Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cutting The Boring Time Down


   I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Apathy123 FOR HIS DETAILED QUERY ABOUT THE MATTER AND  I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE ABOUT THE MISINFORMATION OF THE POST. (If you didn't read the post that was in it's place then you have nothing to worry about)
If anyone did read this post before it was deleted and liked what it said and found it to be something that he liked, then go check out the post that was specified by Sinshroud, it's basically a totally legitimate way of doing your milling and prospecting while doing anything else on the net.

Kudos go to Apathy123 AKA Sinshroud.


  1. Of course this is botting. Blizzards rules explicitly state that there always needs to be a 1 to 1 ratio (1:1).

    1 human input = 1 action performed in World of Warcraft.

    Auto-clickers ARE botting. G15 Keyboard macros ARE botting. Programmable mouses ARE botting.

    I'm a moderator for MMOwned/OwnedCore Forums. The biggest World of Warcraft hack, bot, exploit and guides forum in the world.

    I suggest that you do some more research on this subject and consider posting those screenshots or emails where Blizzard confirms this is allowed because it isn't and you are just going to get your readers banned.

  2. Besides, why spend money to do something that is against Blizzard's ToS/EULA when you can use something that is free which does pretty much the same thing but within their rules.

  3. OK just so you don't have to trust me on my word here's a link to the chat i had with the GM.

    you can clearly see that unless your clicker or whatever else needs you to have direct human contact with it and can not be automated to go an for hours then it's not considered botting. (The max time you can have away and be productive with max slot bags and nothing in them except the things you are milling or prospecting is about 27 min after that you need to come back and put them in the bank or do whatever you want with them, hence the human interaction)

    thanks for your comment non the less

  4. You worded that question EXTREMELY poorly, and the GM replied so badly in terms of grammar and in terms of context that I think it's shameful.

  5. And here, I went and personally made a thread just about this specific situation, directly relative to your blog post.


    "All actions must involve keyclicks or mouse clicks by the user for each action. Anything that "Clicks for you" is considered automation. To be fair, the player who asked this question of the GM was not entirely detailed in his question, many use a milling macro just as I do, but I click the macro for each mill. What he is suggesting is certainly not that and IS automation without a doubt and therefore not permitted."

  6. BTW I'm sorry if I came across a bit harsh, I'm not trying to personally attack you or anything.

    While I do moderate for MMOwned I only do so in the guides section and avoid botting/hacking/exploiting. I also moderate for Consortium which is a legitimate gold making community where we are very much against breaking Blizzard's rules.

    I just wanted to clear up this situation because there seems to have been some misunderstanding or poor communication between you and the GM which could in turn end up getting you and maybe many of your blog readers permanently banned.

  7. No no Apathy123 i dont see your comments as a attack of any sorts on the contrary i see them as a very positive thing wheres you helped me see that the post was a bit in the gray zone and prompted a change of the post and in return i didn't end up giving a bad advice to someone that could have gotten his account suspended, so thank you very much and i hope to get more comments like these if you see me post some crap in the near or more distant future

  8. Vile,

    I gotta agree with some comments above. The "mouse" is an auto clicker. Blizz states that if you aren't making the movements on your toon at any time, you are breaking the mighty Blizzard laws (EULA).

    Now people have sworn on their first born stating that G15 is all good, but there has been stories of being banned for that as well.

    Anytime I hear this, I think back to my original gaming days when there was a tiny little device called a Nintendo. It was seen as cheating using a "turbo" button in competition (insta-revoke), so many of us wouldn't use it "outside" either (but really, everyone had one).

    Why? Because it gave them a head up, and less calloused fingers. We did the hard work, and didn't want someone to "get away with it". See where I am going here?

    Be it a bot, an auto clicker, or even a keyboard that does the work for you, some folks will hate you for doing anything of the like. But I have botted back in Glider days, I have used the Auto clicker for shufflin', and back in the day, I did have a turbo controller. You just need to know that the almighty Blizz can and will find out sooner or later and you will get caught. Even if you use your ticket above in "court", blizz dont care. They are always right. In their eyes at least...

    Good article, it brought some discussion out. Just be weary about using any "outside" program in the game. Anytime I would think about doing something illegal, I would just do a /played on my main, and think....Is it worth it?

  9. hi it's Apathy123 here, earlier I signed in under the wrong account name. This is my main account.

    Anyways, you are welcome mate.

    I do 100% agree with your reasoning for the post though. I am gold capped myself and something that I realized the day before I reached the cap was that you cannot healthily increase your gold income beyond a certain extent simply because of the hours spent at the PC milling/crafting/posting. (I reached the gold cap purely by hand, no automation or AHK use or slave recruitment either haha)

    I linked a post earlier and thought I would mention it again. (I'm the author of it)

    This effectively does the same thing that you are wanting to do, but it IS actually within Blizzard's ToS/EULA. However, it does boil down to a personal ethical dilemna.

    What it does is uses AutoHotKey to detect mouse movements. When it receives a mouse movement it then sends a keypress to wow. Meaning you can be reading on the forums with wow in the background and it will still mill/prospect for you.

    It's as you said a slightly grey area, but it's still within Blizzards rules (we have done one heck of a lot of research about this over the past few months) because it uses a 1 to 1 ratio. 1 human input per 1 ingame action.

  10. Well like i said previously i was happy to see the comments and i'm first to admit if i have made a mistake so i ramified it.
    As for the post it self i just tried to make it as it's seen from a player's perspective backed up by the answer of a very ill informed GM answering a very poorly composed question.