Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alternate Inscription, breaking it down

   In my previous inscription themed post i made a few remarks and wrote about my personal views on the whole making and posting of glyphs and making a killer on the AH. Well in this post i would like to help you scribes to open up your eyes to a more wide arsenal of the weapons that your profession is supplying you so you can successfully wage and win the AH PvP (don't think it's a blizzard recognized term but that's what is exactly what it is). Ok so not to sound like a dull 90 year old grandma i'll jump straight down to the breaking it down to the bare basics and how to do's .

   First item i want to talk about is the Adventurer's Journal, this little journal is basically one of the least used niche markets out there, and why is that, simple nobody cares to profit off the guys leveling through level 75-85. Ok so right about now you are probably going, what the hell is he talking about, well, see what that journal does is, it gives you a random buff that stays with you for an hour and that random buff can be a resistance to a certain school of magic (granted this would be awesome to sell to raiders but sadly once you are 85 the damn book tells you that your are too wise to use it), or and this is the good part, a 10% increase in the XP you get from killing mobs or turning in quests.

   One thing you need to do if you decided to sell these and actually be successful is to advertise it in trade channel, just make a macro with something like ( Are you stuck in the endless questing that WOTLK brings or you are new in Cataclysm, well get your Adventurer's Journal and cut that leveling time in half) and make sure for whatever macro that you decide to go to mention the fact that it will make it faster to get the hell out of WOTLK areas because for some reason A LOT of players dislike that continent in general and wish to be out of Northrend as soon as possible, and like always link the item in your macro.

  One last tip about this item is that you shouldn't be afraid to charge a lot for it even though it's creation requires virtually nothing, like 1 Blackfallow Ink and 4 Parchments but don't look at it from that perspective, simply look at it as you are selling hope and joy to the people that are struggling to get their alts out of WOTLK or the boring leveling through Cataclysm zones or dungeons and we know you can't put a price on hope and joy, well actually i've priced it at 150g and it's been selling like insane so i guess hope and joy is  worth that much in this instance :) . So try this out and you will soon see that the Adventurer's Journal is actually a epic profit maker as you can see on the image of the item below.

                                      (This is not the actual book but you get the idea :) )

   The second part of inscription that will make you heaps of gold is the infamous Mysterious Fortune Card and this item like the journal is dirt cheap to make and the best part with this item is that this is blizzard's attempt in introducing gambling to WoW (and i'm not talking about that fake dice rolling for loot but proper gambling with the addiction and all the shindigz). The introduction of the Mysterious Fortune card was both brilliant and damning for many people and that being the reason because many of the people that saw the potential in the cards and sold them made tens and hundreds of thousands of gold on the other hand all the people that bought them simply got nothing out of them (except a few very lucky people that got the 5k card) but even so people were happy because they were spending their gold on something that gave them a rush and made them want more while disregarding the asking price that was on the AH  for them. So it's that simple you sell something that's clearly over priced, people buy it in bulks because what kind of a gambler would you be if you only bought 1 card you simply had to have 10 or 20 to try your luck out and at the end of the day no matter if you won or lost your gambling need was fulfilled and you were happy, well not you clearly, it's the guy that you sold it to, you were too busy counting the gold you got from him and his friends that he told about that awesome thing he found on the AH.

   Ok to get down to the facts and the bare math of the genius behind the Mysterious Fortune Card. It like the journal takes 1 ink and only 1 parchment but the only difference is that this is a high quantity moving item so that means you are gonna see profit returns much faster. Ok so that was the difference but there is one other thing that is pretty damn important when selling these items and that is advertisement, meaning once you post your items it's time to bark that macro and watch those sales simply sell sell sell. I will give you two of my most used macros and help you see how your profits quadruple.  Macro 1: ( /2 Mysterious Fortune Card on the AH now, grab yours now and roll the dice of luck for a chance to earn 1000G, 3000G or even 5000G, yes you heard it right 5000G. Get yours while the stock still lasts )    Macro 2: ( /2 Mysterious Fortune Card on the AH dont miss out on your chance to score the big win and net in 5000G for a measly price. Get yours while they last ) And just as a clarification i have the channel 2 set as trade so if you have trade in a different number then change the macro as needed.

   As for pricing i have sold these for a wide price range going from 7 - 40g per card, and no matter the price it's always sold so don't go shooting yourself in the foot by undercutting for huge amounts if there are other people selling the cards as well. Also when posting those babies post them in batches of 1's 5's and 10's for the best results.

   And last but not least if your Mysterious Fortune Cards are not the only thing you want to sell or there are too many people crowding the space at that given time then simply take your Fortune cards, take some flour and make it into a Fortune Cookie and this is about the same as the fortune cards but with a spin off, these cookies are basically a food buff along with a mysterious card, and what that means is that your average gambler is not your only buyer but all raiders are potential buyers and all you have to do is attract them to your item, and you do that by using .... you got it, advertisement. Here's my most successful macro for selling the cookies.    ( /2 Off to a raid,need food [Fortune Cookie] on the AH. Get your class best food buff along side with a chance to get  [Fortune Card] and profit 5K gold ) all you have to do is link the cookie and the Fortune Card in the macro so when people click it they see that they can sell it for 5000g to a vendor.

   So there you have it the alternate way of making gold with inscription down to it's core.


  1. I would actually like to hear how you guys fare out in the world if you decide to try this market out

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