Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making Gold With Mechano-Hog ... Kinda

   So you have seen those guys in trade channel selling Mechano-Hogs asking for 20k or 30k, so why not look into that market and see if we can make some gold off it. 

   First things first, when thinking about getting into the Mechano-Hog market there are two things you need to have decided. First thing is do you want to sell the actual mount or get into manufacturing the parts for it's creation, and the second one would be that you have at least enough gold to be able to buy the vendor items from the vendor at K3 in Stormpeaks.

   Ok lets look at the first scenario where you would be selling the actual mount. This market really depends on two things, first one is the competition and the second one is the size of your server. The reason why i mentioned the competition is because if there is a fellow engineer  making these and posting them on the auction house for a 1000g profit then it is up to you to decide if you want to get in on the action for a cut of the meager earnings, or take the diplomatic route and get to a agreement where you get him to raise his prices to a profitable level.  The second thing i mentioned is the size of the server. The mount market is more of a luxurious goods market which means it's slower to move, and it is only logical that the bigger the server is the bigger are the chances that you net in a sell, but you will be combating more competition as well, so it's a more or less a two sided blade.

   So not to drag on a  simple sale, if you have the gold and the materials make the Mechano-Hog and put it up on the auction house, and it would be a good idea to advertise in trade as this will promote your product and increase the chances for a sale.

   Now we are going to look at the second part of this market that i deem it to be much more profitable, and that is the market of providing the materials that are required for the chopper. As you can see on the image the two most important things like i said were having the gold to pay for the vendor items, and the materials. 

    When we are talking about the materials you should know that there are two items that are the main concern, the first one is the Titansteel Bars as you will need 12 of those for a single chopper, and the second one is the Arctic Fur which you need 2 for each chopper you intend on making.

   As far as the Titansteel Bars go there are two ways to obtaining them, first one is farming and the second one is transmuting the Saronite into Titanium, and then smelting it into Titansteel which will require some additional Eternals. If the Eternals are pricy you might want to check out how to exchange frozen orbs to Eternals. Now since no one really likes to farm it is a much more effective way to transmute the Saronite into Titansteel and then post it on the auciton house.

   Now i can't say for your server in particular but on my server i picked up some stacks of Saronite for 40g/stack and about 80 Frozen Orbs for 8g each, and then went and posted the Titansteel Bars for 475g and managed to sell 16 bars in 3 days. So there isn't much to say because this market is a very low with supply and even if you are selling the Mechano-hog you want to have some Titansteel Bars up on the auction house. That way you will profit from anyone that wants to have the Mechano-Hog no matter which way he chooses the direct purchase or the materials, he is buying them from you.

   As for the Arctic Fur  it's down to the Auction house, so whenever you see some up there snag it and put it in your bank for safe keeping.

   So a fast recap of the post. Mechano-Hogs are profitable, if you choose to sell them on the AH talk to your competitors and negotiate a mutual price, if you decide to sell Titansteel then go for the Saronite and transmute it from Saronite and keep an eye on cheap Arctic Furs on the AH.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. If you are into speculation as a Goblin activity I suggest making two or three Choppers (or buying them if you can get them cheap). Stick them in your bank and wait for MoP to arrive.

    The new 85-90 zones will be no fly zones until max level. That means more demand for cool and efficient ground travel. The Hogs could be worth quite a big markup.

    Making one requires certain materials that are harder to farm, requiring more time than many players will want to commit at the time when MoP is so new and exciting.

    Personally, I have 5 stored now. I may store more. The cool thing is that they will almost always sell for a slight markup over mats cost so it isn't as much a risk as one might think--just takes up a couple bank slots.

    1. I would have to say i disagree and this is why.

      As soon as MoP ships everyone is going to focus on leveling, and even though it's going to be no flying mounts, the focus is going to be on leveling and not on what kind of mount you are rolling on.

      But on the other hand the demand for the choppers won't decrease but will stay the same if you ask me.

  2. You can also trade in heavy borean leather for the arctic furs. On my server, I can buy super cheap borean or scraps occasionally, then make them into heavy borean leather (10 for an arctic fur). They tend to cost me 10-12g and the auction house usually sells arctic fur for 35-150g. The fur trader is next to the dalaran auction house.

    1. See i totally forgot about the leather trader ... but you are totally right