Friday, January 20, 2012

Explanation of Spreadsheets

   Sooooo, i should have known that after making the last post about the Ore Shuffle, and especially the part about the spreadsheets is going to get people to whisper me asking me for how to do it. Well i know i should just put a link to the Consortium where there is an explanation in the posts there and i tried but it only made it worse so here it is, a copy from their comments so everyone can find it easier.

   First thing you need to do is go and make an account on The Undermine Journal, once you are logged there you can download your specific server's data as seen on the image.

   Upon clicking that you will be asked where you want to save the file, so save it where you want.

   Now once you have the file that contains your server's data saved you need to open it with Excel. The way to do this is you go in the Data Tab and open Connections as shown on the image.

   Once you open this you get a new window where you need to hit Browse for more and find the file.

   Once you have done this you have a choice, you can either set the refresh parameters to make it refresh it's data so it's current, or you can choose to only use the data you have downloaded and not set it up to refresh it's data. ( Very important is that if you want it to refresh make sure the threshold is over 288 minutes due to the fact that TUJ has a maximum number of allowed hashes you can do per day )

   Hit OK until you're back to your spreadsheet, and make sure the TUJ data tab is selected. Now from the Data tab, hit Existing Connections

   Select your newly-added connection, and hit Open. Make sure it goes in cell $A$1.

   After you have filled this and you go back to the Prospecting tab you will find that all the prices are in the given fields, and all you need to do is set the number of stacks you have bought and it will tell you how much time you will need to invest and how much profit you should expect to get out of it. Oh and just in case, all of this that was explained need to be done while in the TUJ data tab which can be found on the bottom as shown on the image.

   So that should clear up any confusion that people might have as to how to properly use spreadsheets that use the TUJ data as info base. And i will state once again, these instructions are not mine but were posted on the forums of the Consortium and the real gratitude should go to Baconcheese who is the user that made this walk through, i was only the messenger.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Any chance to do this with Excel Starter. There is no Data tab and pasting the data from the csv manually won't work either.

    1. never mind, the IQY file opens in Excel and can easily be copy/pasted into the TUJ data tab. But ensure that you start in first column.

  2. Ok I'm a little lost here. After I press browse for more what am I supossed to be looking for?