Monday, May 7, 2012

Making Gold With Fishing

   We are at a interesting point in the natural course of WoW as a game. We are waiting for MoP to be ironed out so we can all jump in and take our dose of Panda lovin'. Well until that happens we have a choice, either play PvP, PvE or prepare for MoP by filling up your coffers with gold. I am one of those people that chose the last option, and today we are going to take a closer look at how to achieve that by using a secondary profession that everyone can use, namely fishing.

   Previously i have mentioned that you can make gold with fishing by fishing the savory delight fish, well today we are going to take another look but this time we are going to look at a different place to do so.

   Every month the Darkmoon Faire rolls in and makes it's quests, and island available for everyone to go to. Well quests and pets and mini games aside, the darkmoon faire offers one of the best opportunities to make gold by simply fishing it out.

   To make that more clear you will only need to have a fishing pole, and fishing skill to be able to use the fishing profession. Seeing as how you are going to be fishing in fish pools your skill in fishing wont be an issue as you will always be catching fish as long as you are tossing your floater in the fishing pond. 

   Now as we said you will be catching fish in pools, and the names of those pools is Shipwrecked Debris and the "fish" that you will be catching is Sealed Crate.    
   As you can see on the map, the place is swarming with spawning zones so finding the fishing spots wont be an issue. A word of advice though, if you are going for the most northern pools it would be wise to get some water walking pots to help expedite things.

   So now that you know where to find the crates let's take a look at what you can get from it, and why this is a good thing to do. The Crate is the same as the one you get from using the Treasure Finding Potion but the different thing is that you won't have to kill anything and you will always get 1-2 drops per fishing pool, and on top of that you have a chance to get Heavy Savage Leather and Darkmoon Firewater as well as a ample amount of Embersilk Cloth and every possible pot and volatile that is available in the game. 

   If you are interested in how much you can make by doing this i will give you my rough statistic for 1h session.
I got 23 stacks of Embersilk Cloth, 7 stacks of Heavy Savage Leather, 67 Darkmoon Firewater, 60 pots (different kinds), 8 stacks of Ore ( Elementium, Obsidium and Pyrite ) 9 stacks of herbs (different kind),  140 volatiles (mixed kind) and a bunch of "trash lower level food". Take these numbers compare them to your auction prices and you will see that the profit is a very sweet number.

   If you are still not sure if you want to do this let me tell you one last little detail. While fishing in all of these pools you have a chance to obtain a very rare mount, the Sea Turtle as well as a extremely rare companion the Sea Pony. So there you are, if you are not into fishing for profit maybe you will be interested into catching the rare pet as well as the rare mount.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. i can catch the sealed crate´s even if im just starting with fishing? Im rolling a new toon in a new server and that can be a nice reward for you know... fishing

    i used to fish a lot with my main but these days is something i really hate to do.

    1. The crates have a skill requirement of 1, so yes you can fish as a low level but that means that you might be ganked by the opposite fraction.

  2. This is a really great idea. I've been playing horde side on my server ON and OFF since vanilla. Most recently I decided to power level a priest, same server, but on alliance side -- Just to keep the game interesting. The gold making has been slow thus far up to level 68 and I really didn't want to transfer gold via neutral AH. I'm greatly looking forward to the servers coming live after maintenance. I can buy 2 flying abilities now! Thank you!

  3. I've been doing this since the darkmoon island has been implemented but your loot/hour seems a bit excessive to me.

    1. Well i did this on my server with no competition for the given time, and as it is random the numbers can go up or down on a given good.