Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Seasonal Lovely Charm Farm

   It's is nothing new, and i have said it before that farming is something that i really, really don't like doing, BUT and this is a big BUT when the payout is very good, then i can cope with a bit of it.

   I was determined to stay out of the making gold off the seasonal events because i really don't like them, one might even compare me with the Grinch as far as events go, but then again this year Blizzard decided to throw us a curved ball with the introduction of the Swift Lovebird, which is basically a pink chicken with no saddle that is apparently a mount.

   From that last sentence you can see that i am not a big fan of the mount, but then again i am a guy who has the reasoning where you can only have one mount and you don't need more then that. Well despite my own feelings towards the chicken, there are people out there that want to buy it, and if they don't have the time to do the dailies, or they can't do the killing themselves it is up to us to take their gold . But before i get ahead of myself let me go down on the basics.

   Every year around this time we have the Love Is In The Air event. This is when it's all about the love, the candy giving and apparently killing many people so you can extract Lovely Charms from the dead bodies, and then turn them into Lovely Charm Bracelet that you turn in to get tokens which you can use to buy stuff, tough love i guess. Well in order to be able to obtain the charms you need a Lovely Charm Collector Kit which you can obtain from a quest giver in your respectable city. After obtaining this kit it's off to do some carnage.

   So this is the good part now. After obtaining that Kit you need to head down in the Throne Of The Tide instance. After killing the first boss, which is totally easy to solo nowadays, you can kill the second one or die and re enter the instance.

   Now after getting back in the instance on the left side when you come in the fork in the road, you will be able to see a bunch of small elemental like mobs named Unstable Corruption. These guys are the ones you are going to be killing, well massacre is more of the word here are you will be farming them for a while.

   The thing with these guys is that you can AoE them down, and they die with a single hit hence producing a Lovely Charm. Why i'm claiming that these guys are the best to farm is because they have about 5 second respawn timer. I did a bit of the farming myself and came up with some very interesting numbers, so let me enlighten you on the matter.

  • 125 Lovely Charms / 10 min
  • 750 Lovely Charms / Hour
  • 75   Lovely Charm Bracelets x ( 50 - 100g )
  •  3750-7500g/hour
   That is the basic math. So you average about 3.5k up to 7.5k depending on the price of the bracelets. I've seen some server go as low as 30g while others are at 120-150g price range. But no matter what you can make some decent gold by simply doing this. Though i would recommend one thing, and that would be to gather up those bracelets, or heck if you find them cheap on the AH or on trade buy them out and but that silly looking Swift Lovebird which will be a high price mount as soon as the event is over. As it is now it is going for about 20-45k on the AH, but when the event is over and people are no longer able to obtain them their price will go up. The mount costs 270 tokens, so if you end up buying your bracelets for 50g or even cheaper then obtaining this mount would cost you 13,500g which you will easily be able to sell for 20-30-or even more as time goes by.

   Just as a bonus though don't forget to check the price of the Truesilver Shafted Arrow which is a compantion that you will be able to  obtain as well that you can flip on the auction house.

   For the end here is a quick video of how it looks like when doing it with a bear.

   That's all for now. So like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. not sure if the video is you, but you dont have to die to second boss or even kill a lot of trash... kity stealth for the win... the on trash you HAVE to kill the gauntle trash on the way up to the closed gate for the first boss... at level 85, i could stealth right in between the trash mobs... I did however die to trying to Kitty DPS the first boss for a bit... dropped too low on health and could not save my tail at the last minute... (frenzied regen glyphed, so no self heal) so i took off the glyph and then... stayed in bear and did not even need the frenzied regen to finish with 100% health go figure... much better farm spot though than HoL slags... I tried that first, and its about half the rate of getting them as ToT... or even less than half, i think the lowere level has a lower drop rate... or something

    1. Ok, I was going to post the question because I couldn't get the first boss to engage me last night when I went to try... I could AOE down all the mini-murlocs she has on the chains but could never engage her... If I'm reading you correctly, I have to down the 4 Naga in the hallway leading up to her, correct?... think this is do-able with a 390 ilvl ass rogue (love saying that)...? I'm concerned that my very limited self-healing doesn't bode well for me... but I'll give it a shot! LOL

    2. All you need to do is kill the first boss, and you can stealth around the mobs before her.

    3. I can't engage the friggin' first boss! when I kill the naga in the hallway before her, everything disappears... wtf!?

    4. My guess is you haven't gone far enough. Kill the mobs / adds in that hallway then continue through the next few rooms. She should be at the very end.

  2. Another really good spot is Rokir in Icecrown. theres about 25 adds with him that spawn about every 30 seconds. I did it for 20 minutes last night and got 35 bracelets

  3. Gabeco, that is a bit of an overestimation of how many bracelets can be obtained with Rokir in Icecrown in 20 minutes. I have farmed that spot several times over the last two days and the respawn rate is longer than 30 seconds. The best you can expect from that spot is about 400 charms/40 bracelets per hour. That also assumes you allow Rokir a slow death so that he can spawn his additional mobs.