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   As you might have seen i like making my titles a bit on the amusing side but today i chose to go with a simple title, inscription. From the given title you can guess that this post is going to cover the profession Inscription. I will try and break it down, and tell you about my experiences with the profession and what to keep an eye out for, and what to stay away from. Ok lets get down to the core of the profession and start from there.

Glyph Market

   Glyphs will be the first of the markets that you will cover with inscription. This market is a rather big one due to the fact that everyone needs their glyphs for their characters to use. This market used to be a lot more dynamic when the glyphs were used every time when you wanted to respec, but since then and the change where it was made into, buy it once own it forever, that market kinda lost my interest in it. Now don't get me wrong, there is metric tons of gold to be made in it.

Inscription TSM settings
   Your first encounter with the glyph market will come quite early on in the game, namely while you are leveling your inscription. Now here is good bit of information, don't judge the glyph market according to the price of those glyphs as you will find their price to be abysmally low in the majority of the cases, and yes i am talking about the low level glyphs. The reason behind their low price is not that they are not used but simply a supply/demand issue. As you are leveling through the profession by crafting those glyphs know that other scribes that are leveling are doing the same thing, and then they are putting their finished glyphs up on the auction house, while at the same time there aren't enough new buyers for that particular glyph so you end up with overstock of that glyph.

   Now one important thing that i would like to make it clear before anything else is what you MUST do to succeed in this market. It is totally imperative that you obtain all the glyphs, and be able to craft them all so your competition doesn't have the upper hand on you with glyphs you don't have. There are three things you must do to obtain all the possible glyphs, those are the daily research minor and major glyphs, the northrend research and last is the glyphs you get out from Book Of Glyph Mastery. If you do all your researches, and read enough books you will be able to craft all the glyphs in due time.

   If you have chosen to take on inscription but you don't like the hassle of having to manually check for undercuts on your 800 glyphs, well then you can make this much easier by using Trade Skill Master. I know i have posted the how to use the addon link in the previous few posts, but i keep finding people that don't know what TSM is, or how to use it, so i like to have it handy for them. 

   On the image above you can see TSM with a single group named Glyphs. What i have done for ease of use is put all the glyphs i have into a single group, with universal settings for all of them. The reason behind this logic for me is simple, all the glyphs cost the same three inks that you can trade down from the latest links available. The settings for this group for me is as following:
  • Post Time  12h  ( This is if you can log in at least twice a day, or you fancy yourself a camper )
  • Post Cap  3  ( I've used this amount because it's enough to cover the market before i'm undercut )
  • Undercut  1c  ( This is a no brainer, i always undercut for 1c so i don't bring down the price much ) 
  • Price Threshold  20g  ( I won't sell if the price goes under this threshold )
  • Fallback Price   550g ( If no one is selling a particular glyph i have no problem with overpricing it )

   With these settings for your glyphs you can turn a nice profit if you are keen on making it in the glyph market. I have made two other posts about Inscription which you can find in the Inscription section and they give out some nice tips about how to make a profit from inscription other then using glyphs. As for the glyph market i am pretty sure i covered the basics, and in the next addition i will further elaborate on how to make gold from inscription by branching out from the glyphs and using the other goodies Inscription has to offer.

   Before i leave though i want to give you a link to Croda's Blog. This guy is covering the glyph market in his blog and is rather fond of his profession, so if you want to get some deeper appreciation for the glyph market you might want to check out his blog as well as the FREE inscription guide he has on his blog. Oh, oh before i forget, he has awesome music that you can play while at his blog so you might want to check that out as well.

  So, until next time, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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