Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Hush Hush Vendor

   To all the readers that have been reading this blog, you have noticed that on number of occasions i have stated that one of my favorite ways to make a profit is when i sell something that is either very cheap, or even better, a vendor item for a big profit. Well this thing i am about to tell you has made me tens upon tens of thousands of gold over time, and i have kept my mouth shut and by luck no one has caught up on the thing, and read on if you want to know what i mean.

   Well as the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words. What i meant with that profitable venture is this guy, Stone Guard Mukar. He is the Quartermaster in Wintergrasp ( If you are Alliance then it's Knight Demeron ) and as you can see on the image that i made for you nice people, he sells a few things of interest. 

   What i mean with this is that he sells the PvP metagems which the lvl 80 twinks buy for their gear. Now here is the best part, they are only 24 honor each and what that means is basically, you log on your Tauren go sit on a gnome, and buy yourself a meta gem that you can go ahead and sell it for 495g ( the price that i was selling those ), and another good thing with these gems is that the posting fee for those is 1s.

   The reason why this is a good seller is due to the fact that the people that play their twinks in PvP don't bother with checking where they can acquire the gems and go straight for the Auction House, and that is where you are waiting with your gems to offer a helping hand to their needs.

   A word of advice though, don't flood the Auction house with more then one of each because they move slow anyways so you want to make it seem like the gem that you have left on the Auction House is the last. So if the potential buyer doesn't buy it, he will have to look for a JC with WOTLK patterns, which is a hassle that many people want to avoid, and in return he buys your gem.

   So there you are, you can make some decent gold by simply keeping a stock of one each on the Auction house and laugh when you think that, that guy that was camping your corpse and you somehow managed to kill him and got that honor actually made you gold.


  1. I would expect the skyflare and earthsiege versions of those gems to sell better.

    1. You would be right, but take into account the fact that it only costs 25honor and i buy out one of each and slap them on the AH