Friday, June 22, 2012

WoW to Diablo Transactions

   It's been a while since my last post, but the reason for that is not because i don't want to make any new posts but simply there is nothing new introduced in the game to make it worth blogging about. I previously said that any "new" post would have to be a spin off from another post, but actually today i found out about something that is really interesting and rather unique.

   This rather unique thing i am talking about is a little something that started to show up in trade channels, and more importantly on the Blizzard forums, and that is people offering to sell/buy Diablo gold for WoW gold.

   Now at first glance this might not sound like a big deal, but belive me it is. As the rules are now, you are not allowed to sell your gold for anything that would be making you money, and you could get banned. But when you are simply trading your gold for another type of gold in a different game that is owned by the same company that you ultimately would either invest or sell on the RMAH, Blizzard doesn't mind. Well with the start of the RMAH and the ability to sell gold coming up any day/week now, does this mean that we will be able to actually have a way to sell WoW gold in a way that would be borderline gray zone but still legal ?

   So the question here is if you played WoW for a long time and decided to go for Diablo as a change of scenery, or if you tried Diablo but got sick of it and went back to WoW can you transfer your gold from one game to the other and profit from it ?

   Well the answer to this question would be YES. It is possible but you simply have to work a bit on the finding an interested buyer on your own server in WoW.

   So for now it's worth a while to know that there is some kind of a "trade" going on between the games, but if there is no problem between trading on those two games, then we might be ushering in a new era of the RMAH hitting WoW in a indirect way too.

   All in all it's something that is worth keeping an eye on, and hopefully this "RMAH  experience" that Diablo is offering won't spill into WoW and further screw up a failing economy.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. I don't really play Diablo (I play for 20 mins every week or two), so this article doesn't affect me.

    However, I can still offer my opinion: Anyone who trades WoW gold for Diablo gold is, in a word, DUMB!

    Here's why: I am willing to trade 1000g for a stack of Inferno Rubies, you are willing to trade a stack of Inferno Rubies for 1000g. Match made in heaven. We meet, we open the Trade dialog and I put 1000g, you put 19 Rubies, I click Cancel and we start over. This time you put 20 rubies, I put 900g, you click cancel. Until the moment that I put 1000g and you put 20 rubies, we won't trade. There is no "good faith", there's no "trust" involved here.

    Now, we decide that I have 1000g in WoW but I want to 1 million gold in Diablo (don't know the conversion, don't care). You have 1 million diablo gold, but need 1000 wow gold. We meet, I give you 1000g, then log in to diablo, and wait... and wait... and wait.... And you never show up.

    What's my recourse here? Do I contact WoW GMs, Diablo GMs? Are they really going to step in? Will they care?

    Chances are: I'm screwed. And since I have no way to contact you (except for your character - and since I'm getting nothing in wow, you could create a level 1 alt for this), so again, screwed.

    1. I totally agree, but people still do it.

      Hell people go for the whole gold for gamecards or blizz store mounts and pets, so trading is not that far fetched.

  2. Besides the fact that it is a violation of Terms of Use in wow....

    1. Just because we aren't supposed to do something doesn't mean that we wont do it.

      I first saw a trade about this on the Official Blizzard forums while i was browsing. Contacted the person and there he was, willing to trade his D3 gold for WoW gold.

      Now don't get this the wrong way, i am not telling you to do so, i am simply stating that if this gets to be bigger and people have no issues doing it we will have an indirect RMAH for WoW as well, as gold will be purchasable in a manner that would only require you to find a target that is willing to take that deal.

    2. Fine. We aren't supposed to do something but you are advocating it. Thank you for the clarification. Some of real goblins look to keep things on the up and up within the rules of the game we play. You are suggesting something that could result in action by Blizzard against players and your article says Blizzard does not care. This is false.

      You may as well post an article on your blog praising the use of botting software. We aren't supposed to do that yet some will.

    3. No, it's not a violation of ToS/Tou w/e. I've just spoken to a GM and he said the exchange is ok, but it is not officially supported (meaning that if you get scammed, GMs can't help you).

    4. Thanks for clearing that up.

      The bottom line of the whole post wasn't to tell people to sell or buy WoW/D3 gold, it was merely a heads up on what to expect from the RMAH gold selling in D3 and ways it could affect WoW.

  3. OMG, you talked to a GM? So what? The Terms of Use are clear. It is absolutely a violation of Terms of Use as is any other trading of in game gold for items outside the World of Warcraft. That is not particular. It is not new. It is consistent with how Wow has been run for 6 years. And many are the examples of players doing what they tried to legalese around things only to get banned.

    Vile is suggesting effectively the selling of Wow gold by exchanging a foolish unsupportable D3 transaction into the RMAH. Also speaking to an in game GM to get a read on what is clearly stated in the Terms of Use proves squat. You can talk in game to one GM and get one opinion on things and find 10 that give you a different one. And many are the players who conducted what they thought was fine after talking to one GM only to be actioned later. See Athene's world first 80 video from WotLK for a glaring very public example.

  4. I reported 3 threads about wanting to trade WoW gold for Diablo gold on our realm forums and all three of them got deleted. Not even locked, simply deleted. That is a very clear statement that this kind of trade is not allowed by Blizzard.

    1. I can confirm this as i saw the same happen with the posts that were previously posted on the forums.

      Maybe Blizzard are trying to put the lid on it by not allowing people to post their trade barks on official forums.

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