Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fashionable Gold Making

   For the last few days while i was away, i managed to get access to wireless internet even though i though that i was going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and would probably end up meeting Courage the Cowardly Dog ( you are awesome if you know him ). Well with the access to the net and no PC or laptop to get in the World of Warcraft i was left with the option to scour the social networks to find some entertainment, and get to see what the other people are doing. Well what i found out was a pure awesomeness in it's raw form.

    Without further ado i would like to introduce to you a very interesting individual to follow, The Mogfather. You can find him on Twitter @DEazeroth. Now that i told you what to look at, let me tell you the why part. 

   If you have been reading my blog you can pickup many tips on how to configure your addons or how to make gold, some is from selling pets, some is from gems, some is from obvious sales but all in all it's how to make gold. Well this guy is taking a different approach at the gold making game, namely he is selling the pretty and the cool, and may i say it he's doing it rather well. Reading up on his Twitter and seeing his posts and sales he is doing more then well, he is doing fantastic and the reason why this is so fantastic is the sheer simplicity of it all. 

   What this cool cat is doing it buying out all the cheap greens that are Vanilla, TBC, Wrath and everything in between, then pricing it high and then reaping the winnings. I saw a few screens where he bought an item for 4g and flipped it for 1500g, and the best thing is it's not a one time deal, it's more of a constant, every day ordeal with him. So i have told you what this guy does, but now i will tell you why i decided to put the center light on him, with all the gold this guy is making he is pushing for one thing 1 million gold, but check this, he is not pushing to make 1 million gold, but rather give away 1 million gold from the sales he makes and that in my book says he's a worthy person to be following and give him a bit of the followers juice. So if you knew about this guy and was following him, then good for you, but if you have never heard of him then go check him out on Twitter and you will not be sorry, heck you might as well make some serious gold if you take his advice.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Great, thanks a lot. Until recently I was the only one on my realm doing this (selling xmog gear, not giving it all away) The last few weeks I've run into a little competition, now with your blog post I'll get even more.

    Anyway, I've made over 200k doing this without having to spend too much time on it. I started buying right when I heard about x-mog and was just about broke when it finally hit. The first week I made about 75k and even though it has slowed down a bit, it's still good gold and easier and much more fun than farming ore/herbs.

    I try to keep most items at a reasonable price 350g or less except for Cloudkeeper Leggings, First Mate Hat, & the 4 different Eye of the Beholders.

  2. See even though your don't "really like" it because it will give you some competition i am quite happy with the post because it is informative, and that's what i'm aiming for :)

  3. I should have added, I only buy sexy and silly looking stuff like Cloudkeeper (which looks great on female Dreanei), Bloodfist, etc. Like I said it's fun and makes good gold. This along with other investments I'm hoping to hit max gold before the x-pac.

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