Sunday, October 7, 2012

Massive Early On Inscription Profits

   It's always a great time to play WoW when it is in the starting phase of a new expansion. For the majority of the people it's the new content, the new instances, the new raids, the new PvP seasons but for some it's the new opportunities to make gold. Well if you are one of those people that enjoys a combination of those options, but you also value the last one as well then read on about the possibly most profitable profession early on in the expansion.

   This profession as the title says is Inscription. For this expansion the Scribes will have additional ways of making gold besides the normal glyphs/MFC. 

   But first lets make one thing clear, the old ways of making gold with Inscription are still very much going strong, and even more because it is the start of the expansion. This old way that i am talking about is the Darkmoon Card Of Mists , which is as the name explains the new version of the Darkmoon Faire trinket card. As you can see on the image above, the sale price for those cards is quite high, i've sold mine for anywhere from 3-10k depending on the card, and the best part is that they do sell quite fast. There is a catch as well here though, in the previous expansions we could mill away and make a metric ton of the cards due to our supply of inks, but in MoP this has been modified a bit because in order to craft one of these bad boys you will need a Scroll of Wisdom, and you get this from a daily. So more or less you can produce a single card per day ( 1 extra per week if you do the weekly quest ).

   Another one of the really good income sources for Scribes in MoP is going to be the shoulder enchant market. Unlike the Cataclysm expansion where in order to get a shoulder enchant you needed to grind reputation, in this expansion you need to buy it from a Scribe or the AH where a smart scribe has posted his stock. 

   The only thing that kinda sucks is that crafting the shoulder enchants like Intellect one as well as the rest of them is quite cheap to make if you do a lot of milling and have a steady income of Starlight Inks, so this should be a good earner as well.

   Last but not least, with the release of MoP we see the arrival of new people, and the return of some of those people that didn't play in Cataclysm. What this means is that these people haven't heard about the Mysterious Fortune Cards, and now it's all up to you to introduce them to the wonderful world of gambling their gold away. And if you are wondering how to get more inks to craft them, don't worry as with this coming server restart they will update the ink traders to work with the latest inks so you will be able to trade down.

   So the important thing to know about Inscription is:
  • Do your daily, and make a card from the Scroll of Wisdom
  • Don't forget to renew your glyph stocks 
  • Get in on the Shoulder Enchant market
  • Get in on the Mysterious Fortune Cards
   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Selling To The High Roller Mount Club

   In one of the previous posts i covered all the bases about the Tillers faction, and if you ended up reading that post and started your farming career good for you, if you haven't at least go and plant a few seeds so you can get some quick cooking ingredients that you can turn into some quick gold. But anyways enough about the Tillers, today we are going to take a look at another faction, namely the Order of The Cloud Serpent. 

   I want to make one thing clear from the start, this is a Jewelcrafter only deal, so for all of you people out there that aren't Jewelcrafters, go and level one. 

   I won't go into lengthy speeches about this faction, but instead i will get down to the juicy gold making points that we all like. This faction starts giving you quests at level 90, so on top of having to be a Jewelcrafter you need to be max level as well. If you have leveled to 90 and you are a JC, then simply go to their camp in The Jade Forest, in The Arboretum and talk to the guy that's giving you the quest there. After a few short kill quests your reputation will increase just enough so you can get access to the vendor.

   The reason why you want to get to this vendor right away is the Jewelcrafting mounts that you can make by buying the pattern from this guy. There are 5 different Panther mounts, 4 of them are different color while the last one requires you to have the 4 in order to be able to craft it. 

   You need to know one thing though before you set out on a selling spree, one of the ingredients for making one of these mounts is a Orb of Mystery which is a vendor material that you can get for 18k (with the guild perk for cheaper prices), and that is sold by Big Keech in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. So if you can shell out 18k for that, and you have the rest of the materials you can get in on this very lucrative business. Best thing about this mount though is the fact that it doesn't require a Spirit of Harmony, so as long as you have the gold to craft it you can make it.

   Another thing before i leave, if you decide that you want to get in on this market you might want to think about a little advertisement in trade channel. I mean people will want to pay your overpriced mount that costs you about 25k up for even 50k, but in order to get this profit you need to inform people that these mounts exist and that you are the guy that they can buy them from. 

   Another cheap shot tactic you can use is simply reselling an Orb of Mystery. The chances for a sale are slim because people that inform themselves properly will know where to get it, but there are always naive people that run to the AH first thing when they need something. So if you are going to craft one anyways, buy the Orb from the vendor for 18k, post it on the AH for 25k and start advertising that you are selling the mount for 40-50k. If you get a sale you will earn about 20-30k profit from a single mount, but if someone goes about making one for himself and he decides to buy your Orb from the AH then you will be up about 5k after AH houses. So no matter what you win.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jewelcrafting in Mists of Pandaria

   In one of the earlier posts i did about Jewelcrafting i broke it down to the basics and came out with the fact that if you wanted to get into the jewelcrafting market you would need to invest 207 days of dailies in order to get all the patterns from the vendor. Well in MoP we have a different approach to how the patterns are obtained, namely you are given the chance to research a color of a gem by spending 3 uncut gems, and if you have learned all the cuts that you can have from that particular color then you can get a different color gem.

   If you take this into account and compare it with the previous 207 days you needed to do dailies, with this new way of obtaining cuts you are down to 68 days of dailies, but if you take into account that you can obtain gem cuts by spending 3 Spirits of Harmony you can knock off a few days from that count as well.

   Now that we looked at the time table needed to level a jewelcrafter, lets take a look at the gems and how they are going to work.

    In Cataclysm we had The Ore Shuffle where we would prospect ore, cut and sell the rare gems and DE the rings and amulets we got from the shuffle to get Enchanting materials. Well in MoP this formula is a tad bit different, namely there are no rings and amulets right off the bat, you have to go and get them from a jewelcrafting trainer in The Jade Forest, but even when you get them there will be a catch. Namely this catch is the fact that in order to craft those you will need to spend 3 different kinds of gems for the green item, or if you want to craft the rare version you will need to spend 6 normal gems and 6 Serpent Eyes. 

   So as we can see the difference is huge, in Cataclysm all we needed was 1 gem and a setting, and now we need 3 different color gems, or 6 gems and 6 serpent eyes. It remains to be seen if this is still going to be a viable way to deal with the gems when the prices normalize.

   Now as you can see on the image above, there is another way to go about with your normal gems, and this way is to cut them. You see when you cut them you have about 15% chance that they will be a rare quality "perfect" gem. This means one thing though, you can choose which gem you want to make even if you don't have the pattern learned by now. For instance, if you want a 240 Stamina gem, but you don't have the cut learned just yet, then take a stack of Lapis Lazuli and get down to cutting, and with a bit of luck you will get a perfect one that has the same stats as the rare one.

   Ok now we know the time table, as well as how to cut any gem we need, what is left now is what to expect from the JC market.

   At the moment the Jewelcrafting market is very slow, and the reason for this is simple, people are still leveling or they have leveled up but aren't still geared enough to be able to start doing heroics, raids and LFR. Once this has been surpassed we will see a sharp increase in the gems market, and with that a sharp rise in the prices of gems.

   What you want to do to prepare for that is quite simple, from time to time browse the market for the cut gems, as well as the perfect cut version of the gem and if you see any cheap ones buy them out and store them. The reason for this is simple, the amount of uncut gems that is in circulation is alot smaller then the amount of gems that is going to be required once the people start getting gear that requires gems.

   Anyways here are the things that you might want to know if you want to get into this market:
  • Do your daily research cuts
  • Check the AH for low priced gems and buy them out 
  • Prices of uncut gems are going to be higher then prices of the cut ones for a while due to people buying them so they can use their daily cool down, so if you have some for sale, sell them uncut.
  • You want to be playing your JC character because that is the only way to obtain the Meta gem patterns and the Spirit of Harmony that you can use the expedite the research of new cuts.
   So by knowing this you should be well armed to start on your way to sail the waters of the JC market.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tillers Farming in MoP

   There are new posts about places where you can go and "farm" certain stuff that you need in the game, be it ore, herbs, cloth or even Motes Of Harmony. Well today we are going to take a look at a certain fraction in MoP that deals exactly with this, the farming part. This fraction i am talking about is The Tillers, but if you are asking yourself why are they so important to mention them, well it's quite simple they allow you to actually have a farm where you can plant seeds and then pick them up where you can get materials for professions, Motes Of Harmony ( yes a viable way to farm these bad boys with certainty ) or even pets like the Terrible Turnip

   For this post i decided that it would be much better to copy a piece of info that the use LORE made for Wowhead, but he had it in the comments part and i thought it deserved to be out in the open for more people to see it and get informed. So here we go i will try and get it as close to perfect as possible with all the links.

This is a rather long post, but it covers everything there is to do with the Tillers faction starting from the intro quests, down to every daily there is to do. And again Kudos go to Lore for writing this for


When you begin leveling on the continent of Pandaria, at around level 85 - 86 you should reach the Valley of the Four Winds. During your time questing here you will slowly make your way to Halfhill, the main hub of the area. Halfhill is the center for all cooking and farming in Pandaria, so settle in because you'll be back here a lot during the expansion. 

It is here in Halfhill that you will meet Farmer Yoon and the Tillers for the first time, and in doing so have the chance to work on your very own farm.
Once you start on the quest chain Learn and Grow, the small farm Sunsong Ranch will be phased so that you are the only player that can enter your particular farm, alowing you peace and quiet to toil as you see fit.

At the moment, you can start your farm and enjoy the initial quest line, all the way up to  Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote, but after recieveing your introduction to the Tillers Union you will have to part ways. As it currently stands you will have to wait untill level 90 before you can continue your farming career. You can still plant, grow, and harvest on your four initial starting spots, but any more will require significantly more reputation than you can acquire at level 85.

The quest chain: Learn and Grow

The Tillers quest line starts when you visit Farmer Yoon in Halfhill. When you approach him you will immediatly see the sorry state of Sunsong Ranch.
Yoon's Grandpa has left him the farm, and as Yoon isn't much of a farmer he'll need your help to get things started.

You begin by accepting the quest  A Helping Hand, and start to clear Sunsong Ranch, by using a pick to smash the loose rocks scattered around,
With the rocks broken, you approach Yoon again to show him your work. Just as you do, Haohan Mudclaw and his lackies walk up to the farm and start berating Yoon and his poor farming skills.
After the short confrontation Yoon turns to you, determined to prove them wrong, and asks for your help to become a master farmer.
 The Family Farm. It is here that your partnership is forged and you begin to grow crops on the farm under Yoon's tutelage.

 Learn and Grow I: Seeds 
A short trip off to halfhill market and you're introduced to your seed vendor, Merchant Greenfield. The first seeds he will give you are his own special 'Ez-Gro' seeds. Take them back to Yoon and you can get down to planting.

 Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting
Now you have your seeds Yoon will teach you how to till the first two patches of bare soil on his ranch. A simple case of righ clicking the mound of earth. Once tilled you can select the soil, and plant your Ez-Gro Green Cabbage Seeds.

 Learn and Grow III: Tending Crops
As if by magic all planted seeds instantly turn into sprouting crops, due to the special soil in the valley. As you'll soon see though, the crops are parched and need watering. Yoon will give you his  Rusty Watering Can allowing you to turn your Parched Cabbages into Growing Cabbages.

 Learn and Grow IV: Harvesting
While talking to Yoon your Growing Cabbages immediatly turn into Ripe Cabbages. While this change would normally take 24 hours, the special EZ-Gro seeds from Greenfield make this one off set of crops grow extra fast.
Now it's time to harvest your first vegetables. Doing so gives you the achievement  Green Acres and returns the soil back to untilled soil, ready for you to start over with new seeds.

 Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market
Whilst you only have 2 Cabbages, Farmer Yoon still thinks it would be a good idea to take them down to the market, and sell them to Gina Mudclaw.
Before you set off you're told to investgate the small patch of Dark Soil under the farm house, where you will find a  Marsh Lily. Handily the perfect gift for Tina as you make your introduction.
Now that you've introduced yourself to Gina and given her a gift, you should find yourself at friendly reputation with her, allowing her to ask you for assistance in her own work.

 Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote
Gina tells you how she has been supplying the chefs in the area with their ingredients to cook all their meals, but now she's run out of  Scallions. The perfect oppertunity to put your new farm to work.
Walk over to Merchant Greenfield, and this time you'll see his whole inventory open for sale. A short browse and you should find the  Scallion Seeds you're looking for. When you return to Sunsong Ranch you'll see you have four patches of untilled soil available, not just two.

Simply till the soil the way you did before, and they're ready for planting with your seeds.
While your planted scallion my be 'Parched' like the cabbages were before, there's also a chance they can require other tending before they're ready to grow.

Thankfully Farmer Yoon will tell you anything you need to do to get your crops nice and healthy and growing.

How do I care for my crops?

  • Bursting Crops - Instantly become harvestable the moment they're planted.
  • Parched Crops - Use the Rusty Watering Can to water them (found in your inventory, or next to the tree stump).
  • Infested Crops - Use the Bug Sprayer on the plants to clean them (found in your inventory, or resting against the stairs).
  • Wiggling Crops - Pull out the Virmen from the ground and kill it.
  • Alluring Crops - Click the light and then defend the plant from incoming birds.
  • Smothered Crops - Grab the weed smothering the crop and pull it out.
  • Wild Crops - Hit and bite the weed into submission while it wrestles you.
  • Runty Crops - Grab the plant and jump up to pull it out of the ground a little.
  • Tangled Crops - Grab the weed constricting the crop and run away, pulling it out of the ground.

If at any time you find you've planted the wrong crop, or planted it in the wrong place, you can pick up the shovel from the set of tools near by, and uproot your growing plant, destroying it but leaving it's space available for re-planting.

Now we do the hardest part of the quest line, waiting as our planted and tended crops grow over night.

Any growing crops you have planted will turn to harvestable crops at midnight. So if you've stayed up late, or come back the next day, you'll be ready to continue with your farming. 
Now that your plants have all grown up, you should have your first healthy crop of Scallion, ready to pick from your farm.
Simply yank up the vegetables, and carry them over to Gina Mudclaw to complete the final part of the Learn and Grow series.

. . . .           Hooray, you're officially a professional farmer           . . . .

Once you give Gina the Scallion, she will be very grateful that she can supply the Ironpaw chefs again. After the quest completion she will escort you back to your farm, to personally thank Yoon and yourself for all your hard work.

As a further reward for helping her, she will offer to cast her vote as a member of the Tillers Union, pledging to accept you as a member.
She will then walk over to the Tillers Shrine (which I'm sure you were all wondering what it did), and light an incense in one of the offering bowls in front of it, signifying her vote.
Now that Gina has activated the shrine, you have a handy new tool for tracking your reputation with the various farmers across The Heartland. It will also act as a new display, to show you how many of the five votes you have gained for entry into the Union.

Unfortunatly if you're reading this while questing, it will be a little while before you can follow through with the rest of the guide. 
For those of you at level 90 however, you have only just begun to skim the surface of the farming experience.

With your soil all planted and your crops growing, you can make a start on the Tiller daily quests, in order to raise your reputation with the faction.
As you complete more daily quests, your Tillers reputation will slowly increase allowing you access to more of the faction's rewards, such as new seeds and land expansions.
You can find a list of all the new daily quests in the next section. Or follow on to the next part of the Tillers quest line here.

Daily quests

Each day you can complete six of the Tiller daily quests listed below, and gain up to 1075 Tiller reputation. 
When the new day starts, two of the farmers from out around The Heartland will come to Halfhill Market, and ask for help with a particular problem. This gives you a chance to gain some extra reputation with the various farmers in the area, at the same time as gaining your Tiller rep.
Two of the following daily:

Not in Chee-Chee's Backyard        +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
You Have to Burn the Ropes          +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
Water, Water Everywhere              +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
The Kunzen Legend-Chief              +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
Money Matters                              +150 Tillers rep, +2600 Personal
Pest Problems                                +150 Tillers rep, +3300 Personal
Weed War II                                 +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
Chasing the Chicken                      +150 Tillers rep, +3000 Personal
Where It Counts                            +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
They Don't Even Wear Them      +150 Tillers rep, +2000 Personal
 Just outside the market, Andi will ask you to collect a potential gift for one of the visiting farmers.
One of the following daily:

 A Gift For Chee Chee                  +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Ella                             +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Fung                           +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Fish                            +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Gina                           +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Haohan                      +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Jogu                           +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Old Hillpaw                +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Sho                            +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal
 A Gift For Tina                    +150 Tillers rep, +1400 Personal

From your own farm, Yoon will ask you to complete two daily quests. One which he believes will help the farmland, and a second to crow a specific vegetable for the next day.
One Farming quest, and One Killing quest daily:


 The Cabbage Test                                      +350 Tillers
 That Dangling Carrot                                  +350 Tillers
 Why Not Scallions?                                   +350 Tillers
 A Pumpkin-y Perfume                                +350 Tillers
 The Pink Turnip Challenge                         +350 Tillers
 The White Turnip Treatment                      +350 Tillers
 Squash Those Foul Odors                         +350 Tillers
 It's Melon Time                                         +350 Tillers
 Which Berries? Witchberries.                  +350 Tillers


 The Lesser of Two Evils                           +275 Tillers
 Stealing is Bad... Re-Stealing is OK          +275 Tillers
 Stalling the Ravage                                   +275 Tillers
 The Kunzen Hunter-Chief                         +275 Tillers
 Simian Sabotage                                  +275 Tillers

Joining the Tillers Union

Now that you have Gina's vote you are set on the road to becoming a full member of the Tillers Union, and helping Yoon become a master farmer.
Once you get a little more reputation with the Tillers, Yoon will send you out to do quests for the other voting members of the Union. Gaining their favor in order to secure the remaining four votes.

First off you will be sent up to see Mung Mung, a farmer who works for Haohan Mudclaw. 
To secure his vote he will ask you to help out on the farm a bit by gathering up partially chewed carrots.
When the carrot eating culprit can't be found, Mung Mung asks you to replace the carrots with ones grown on your own farm.
The next day when you harvest your carrots and return to him, he will use them to replace his lost crops and save his job. He will then meet you back at your ranch to light his incense, and give you his vote.

With two votes for the Tillers Union gained, Yoon will send you up to Farmer Fung in order to earm your third. 
When you speak to him, Fung is adamant that he won't be voting for Yoon or yourself. However he lets slip about his yak problem on the farm, giving you an oppertunity to befriend him.
Fung is so grateful for you returning his Yaks, that he changes his mind about you. He offers to vote for you if you can help feed hes herd of Yaks with cabbages.
The following day when you present your cabbages to Fung, he is taken aback but just how perfect your fresh cabbages are. So good in fact he heads straight over to your ranch and casts his vote for you, insisting that you join the union.

Three down, two to go. Only the senior members of the Mudclaw family to impress now. Yoon suggests you start with Nana Mudclaw first.
Nana's speciality it seems is brewing, but not just tasty drinks, brews that will heal and rejuvinate you. For this she requires the magical waters from the northern waterfall. This is where you can come in, but unlike the previous quests be prepared to do a little killing.
The other ingredient Nana needs for her brew is fresh Witchberries, and you guessed it, you'll be the one growing them.
When you grow your berries and bring them to Nana she can't wait to taste them, their sweet flavor bringing back to her fond memories of Yoon's Grandpa. Such fond memories that she trots straight on down to the farm to issue her vote and reminisce with you both about her old friend Grandpa Yoon.

Your last vote is going to be the hardest, convincing Haohan himself to let you into the Tillers Union.
When you meet Haohan, he is too preoccupied with his farm house being broken into, and so much damage being caused to talk to you. Maybe a freindly farmer like yourself can help him out.
You put on your CSI sunglasses and take a look around the farm. Finding the tell tale footprints of the intruders, you trace them back untill you run across the culprits of all the theft and damage.
Hozen! So they're the ones behind all this.. *takes off sunglasses* ..Monkey business. 
The Who plays as you go back to Yoon to inform him of your discovery.
Recognising the oppertunity to impress Haohan, Yoon sends you off to collect ingredients from the Virmen, to make a poison to 'deal with' the hozen.
Time to start growing crops again, but this time your delicious work will go towards a more sinister end.
Poisoned mellons in hand you make your way to the hozen summit and face Chief Yip-Yip. As you attack you realise that he has 12 million HP. Thankfully the poison in the mellons carries a hell of a kick and allows you to kill him with ease.

By the time you return, all five voting member of the Union have heard of your triumph over Yip-Yip. Amazed at your work they all gather at your ranch to thank and congratulate you, even Haohan has high praise for you saving his farm. 
With his final vote cast, all thats left is for you to lite the last incense on the Tiller Shrine, and join them as a full member of the Tillers Union.

More plant types

As you progress with your Tillers quest line, and complete more daily quests, the full range of rewards from farming start to open up to you.

One of the main benefits of a higher reputation level with the Tillers, is that Merchant Greenfield will sell you a wider variety of seeds to grow at your ranch.
A higher reputation can also let you grow the farm it's self.

The basic crop seeds you can plant at friendly ( Scallion Seeds etc), will most likely grow into 'Ripe Vegetables' and yield the results listed in the table below. However there is a moderate chance that when they grow over night, they will form 'Plump Vegetables' instead. When harvested plump vegetables will give 8 items instead of the usual 5.
There is also a small chance when you harvest any plant on your farm, that it will give you a rare item for reputation, such as  Lovely Apple, in addition to it's typical loot.
Very occasionally, in place of the regular seeds that have a chance to drop, you can recieve  Ominous Seed, which when planted will grow into  Terrible Turnip.

Some of the seeds you can buy at revered will allow you to not only farm cooking ingredients, but also grow primary profession materials, such as cloth, metal, and enchanting materials.
In addition, any crop you harvest will grant 50 reputatation with the Tillers, regardless of it's yield.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Early on MoP Shuffling

   Today we are going to take a more detailed look on a most profitable venture that we can use to our advantage to make a metric ton of gold in  a short time. This is going to be a viable option for a short term because it will catch on very quickly and people will start realizing that they can skip paying the extra gold for it, but anyways let me get down to the juicy, and profitable parts.

   For this to work you need to have 2 characters, one of them needs to have alchemy, while the other one needs to have mining, or if you have those two professions on the same character then you don't need 2 characters.

   As you can see on the image it all starts with Ghost Iron Ore. The way to get the ore is obvious, either mine it or AH, either way is OK but i would advise you to go for the AH approach simply because it's a short window of opportunity on this plan, and it is surely going to loose it's momentum in a short time when people get more informed. But anyways back to the point, when you get the ore you will need your miner to smelt the ore. If your miner is not high enough to smelt it don't worry, it takes about 10 min to run around the starting Pandaria zone and your miner will have the skill to smelt the bars.

   Ok now you have Ghost Iron Bars in your bags, so what now ?  Simple you can take one of the two possible roads, you can either sell the bars for profit on the AH or you can choose the take the further refinement of the bars. If you simply want to sell the bars on the AH that's good, as you will still make a near 50% profit on your ore investment, but if you want to continue on with the whole deal keep reading. 

   After you get the Ghost Iron Bars send them to your alchemist who will take them and transmute them into Trillium Bars. If your alchemist just trained up and all he got was two patterns don't worry, he isn't bugged it's the way the new system works for Alchemy, you will need to make about 20-40 potions and the patterns will be revealed that way. So keep making those potions until the transmutation for Trillium Bar is revealed.

   After you have the transmutation available start making some Trillium Bars and selling them on the Auction House. As you can see on the image on the right i am making a good deal of profit on each bar, and the price for one Trillium bar is 10xGhost Iron Bars which in turn is one stack of ore. Just as a comparison, i bought the Ore from the AH for 75g per stack and sold them as Trillium Bars for 280g. That is 300%+ profit on that investment, and the best thing about it is that you don't really spend anything, as this transmutation doesn't waste your daily CD that you can use for the last step. Oh and just so i don't forget to mention, you can get extra bars if you are a transmutation master and your transmutations proc as you can see on the image below.

   And the last part of this plan is to take the Trillium Bars and use your Alchemist once more and use his daily CD to make 6 Trillium Bars into a Living Steel. The Living Steel is the new hot cake when it comes to crafting armor, so the demand for it is going to be high for a while, and if you are a transmutation master you have the chance to proc on it as well.

   So in short that is the way to go with the early on MoP metal trading, and no matter which route you choose to go know that the profit will be there, but if you have the ability then take on the three markets so you don't miss out on any of the possible profits.

   One last thing before i leave though, if you choose to sell the Trillium Bars know that the best time to put them on the AH is right before midnight ( that is when the CD for the Living Steel is reset ), because that is when people want to buy it the most. In the mind of the casual player it's "6 trillium bars for nearly 300 each is 1800 and the living steel is 2500, awesome i'll buy some" And that is how we get a hefty profit.

So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.