Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gold Making By Barking

   As i have stated in the past, there are many ways of making gold in WoW and as long as they are making you profit there is no better or worse way of doing it. Well actually to be honest i don't think that's all that true. In my experience there are two ways of making gold, first one by listing on the AH which is more of a passive list and forget style, and a more hands on approach where you take your goods to the trade channel. 

   Like i have said in the past about advertising it is a very good way of making those extra sales, and even getting a better price for your item. Well in this post i will try a cover a bit on how to go about with advertising and more importantly, how to make advertising work in WoW.

   One of the most important thing when advertising is making the other guy think that whatever it is that you are selling is so awesome, that if he doesn't have it his life would feel incomplete. Well maybe not to that extent, but you get the idea. In WoW the way this relates is quite simple, you need to convince the PvEer that your flasks, food, gems and enchants are somehow better then the other ones out there, and make the PvPers think that if they buy from you, somehow they will get better at what they are doing. So what we came to is that we need to have a way of Advertising that Works.

   So in order to get to this way of thinking we need to follow a few simple rules. First one of those rules is that you always must make sure that the item you are promoting is clearly stated, and that is done by linking your item or profession in the macro you are barking. And the second one is to make your macros interesting for the reader/buyer, while at the same time you can even offer a bonus of a sort. Let me elaborate a bit on this, and you will see where is the logic behind the advertising. 

   When trying to sell your goods, the best approach to the matter would be to go big or go home. This is the basic logic behind the work of the world's biggest supermarket chains. How does this translate into WoW you might ask, well simple actually. If you take on this mentality then what you are doing is basically taking on an entire market, be it enchants, flasks, food or gems and doing it on a scale that even if you are working on small profit margins it still pans out great at the end. 

   Well in order to get to this level you need a bit of preparation, and some clever advertising. The preparation part is where you get your "raw materials" in check for mass production, so if you are a alchemist get stocked up on herbs, if you are a jewelcrafter get stocked up on raw gems, well no point in going over every profession because i'm sure you get the idea. Up until now is basically what everyone is doing, but this next bit is what has made me a lot of gold and i don't think anyone else is doing it, so i'm am kind of proud of it.

   This unique thing i just told you about is a macro that i use to get people to look at me as a brand opposed to looking at me as a seller, and this is how it works. Seeing as i have all the professions maxed out, as many of you have, i have the ability to get into any market i desire. So what i do is i put all my items that i want to sell up on the Auction House and then get down to barking my macro a bit. If you are asking yourself what kind of a macro it is, well here it is:

/2 Are you in the market for gems, enchants, food or anything else for that matter? Well if you are check your local AH for items sold by Vile and with every purchase you stand to win in the weekly jackpot and get 100% of everything you spent back.

(reason why the macro says buy from Vile is simple, all my characters start with Vile so you can't miss it)

   What this means is that with every sale i make i get it recorded in the log of My Sales addon, and then i can simply see who has spent the most of that week then at the end of the week i simply whisper him and tell him that he has won and give him the amount of gold that he has spent. What this does is it makes him happy, but at the same time i bark trade and inform everyone that the winner is Mr.X and that he has won X amount of gold by buying from me. Next week goes about the same, we get another winner and bark trade again to inform who the winner is and by the third week you end up noticing something very weird, you start making sales even though you have been undercut by one, two or even more people, but somehow you are still making sales. Well this is what we were aiming for, to get established as a brand not a seller. What we have managed to do is get people to look for a name of the seller next to the item because they know that they stand to win and get all their gold back.
   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Mate I really like this
    Now i'm hoping that no one else reads this

  2. Exactly... what can I do to convince you to take this post down NOW!? LOL

  3. Well look on the bright side, my blog is not one of the huge ones so it won't spread fast :)

  4. By the way, i really appreciate it when people leave their comments on what they think about the posts, so thank you for your comments

  5. What about when some very rich buyer just buys everything you put up, then you have to give them all your profits?

  6. @Radne If someone that's very rich decides to buy all your stock up and continues to buy your stock all through out the week and ends up buying everything you have, well then you do what every smart goblin would do, lie cheat and give the prize to the second runner up :)

    Remember, the house always wins :)

  7. "well then you do what every smart goblin would do, lie cheat and give the prize to the second runner up :)"

    Vile, I normally agree with a wide array of things, but that, my friend, is shady....


  8. No, Alto, what I was about to suggest is shady... not only give it to the runner up... but also be sure the runner up is one of your toons on your other account! cha-ching!

  9. @Alto

    I was talking off the top of my head because i still haven't had a case when someone would make a huge profit with the idea of "cheating" at the system, but if someone did i probably would give him the gold but make him say it in trade, or hell i'll say it and just imagine what the effect is going to be if you see that someone got 10-20 or even 50k for shopping from me. So instead of looking at it from the "Oh i lost gold" side try and look at it from the "I payed for some great advertising"

    P.S. As for shady things .... i won't lie, i'll simply do it any time of the day as long as the other person doesn't know about it, i am a goblin in the end

  10. lol never underestimate what some bored rich goblin might do for amusements sake. :)
    Though I think that is probly a fairly unlikely scenario.

    As for this strat, I personally wouldn't do it, but that's only because random trolling aside, I am completely ALLERGIC to trade. Plus I'm such a dork I would forget to choose a winner.

    However, on the rare occasions I do have to buy something from someone from trade, I tend to select people that had amusing, or interesting sounding barks, so this would definitely fit with that, and when I buy from the ah I almost always will look for names I recognize or like, even if they are not the absolute cheapest. So I think there is definitely something to be said for name recognition. This is something that people will definitely be likely to remember I think.

  11. He did say "You have a chance to win", not "Whoever buys the most will win".

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