Monday, September 19, 2011

TSM (Trade Skill Master) Explained

   Ok this post is basically gonna be about the basics of how to have a basic setup for your TSM  add on because even god knows it's boring as hell trying to explain the same thing to twenty different people all asking about the same thing, so read on if you want to know how to work up and set up one of the best addons if not THE best one when it comes to mass posting and cancelling of items on the AH.

Step 1: Downloading the addon, when you get the addon get all the modules that go with it.

Step 2: After downloading the add on and logging in the game in order to see that your add on is you need to write down /tsm in your chat bar and you should get the main window of TSM as shown below.

  Step 3: Click the Auctioning Groups/Option button situated in the second to the top right corner as seen in the next image.
Step 4: Now that you are in the Auctioning Groups/Options click on the Categories/Groups option on the left and from there choose the Create Category/Group as seen on the image below.
In this window you have two fields that you can use them to write down information, first one is called a Group Name while the second one is called Category Name.

   Now before we continue on i want to make this even more simple by giving you a comparing example as to how does the system work. When looking at TSM imagine as you are looking at the windows explorer and where Categories are the folders while the Groups are the files that hold all the important information. So in a manner of speaking the only role the Categories have is to make it that your items spread in different groups have a place to go for easier navigation, but there is a secondary use of Categories settings where you can set the settings for a given Category and those will be the default settings for all the groups unless changed manually, but we'll get to that in due time.

Step 5: Now as an example we'll make a Category called BS (standing for Blacksmith) and a group called Bloodthirsty (standing for the PvP set that BS's can craft). Once made you will be able to see the Category above the Uncategorized category on the left as seen in the image below.
   Now once you have made the bs items category click on the bloodthirsty group which should be on the left side in the uncategorized category and click the add button until it's transferred to the right side as shown on the image above and at the same time moving  the group from the uncategorized category to the bs items category. What this means for us is that by setting up the settings in the bs items category will make that default for the bloodthirsty group as well as any other group we add to that category later on in the game.

Step 6: Adding items to the newly created groups is what you have to do because that's the thing the add on needs, because after we make all the settings for when to post and when you withdraw items from the AH the add on needs to know to which items to apply those settings. In the next image i've allocated all the bloodthirsty gladiator set pieces in the bloodthirsty group.
   Adding items to a certain group is the same as adding groups to a category you simply choose the items from the left side and then click the Add>> button until they are transferred in the right column which means they are part of that group now. ( IN ORDER FOR THE ITEMS TO SHOW UP IN THE LEFT COLUMN YOU NEED TO HAVE THEM IN YOUR BAG )

Step 7: Now that we've created Categories and added groups to those categories there's only one thing left to do and that is actually input the information we want the add on to follow and more on that will be explained in this next image.

   What we see here starting from the top in the first fields is the information asking us what kind of stacks should the add on keep an eye out, for this group we've set it up so that it ignores stacks that are bigger then 1 which is actually the only size that the items in this groups can be because items that are worn like armor and weapons don't stack, but this can be useful if you are posting ore, herbs, food, flasks, potions etc.

   In the second section we have the settings for the Quantity / Duration of the items. Well these fields are pretty much self explanatory as you can see i have set mine to post at 24h duration (you can change this to anything that works for your play time ) and to only post 1 item at a time (you can change this to how many you want).

   Next one up is the General Price Settings, and basically this is where you tell the add on for how much you want to undercut your competition, in this instance i have set the undercutting to be at 25s but usually i set it down at 1c.

   Lower then that is the Minimum Price Settings (Threshold) like above it's pretty much self explanatory, you simply tell the add on what's the lowest you are willing to go to get a sale as i have set it at 100g.

   Next one is the Maximum Price Settings (Fallback), this is where you tell the add on what price to use if there is no one on the auction house that has posted any of the items that are in your group. As you can see in my group that has been set at 1650g.

   And the last is the Advanced Price Settings and what you set up in this field is basically tell the add on what to do when the prices go under your low threshold, and as you can see i have chosen to not post the items but you can choose that you want the add on to post your item at your fallback price if the price has gone too low in hope that it will make people see the high price and hopefully raise theirs (low probability of that but hey everything is possible)

   So after you've done all that all that's left is that you go and open the AH window, in the upper right corner you'll see a new button that has TSM written on it. So after clicking you get a new window that you can see a bunch of new buttons on it's right side. The one on the top is the POST button by pressing it you tell the add on that you want it to scan the items in your bag to cross reference  with the information it has in it's data base that you build for him by setting up all the settings. So after clicking the post button and you have the items that fall under the settings that you set up  you should end up with something like what's shown in the following image.

   So all that is left for you to do is click the big post button and see how the items show up in your auctions bar all of them at the highest possible price but still undercutting the guy above you.

   So far i have shown you how to make the categories, groups how to add items in the groups, how to add information about pricing and how to post the only thing left is to show you how to check for undercuts to your active auctions and we'll be done.

   Checking for undercuts is pretty much the same as posting items on the AH and all you have to do is click the second button from the right and that will check all your auctions and see if someone has undercut you and if someone has it will give you the option to cancel your auctions so you can re post it again as seen on the image.

   So there you have it that's what you need to start off with the basics of the TSM addon and with some more time and ideas invested in it you'll end up making thousands of gold with minimal time invested.


  1. Thank you for the very detailed explanation of the add-on, it does so much more than i thought it actually did. Will help me on my way too the 100k gold mark trying to AH these enchant scrolls.

  2. This is the bare basics of the addon, it does so much more and i will try and make a post about it's advanced possibilities when i get the time. Cheers

  3. Dude ur awesome didnt understand but nice addon ganna learn it soon !