Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suppliers And Profiting As The Middle Man

   In this next bit, i would like to give you an inside on a way how to make gold by actually not doing anything, that will require you to go out, and kill things or stalk the AH. What i mean by this is, not that i am going to tell you how to make a gold forging machine, but something similar, when you see how much gold you can make, by simply doing it.

   Ok so to cut it down to the point, the thing i am talking about is profiting with the use of suppliers. Now before i go on let me give you a simple explanation of the term. A supplier is usually a guy/gal that will supply you with a steady stock of materials on a daily basis at a predefined price that you have both agreed upon and is satisfactory to both of you. For a better explanation i will give you an example of what i have set up with suppliers.

   I have about five guys that constantly supply me with Elementium/Obsidium Ore, and another two that supply me with leather. For this instance i will put the spotlight on the ore guys. What is happening on my server, is that i am one of the four or five main gem suppliers, so i am constantly on the look out for more raw materials (ores), so i keep my eyes open for any chance i can get to buy them. Well at least that's what i used to do. I was trying the AH for my ores until i actually though about getting the ore directly from the source, meaning cutting out the AH, and with that getting a constant flow of ore and denying all the other people the massive amounts of ore that would usually overflow the AH, that would otherwise lower the prices of ore and in return would plunge the prices of gems and BS crafted items. But i keep my eye out even nowadays about new suppliers that i might have missed out.

   Ok so i told you what i do, now to tell you how to get suppliers of your own. Best way to find someone to find someone that could be your supplier would be by checking the AH for guys that are posting massive amounts of certain ore or herbs. They are usually even posting them at a low price all with the hope of selling them fast. What you need to do is very simple actually, just check the name of the seller, and send him a in game mail where you tell him that you would buy out all his stock every time he has some to provide and you don't care how much he has you will simply buy, buy, buy. Eight out of ten times this way will prove to be unsuccessful because most of those huge posters like seen on the image are either bots or farmers that don't speak the language well (Chinese, Arabic or some other language depending on the server, AND NO I'M NOT TRYING TO BE RASIST ahh NATIONALIST ahh , or whatever). But still, you might have some luck and actually get one to talk to you and then hopefully come to an arrangement that would suit you both.

   Another way of getting a supplier is by keeping an eye out on the trade channel for people that would say something as simple as WTS [Elementium Ore]. Now unlike the 20% chance of success from the previous example these guys are actually the opposite and they have like 80% chance to be your guys. Let me elaborate a bit so you might get the idea why. Since they have decided to try out trade channel with their rather big stock of ore that only means one thing, they are smart, why exactly are they smart you would ask. Well they are smart because it's one of two things, first the way they obtained that ore, lets say they have 150 stacks per day that means that requires quite some time to obtain which would imply them having a little brother/sister slaving for them mining all day while they are away or at work, or the more viable choice they have a bot that does the same thing, but in any case that is not the question here but rather their need to stay away from the attention of blizzard by posting a large amount of ore on a regular basis and keeping it down to private COD transaction with a constant buyer (THIS BEING YOU)

   So i have given you the two main ways of getting the suppliers you will need now let me give you one more advice how to deal with them. Before you start talking prices with them remember one thing they like you are guys playing this game and if you try and cheat them out of their profits they wont be happy and might stop with the supplying you part so remember to always keep your suppliers happy and treat them well. Ok about the prices i will give you an example of my server. What is happening on my server is the prices fluxuate somewhere from 18-35g per stack price and that big price difference is due to the time it's being sold which means at around 6-7am (EU Time) when the farmers post their stock prices are lower but as the day goes by price of ore starts climbing because supply is low (be proud of it because its probably your doing as well if you have your suppliers). Now what i have set up with my suppliers if a price tag of 20g per stack no matter of the price on the AH, i always give them a fair price which means they don't have to deal with the AH, with the posting fees and the ah percentage but most of all they keep their anonymity. So there i am i have all those people COD sending me hundreds of ores on a daily basis and what i do is my choosing, be it save them for prospecting or take them and then mail them on my alt in stacks of 12 (max mail stack number) and have them at close reach should i need them.

   So take into account all the things i've told you and you end up with the fact that at any given time i have a large amount of ore in my possession for me to either use it or sell it. And as the title of the post says you can do some serious profiteering by simply getting your stock from the suppliers at the 20g price and then at night time usually after 1am (if you are awake that time) you can swing these stacks for 35g or even higher so for simply being the middle man in the transaction you get a 15g profit over the 20g you paid for the ore. And on the 450 stacks i sold last night i have made 6750g (i know i should have made a screenshot after i got all the sales instead of the first 50 sales but you still get the idea).

   So to summarize this post would be, getting the suppliers should be a thing you are always on the prowl for, treating your suppliers fairly should not be something you would ever forget to do because they are giving you the sweet sweet items you sell for profits and last you need to decide if you want to prospect the ore or sell it as ore.

   So there we are i hope this will help you guys and gals out there to make some serious gold without pretty much doing anything that would be time consuming or boring.


  1. I know I've had to do this quite a few times when I happen to buy too many herbs/ore from my suppliers or buy the wrong type by accident.

    Post them up on the AH for a good solid 2-7g profit per stack.

    I suppose it could be worth looking into if you turn it into a full scale operation constantly buying cheaper mats from farmers, mailing to a diff alt and posting again.

    I simply just don't have enough banks alts or storage space to do it.

  2. That's the beauty of the thing when you have 10 characters, mail it to them so that way you can have up to 50 mails all containing 12 items that being 600 stacks per character in his mail at your fingertips.

    That way when the need for their sale arises i can simply take them from the mail and sell them right away, and if i need another 600 then switch characters.

    All in all if you are doing it on a large scale its quite profitable

  3. Very good method of doing practically nothing yet still get a huge profit. Should end up doubling my money after buying around 200 of each ore for 20g/stack :)

    Very good tip :)