Saturday, February 11, 2012

W-Econ Interview

   First of all i have to say that when you have real life obligation stomp your fun activities sucks, but other then that this post is more or less a self promotion post. Hmm, when i say it like that it sounds lame but more or less i would like to point out to a interview i did for Warcraftecon for the 2 million gold club.

   I won't make this post any longer that it has to be, I know i have been a bit low on the post count lately, but i will try and get to my usual posting schedule as soon as my real life schedule clears up a bit. But until then, keep making that gold and enjoying your WoW time.


  1. Two million, that's impressive! Did you submit an interview form when you hit one million as well? That was always part of my plan on the way up to one million, but now that it's after the fact, I keep putting it off. I'm at almost 1.2 million now. Maybe I will do as you have and wait for the biggest "club"...

  2. Naah didn't make a post about the 1 million club because i don't see the point. It's like a Bill Gates with his 60 billions talking about his first Billion :) ... but in WoW terms