Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Night Gold Shuffle

   WoW is a world that works pretty much the same as the real world, and what i mean by this is the fact that it never sleeps, not even when you are sleeping. Well if you take this into account, then you can see a profit somewhere in there, and i will further elaborate on this.

   When you are selling an item (that's in high demand like gems, glyphs, flasks), then you are more then aware that your ability to sell is reduced down to that brief window of opportunity of a few minutes before you are undercut by the competition, and put down the queue of successful sales. Now knowing that you either need to be brushing elbows with the competition and get your piece of the sales pie, or if you are not a big fan of the endless posting and re posting then try and out maneuver the competition. Going about this the right way could be a tricky thing, but if done right very profitable, i'll take as an example the gem market.

   Ok, so on my server i have seen 4 other major gem suppliers other then me. After doing some of the scoping out of the competition, i noticed that most of them go to sleep around 1-2am and get up at around 6-7am which can be seen in the statistics below.

   As a clarification, these are the posting times of 3 of the guys that are usually posting against me and with the rose color i marked up the times of the day that they simply dont post anything and that is the time between 1 or 2 am till 6 or 7 am which leaves about 5 hours of up time opposed to the ten or so minutes you get if you post during the day.
   So, what this means is that i usually do my last posting for the day at around 2am and i know that the following day when i log in i will see 50-100 sold auctions which depending on the prices of the gems it can net somewhere ranging from 5-15K from that single post alone.

   The same strategy that i used for the gems can be used for pots, flasks, (glyphs to some extent) and the best thing is that it's guaranteed to work and be quite effective. One thing that might make you wonder how this would work is the fact that it's only logical to think since the suppliers go to bed it's only logical that the other people do it also and that is the cast for most of the people but not all because every server have people that are playing from different time zones and if it's 2am at your place it might be 10pm at some other guy's place that's playing on your server and he is your potential buyer.

   So there you have it in a bundle The Late Night Shuffle is basically playing a game of last man standing, and if you are the last one to post your wares you are sure to see some great profits the following day.


  1. I have never really thought about this despite heading off to sleep at about 3:00am, but normally I’m just jumping around instead of reposting auctions before I head off to sleep. The first time I tried reporting right before I went to sleep, I came back to see my mail box full up with gold the following morning. Although I now realise how important it is to repost auctions.

  2. You did what you were supposed to do and behold there was gold.