Friday, September 16, 2011

The art of selling with the help of advertisement

   Have you ever wondered how come you are playing on a same server with thousands of other players from whom a good percentage are rolling with the same professions like you, but for some reason while you can sell like one or two items at a time, you hear they've sold ten, or even more times more then you have, so what gives?

   Well advertisement of course, when you want to move an item, you have (we are not talking about fast moving items like gems and glyphs to an extent) the best chance of getting some serious gold using the troll's lair AKA the trade channel. Now, if it's so simple why isn't everyone doing it you might ask, and the answer on that question would be, NO.

   What i mean with that is, 90% of the people that i've seen in trade channel are doing their ads just wrong.  What i mean by that is, you don't go about on trade channel with something like:  WTS [X Item] xx gold, no, no, no you have to use a bit of a advertisement finesse, and i'll elaborate a bit on this.

   Lets say you are selling one of the BoE items you can get with Valor points. Usually you'll see people barking trade channel with something like WTS Valor Wrists 5K gold, or some other random number like that. Well the right way to approach this would be for starters, DON'T tell everyone that it's the Valor wrists but put the link of the actual item in trade, and check the price on the AH for the highest one. Usually there's a few on the AH going for twice their asking price in trade. And when you are selling them just use your imagination and make it sound nice, i'll even throw in an example.

   WTS [insert item (wrists for this instance)], because we all know that if you want to get into raiding you need your performance to outshine all the other people in the raid, so get your best in slot item here.

   Now, i am aware that in that bark there's a bunch of information that is probably not all true, but the beauty is that it doesn't have to be. Maybe those bracers are not BIS but all that matters is that you make the sale, and that the buyer is happy he got a good deal, even though he probably overpaid for it. So basically if you want to up your sales your best bet is advertisement, so it's pretty much like that.

  And as a few more examples i will post a few of the cheeky ads i have for a few items of interest that i've sold.

Certificate Of Ownership

Still curse the day when you named your dear pet Cockmonster, well despair no more there's a way to fix that. Get your Certificate Of Ownership and change your pet's name. On the AH now

Fortune Cookie

Off to a raid,need food Fortune Cookie on the AH. Get your class best food buff along side with a chance to get Fortune Card and profit 5K gold

   And one more thing that is essential, when you are making your trade barking macro, you need to make sure that you are linking the items in the macro it self so the people can actually know what they are getting, opposed to a bunch of text that they automatically discarding as spam, or troll talk.


  1. I lol'd so badly when you said "still curse the day when you named your pet cockmaster?" :DDD

  2. I like to make my macros catchy so people can go like hmm interesting or ROFLKEK, because if it's catchy it means it's working as intended