkmoon Faire Dancing Bear mount for 180 prize tokens.

   So now that we know what the Faire offers, how can we profit from this? Well it is very easy and one might say it is even obvious but yet again very few and on some servers even no one is doing it. This thing that i am talking about is the resale of the prize token turn in items. When i say selling those items i mean selling the items that you will obtain from killing dungeon bosses or raid bosses while having a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your bags that you can get from the Darkmoon Faire. 

   If you have one of these guides in your bags and you do your instances you might notice the following items dropping:

A Treatise On Strategy                          Adventurer's Journal
Banner Of The Fallen                            Captured Insignia 
Imbued Crystal                                     Monstrous Egg
Mysterious Grimoire                             Ornate Weapon

    These are the items that award the prize tokens and the best thing about them is that they are BoE which means you can sell them and make a profit from them. Well the best deal you can get on these items is to buy them from the AH when the Darkmoon Faire is not in town as people tend to sell them at ridiculously low prices for as low as 10g, then when the Faire rolls in and you have a good stock of items to sell that you previously gathered from the AH you get down to some imaginative advertisement and sell those items back to the people that initially sold them to you.

   When i say you need to get imaginative what i mean is that you need to make a bark that you can hit trade with and with it you will tell people to buy your item from the AH. And to make them think that by buying your item they will be one step closer to obtaining a mount or a pet or whatever else you think would make them want to buy your item. As for pricing i have sold the lesser x5 rewarding ones for 450g and the x15 one for 950g but you can go ahead and tailor your own prices. Also if you see some of these items on the AH for a cheap price grab them, it's not like they can be farmed so they will not loose their worth.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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