Monday, September 19, 2011

Glyph Bonanza

   We have all been in the position where when we were playing that we needed glyphs and those glyphs come from the Scribes working hard at hand writing those glyphs, well jokes aside the main focus of the whole profession is the glyphs, but not only glyphs which is something majority of the people seem to forget.

   Ok here i'll try and cover the basics of what you should be doing to gain profits from inscription, depending on the amount of time you have available to play.

  Well like we said the main focus of all the scribes is the glyphs business even though for CATA Blizzard decided to go with the buy it once own it forever way of working for the glyphs, for which i think was a poor move but hey their game so their choice, but what's important for us as scribes is what that actually means for us and how we can make a profit off it.

   First of all and before you start well on your way of making heaps of gold from glyphs you need to be aware that if you are just starting out it's gonna take you the better part of the month doing all the glyph researches until you have all the glyphs unlocked and even after that you are gonna have to fork out some gold to buy the Book Of Glyph Mastery to learn those glyphs as well (be careful when buying these as some times you end up seeing them on the AH for 500G and other days drop for 50g so try and scope them out when they are cheap and use them, or buy them and resell them if you have learned everything there is out of them)

   Scribes to do all the glyphs require inks and the way to get those inks is by milling herbs. Now that is common knowledge but what the majority of the people do nowadays when they needs herbs they go out and farm them. Ok i don't know about  your server's economy so i can't be a judge about it but if you ask me doing the manual labor of going out in the world and herbing or mining is a waste of time as the prices for herbs in most servers is dirt cheap going for 10-20g for the basic Cinderbloom and about 20-30ish for the other ones (not counting the off times when prices of certain stacks of herbs jump to 90-100+ gold) so your best bet it to clean the AH out and use those herbs for all your Inscription needs.

   Well for starters the first thing you should be aware is who your targeted group of customers is, and that is either alts that people are starting out or someone that is trying out a new spec they have never played it and needs those glyphs because he has never used it before, so what this means is that no matter what those two groups of customers have end level characters and in return have gold to spend which is good. (there's another group of customers which are the new players to the server but seeing as how they don't have a main on the server they probably have no gold so we don't care about their broke ass :) ). So since we know that our customers have gold all we need to do now is get them to buy our glyph and in return make us happy.

   When it comes down to glyphs and setting the right prices i put them 25 - 350g price range and i don't make any difference whether its a major, minor or Prime because for me they are all the same and they all cost the same, 3 inks, so i treat them as such. Now the best part about the glyph market is that you can start up strong even if you don't have all the glyphs available for crafting, and how you would go about doing that is so simple that it can't get any simpler, you BUY them from the AH if you see their price tanking under the 30g price threshold (but make sure there aren't 100 glyphs posted from that same glyph because that would be a clear indication that the reason why that glyph is so cheap is because there's a lot of them going around and the need for them is low. So the easiest way to configure them is to make a single group in TSM (Trade Skill Master) put the price range at 25 - 300 and post 3 of each or how many you want but anything above that would be a waste because it's much more probable that you will be undercut before you end up selling 3 glyphs of the same type. So after you do that you simply go to the AH let the addon check and post your glyphs.

   So there you are you have your glyphs posted and now gold is getting a head start into rolling in your bags, but you can choose to stop there and roll with it or expand into the rest of the Inscription market goodies like the infamous Mysterious Fortune Cards, Adventurer's Journals, Certificates Of Ownership and many more which i'll try and cover in more dept in a future post.

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