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WoW Gold Making Guides

  This guide was made by Kuja from Kuja's Gold Mine and covers how to make your gold by going after all the gold chests scattered in the world and get rich.

   This guide is the work of Faid from former Nerf Faid's, or today's Clockwork Riot and it is a all round gold making guide that covers all bases.

    To be honest i have no idea what this gold guide is about, and the way i stumbled upon it was from an ad i saw on some blog. So if you know what this guide is about, or have purchased it do tell.

   Alto from Alto's Goldish Advice has a gold guide as well, and the best thing about it is that he recently went ahead and made it free, so you might want to give it a try.  

   P.S. This is a very short list because to be honest, i really don't know much about gold guides but wanted to have a page where people could go and get their pick of a gold guide if they really wanted. So if you have purchased any guide and liked it, then comment on this page and share it. Or if you happen to be the author of another guide and would like for your guide to be on the list, then send me a mail to and i will add you here.

   Oh and just so it's out there, the guides that offered affiliate program i used it and i didn't mask the link which only means that if you happen to see a guide that you like, click it and then buy it from the site, i get a piece of the royalties as well. 

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