Friday, October 5, 2012

Selling To The High Roller Mount Club

   In one of the previous posts i covered all the bases about the Tillers faction, and if you ended up reading that post and started your farming career good for you, if you haven't at least go and plant a few seeds so you can get some quick cooking ingredients that you can turn into some quick gold. But anyways enough about the Tillers, today we are going to take a look at another faction, namely the Order of The Cloud Serpent. 

   I want to make one thing clear from the start, this is a Jewelcrafter only deal, so for all of you people out there that aren't Jewelcrafters, go and level one. 

   I won't go into lengthy speeches about this faction, but instead i will get down to the juicy gold making points that we all like. This faction starts giving you quests at level 90, so on top of having to be a Jewelcrafter you need to be max level as well. If you have leveled to 90 and you are a JC, then simply go to their camp in The Jade Forest, in The Arboretum and talk to the guy that's giving you the quest there. After a few short kill quests your reputation will increase just enough so you can get access to the vendor.

   The reason why you want to get to this vendor right away is the Jewelcrafting mounts that you can make by buying the pattern from this guy. There are 5 different Panther mounts, 4 of them are different color while the last one requires you to have the 4 in order to be able to craft it. 

   You need to know one thing though before you set out on a selling spree, one of the ingredients for making one of these mounts is a Orb of Mystery which is a vendor material that you can get for 18k (with the guild perk for cheaper prices), and that is sold by Big Keech in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. So if you can shell out 18k for that, and you have the rest of the materials you can get in on this very lucrative business. Best thing about this mount though is the fact that it doesn't require a Spirit of Harmony, so as long as you have the gold to craft it you can make it.

   Another thing before i leave, if you decide that you want to get in on this market you might want to think about a little advertisement in trade channel. I mean people will want to pay your overpriced mount that costs you about 25k up for even 50k, but in order to get this profit you need to inform people that these mounts exist and that you are the guy that they can buy them from. 

   Another cheap shot tactic you can use is simply reselling an Orb of Mystery. The chances for a sale are slim because people that inform themselves properly will know where to get it, but there are always naive people that run to the AH first thing when they need something. So if you are going to craft one anyways, buy the Orb from the vendor for 18k, post it on the AH for 25k and start advertising that you are selling the mount for 40-50k. If you get a sale you will earn about 20-30k profit from a single mount, but if someone goes about making one for himself and he decides to buy your Orb from the AH then you will be up about 5k after AH houses. So no matter what you win.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. What about the engineering mount? Material cost is even higher, including 12 Spirit of Harmony. Could pull a much higher price, but probably a bit harder to sell. Thoughts?

    1. I did see the rocket mounts, and they do look awesome but as for selling them i wouldn't know. Haven't had alot of free time to try it out due to work taking up my free time, but will do my best to try that market as well.

      Though i think that it will bring a nice price if you can provide the SoH