Thursday, September 27, 2012

MoP, Selling Caged Pets

   Mists of Pandaria is well on it's course, and from what i have seen already it is setting up to be an interesting expansion. We have new things to do, and new ways to make profit off from nearly every place we take a look at. Well today i chose to talk about a market that i think is going to be the next luxury market in WoW. As a clarification ,when i say a luxury market what i mean is a market that people buy/sell for commodities that aren't used to boost your raiding performance, nor make you a lean mean killing machine in PvP, an example for these luxury markets would be the Transmogrification and Pets markets.

   I have covered the section about making gold with pets in the past where we would craft or resell pets to people that were collectors and were willing to shell out top gold for them. Well with the new MoP pet battle system we have a whole new crowd coming in on a rather old market, and with their arrival the rules for the market are going to change.

   What this means is that, we used to sell the pets to people that only wanted them for the look, and now that they can do battle we are going to have people that are buying them for their combat abilities as well. 

   One thing that is important to know about combat pets is that you can tame a wild pet in the outdoors, but when you do that you can't "cage" him and then sell him on the AH (as far as i know and from what i have seen) but if you take a pet that you learned from an item, be it from a rare drop or a vendor pet and you level him up, then you can right click him in your pet list and from there you can choose to put him in a cage and then you can sell him on the AH for a hefty profit.

   There is another thing that is quite amazing with this patch about the pets market though, in a way Blizzard has made the pets to be shared across all your characters on your account, which in turn means that you end up on a globalized pet market. What i mean is simple, you want a pet Rat, but that Rat on your server is 1000g, you pop up on another server and you see it there for 1g, you buy that Rat there for 1g come back on your server and Boom you have a pet that you can either use, or resell for a hefty profit. Plus that same goes both ways, you can buy a pet from your server and then sell it on another server and make a starting capital if you want to change server.

   But back to the same server pet trading. One other thing that you might want to do is use up some smart advertising for your pets. Why this is a good idea is because people are still leveling their characters, and some by chance see the pet trainer and then they get hooked on the battle system. That is when you want to come in line and sell them the pet that they want, and the pet that will help them in the long run.

   So first thing you want to check is the AH, and see if maybe someone has posted a "leveled up" pet on there for a cheap price, then if they have you snag it and then try and peddle it, or if they haven't you have to level one yourself ,which is not all that hard. Your macro should be inviting and alluring to them, so use something like:

" Are you sick and tired of seeing your pets loose in a pet battle, well get your high level [Insert Pet Name] and never loose again "  

   In reality that is a bit of an over sale as the level of the pet has nothing to do with winning or loosing when he's facing a same level opponent, but that doesn't concern us, what we are interested in is making gold.

   So i am really curious to see how this market is going to morph in the coming months when people are done with leveling and are hard into the pet battle system, and they start buying/selling leveled combat pets.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. What addon are you using for your battle pets?

    1. You will have to be more precise what you mean when you say addon, because i am not using any addon for the battle pets

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