Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Spotlight (November)

  Even though a little late, can't blame me, too many things happening with the patch to remember everything, back with another post in The Spotlight. In this post i would like to put the center of attention to two sites, one podcast and one very very ingenious evil little goblin. So let's get going, and we'll start with the sites i was talking about.

   This first site i'm going to put the spotlight on is The main reason why i'm telling you about this site, is that it's a site that will help you with all your reforging, and you will not have to do any math on how to properly do it on your own. Apart from that the site offers tips on how to gear up your character, what specs you should take on, and what would the advantages be if you didn't take something opposed to taking something else. Plus there you will find what stats are priority for your class, and even goes for spec wise. 

   You might have heard about this site, you might have not, there are many blogs/sites out there that advertise it for money, but me being the nice *cough*dumbass*cough* guy that I am, i am doing it from the goodness of my heart.  

   This second site i'm about to tell you, it's a fairly new site but it has a lot of potential to grow into something big as well as to be a nice place where you will be able to go to, when you want to know what is going on in the WoW gold making world. So without further ado, off to the next site.

   That's right, The Power Word: Gold Chronicle. Like i said in the intro this site is all about bringing the latest and greatest news from the WoW gold making community into one easy to read, and quite accessible place. He has a RSS feed from the most visited blogs that are out there ( still doesn't have mine :( but maybe in the future he might put me up there ).

   Anyways, it's a good site, i love the way it's structured, i love the sheer simplicity yet awesome functionality, and last by not least, it's a site that brings you the best info on how to make gold so what's not to like. Go there, see it, and if you like it put it in your favorites and check it out daily.

  Ok this was all about the sites, next up we have a podcast, and an awesome one for that matter.

   The Mana Cooler podcast is not a new podast, it's been around and it's been and still is a very good podcast. One of the awesome thing about listening to The Mana Cooler  is that it's not one of those 2 hour long podcast, but rather a short and down to the point podcasts that cover what is going on in the world, and what he is doing. So check out George WoW on twitter, or simply go to the manacooler site and check his amazing podcast.

   I know that these few short lines don't do it justice, but i will simply leave it up to you to check it out and see it for yourself, and belive me you will not be sorry.

   So that was all from the two sites, and the podcast i meant to put into this post, but then i got hold of a certain information about a certain gold making goblin that simply go to me and i had to put it out there so people know about it as well.

   As you can see from the trophy image, the thing this guy did is so amazing that i decided he needed to be given something. Ok enough with the suspense, let me tell you what he actually did.

   For safety reasons i will leave his name out of this post. Ok so first of all he's a gold maker and enjoys doing it, and mainly he plays the gem market. So the great thing that he did is the following. Two days before the patch hit, he marked up the two major contenders in the gem market and decided to get very aggressive in the way he deals with them. He started off by mocking up the first guy, but he did it with an alt. He played it very smooth where he was antagonizing the guy, but without actually saying anything  offensive, which at the end the guy snapped and started cussing, insulting and then even dropped the F-bomb and the N-bomb on him. That's exactly what he wanted, he reported him and got him a 48h ban, a day before the patch day, pure epicness to be seen. 
   Second guy he marked up didn't get hit as hard but it was funny as hell non the less. From that same alt, he bought up bag full of flour stacks of 20. From there he got his mailing addon to recognize his target as the alt and send mails but separate them in 1's opposed to sending it in stacks. He sent 2000 mails to the guy on the day the patch hit. I thought there was a limit to the mails you can have but i guess they changed it at some point. What this meant is that the other guy got 2000 mails that would take him 40 minutes to take them all out of the mail. Well the given goblin did this to him 4 times, which put the other guy out of business for about 5 hours. In those 5 hours he had the market pretty much for himself and a few of the other small time sellers.

   So this trophy goes out to you, ________ from Sylvanas EU server for being the most deviate goblin of the month.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Thanks for the mention Vile. I've had you in The Directory for a while now. You've also been included in our blogroll page.

    I have now added you to the blogroll on our sidebar as well.

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