Monday, October 31, 2011

The Spotlight (October)

   Unlike all the other posts i have made that are all about how to make gold, or how to configure certain addons that will help you make gold, i would like to make it a recurring event where at the end of the month i would put the "spotlight" on certain sites, addons, podcasts or anything else that is deemed worthy. Even though i am going to do this first post of it's kind, i would love to see people leave their comment with a recommendation to something that you think is worth putting up here, so lets get on with it.

   First, I would like to put the spotlight to some Podcasts:


   This is an awesome Podcast which is all about two friends, Twilzzle and R9sid9nt9vil, talking about World of Warcraft, and what they have done and what is happening in general in the WoW universe. At the moment of the writing of this post they are at post number 15, (they post one per week) and i have been lucky enough to start following them from their third episode, and have enjoyed their podcast all the way. If you are one of those people that have a long commute to work, or a job where you sit at the PC working all day, why not check these guys out , i'm sure they will help you get through that work day faster.

   Before you run off and decide to crank up the volume, know one thing, this podcast is rated M for Mature, because you will hear the F bomb dropped alot.

   As an added explanation about this podcast, and the reason why i decided to put it as first is the ending of their podcast prize giveaway. What i mean about this is that like many podcasts out there that have some kind of a prize give away, so did these guys, but what's different is that the winner of theirs proved to me that there are still decent human beings by giving his price away, and in return he asked that one of the readers that wrote in the previous episode, that still didn't have Cataclysm bought be given a key to the expansion, so he can enjoy it. So two thumbs up from me.


   This is another great podcast for all of you WoW lovers out there as it covers almost all the new and soon to come news. There are three guys that are leading this podcast Scott Johnson, Willy Dills Gregory and Turpster (If i misspelled someone's name i'm sorry) with the occasional appearance of some guest be it a blogger, podcast runner or a game developer that would discuss info on an upcoming game, so definitely a podcast you can enjoy if you enjoy WoW.

   At the moment these guys are at episode 250 (yeah a milestone) and it's very entertaining even if you listen to their older episodes, the entertainment value is not lost. Only thing i am sorry is that i got on to listening to it like a year ago and not earlier.

 This podcast unlike RGR is not M rated, and can be enjoyed anywhere without someone giving you an awkward eye for F bombs coming from your speakers or headphones.

   And unlike the previous two spotlights that were shun on podcasts, i would like to point the reflector of the last one on a particular site that i found out to be well made and worth the look.


   The reason why i chose this little site for this occasion is very simple, because it can help you figure out how much gold it would cost you to powerlevel any profession with the current prices of the mats required on any server.

   For now check it out, and in a future post i will try and make a gold making post that will include this site in it as well, and will show you how to profit on it.

   Well that's all for this post, and like i said in the start of the post, if you know of a certain podcast a site or anything that is worth mentioning and is about WoW,  leave a comment and i might put it in another Spotlight post that i will try and make once per month. 



  1. Like i did say in the article, post your suggestions here about things that you like and would like to see them appear here.

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  3. Thanks for the link love and I am glad to have you as a listener!!!

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