Monday, February 13, 2012

Inscription Gold Making

   In this post i am going to cover all you will need to get your inscription-glyph market up and running. In a previous post i explained all about the glyphs as to how to set up TSM and  prices, but today i am going to cover the whole deal starting from scanning the auction house, crafting the glyphs worth making and then posting them. So without further delay lets get down on it.

Inscription Gold Making Broken Down
As you can see on the image on the left, Inscription has a fairly simple way of functioning and getting you from the starting herb position down to the profit. For this case i have only taken the route of the glyph, because i want to focus more on this market.

   There is one thing that is very interesting about Inscription as a profession and that is the ability to make 90% of the people that have it loathe it and never use it to make gold from it. The reason behind this is very simple actually, and that is because the majority of the gold in Inscription is made from glyphs, and glyphs have lost their huge demand they used to have back in WOTLK when you needed to buy new glyphs every time you respeced. But even if you leave this aside, people that have never used addons, or consider addons to be a form of cheating in the game find it too much of a leg work to manually check all the prices of the glyphs and then deal with the fuss of posting only to find their glyph undercut in less then 20 min. So if you want to find out how to do the whole this process as painless possible then stick around and keep reading.

   First thing you need to have is TSM downloaded. With the latest version of the addon you will see that when you go to the auction house you have a new tab on the bottom called TSM and on the left side there are a bunch of options. Because we want to use the information from the auction house so we know what to craft we need our addon to have a database with it. This is simply done by choosing the first option in the left called Run Scan and then in the middle rollover button we choose Inscription and click on the Run Profession Scan. As soon as this is done we can proceed to the second phase and that is the crafting phase.

   The second phase, or the crafting phase is more or less what deters most of the scribes out there from getting in the glyph business because it seems like too much work, well they couldn't be more wrong then this.

   The crafting can be the painless process ever if you only take the time to do it properly. As you can see on the image i have my scribe set up to craft some glyphs, and in case you are wondering what i have opened up, that is TSM crafting module. You can open this module by opening up your profession screen and then click on the little button above it that says  Open TradeSkillMaster_Crafting. 

   After clicking this button you will get the screen you see in the image and at start there are no glyphs shown but if you press that + button next to the class names you get a rolldown information of the glyphs that are currently up on the auction house and their worth. Now all you need to do is simply click on the glyphs you would like to make and the addon will make a queue list for you. Best thing about this is that on that bottom window it shows you the inks or pigments you will need to make all those glyphs you have in the queue. This is helpful because you can get stocked up on Blackfallow Inks then go to the ink trader and get all your needed inks.

   Now that you got to here it's down to the last step of the way and that is the posting part, but i will not write about that as i have covered that posting part in one of the previous posts i did so you can check it out there. In continuation i leave you with a video that will explain all this and clear up anything that's unclear i guess, so enjoy the video.

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