Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crusader Hunter Profiteer

   One of the very best things you get to experience while re playing an alt in WoW, is the sheer joy of watching your little guy, or girl, run up next to some other guy, or girl (or some other monster that has an undefined gender), and simply obliterate him with your sheer awesomeness. Well, in order to feel that awesomeness, you need to have the best of the best in weapons, armor, and enchants or, simply you will be same as everyone else, and not the l33t killing machine that you know you are :)

   In this little post i will give you people a simple inside in one of the fastest way of making a few thousand gold by simply killing a few mobs, and looting the things they drop ( aka farming spot). The spot that i'm talking about is the Tyr's Hand down in Eastern Plague Lands, and the item we are gonna be farming for is the notorious Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader. 

   One of the reasons why this place is still so good to farm is simply because the enchant can be slapped in a enchanting vellum and sold as a scroll, or if you don't want to do any selling, or simply lack an enchanter then you can simply sell the formula on the AH and there have been times i have sold it for 10k. The only reason why that price is not so wildly exaggerated, is the fact that the crusader is one of the best twink weapon enchants, and for a very long time the formula was taken out of the game and was simply unobtainable, and people simply don't like to do some more extensive research which would tell them it's back in the game, so they shell out the gold.

   But enough for my ranting it's time to give you the hard facts, so you can go and make some profit. As we can see on the image above, our target of interest are the Scarlet Archmages this time around, opposed to the Scarlet Spellbinders that used to be the mobs that dropped the formula.

   So the Archmages have about 1% chance to drop it, which is not all that bad, but remember to kill all the mobs up infront of the cathedral even if they are not Archmages because if you kill them there's a chance a archmage will spawn in their place. And another thing you'll get from all that sense less killing is a bunch of mageweave cloth as well as some greenies which can be DE'd for some profit.

   So to sum it up, killing the archmages is a great way to get some serious gold for selling the formula, or learn it and sell the scrolls of crusader. So have fun and go get some gold.


  1. worked just awesome :D 10k for a single recipe which took me 10min to farm :D

  2. Makes me proud to see that you tried it and it worked for you.

  3. Wow, i must say! 15 kills and I had 2 of these badboys. The first i learned (Dropped after 5 mobs), so i thought i would try again. Second on dropped on 15th mob, and sold on AH for 9,6k :D

  4. See it's people like you that make writing this blog worth a while for me. I mean, i help someone i have never met to make some gold and then he comes back and tells me about it, heck it makes me all fuzzy and warm on the inside.