Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mists Of Pandaria ... Sets Sails

  As the title says Mists of Pandaria will launch later in September, 25th of September to be more precise. Now this is not a ground breaking news if you follow any of the major information gateways, or if you happen to check out the Battlenet site, but the reason why this is a good news is that with this information going public people will know that there will be new baddies to beat, and new gear to obtain. Taking into account that those same people will want to get into MoP with as much as gold possible, it is only logical that they will try and sell some of the stock they have obtained, and get a quick turnaround. 

   Needless to say, this is going to open up a whole new market for the worthy gold making goblins that will fill their coffers to the brim by doing  highly lucrative deals with a huge return in a very short time table. But anyways, after a long and boring wait due to almost nothing happening in WoW, i will re-start with the posting on ways to use the auction house to make a profit and hopefully greet MoP with a gold sum that will allow you to buy anything you might deem worthy of buying without having to deal with the fact that you are broke.

   So heads up and prepare, there is a huge profit storm coming and you want to be on the side of the people that will profit and not on the side of the people that will be carried away by that storm. So keep on reading the blog as well as the other informative blogs that you can find on the blogroll on the side and together we can all make a pretty decent profit.

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