Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transmogrification Gold Run

   Here i am today making yet another Transmogrification post. In one of my previous posts i covered how to get your hands on some items that you can use to get your transmogrification business started, well today is going to be a bit of that same formula, just it is going to be like it's on steroids.

   First of all i would like to say one thing, i did this for a while and it was good for me, but then i read about it on a post which i will link it that pretty much took my usual run and made it to be super awesome and profitable  What i am talking about could be referred as the Transmogrification Speed Run. The reason why i'm calling it that is because it would take less then 10 minutes to complete, and yet it will yield anywhere from 5-15 items, depending on your server. But enough with the gibber jabber let me tell you what this is.

   It is basically a rare spawn run, more accurately would be Blasted Lands run. Why this is so good is that you can take the portal from your major city that leads you to the Outland portal, and from there the hunting can begin right away.

   Now like i said, i did this for a while but it was a post from Power Word: Gold that actually did make me take a second look at it, and it was worth it.

   As you can see on the map above, that is where you might find all the rare mobs in the zone, and as you might see there can be quite a few of them. As these zones are usually empty all the mobs are just waiting there to be killed. Now how this is very profitable is that when killing any rare mob, except the green item they also drop either a Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment or Flawless Draenethyst Sphere.  The deal with these is that you can turn them in at Kum'Isha a mob in the zone that will give you a bag which contains a green or a blue item in every single one you give him. So basically what this means is that you are getting 2 or more items from every single rare mob you kill.

   Another thing i would like to say is that i am always about giving credit where it's due, and this is one of those cases, and this is why. Faid from Nerf Faids made a targeting macro that makes this as easy as simply flying around and clicking that macro and it will target that rare mob if he is anywhere around you. So here is the macro:

/tar akub
/tar blackl
/tar cassia
/tar clack
/tar deathe
/tar dreadsc
/tar grunter
/tar magro
/tar mojo
/tar mord
/tar narix
/tar rava
/tar spite
/tar terem

   So load up this into a macro, then start flying around and get to killing while clicking that targeting macro. In continuation here is a video of the entire run done in less then 10 minutes that yielded some good amount of items, though i have had better luck.

   That is all for now, so as always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. what was the add on that you use that shows the gear on you when you hover over it?

  2. That is Mogit, there is a link to it in the previous post i did. You can check it out, there is even a link to it in this post.

  3. I can verify that it works, I started doing this after i read the post on PW:G and it has netter me over 300 gold in 2 days.

  4. Nice tip! I found seven rare up on my visit to BL and got 3 flawless spheres and 4 imperfect. Five of the twelve green items were from moggable sets, so a pretty high percentage of quality drops. Also got a blue 2H sword that should be attractive to moggers. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great read, went ahead and did this. Got 6 rares, seemed like they spawned right after one died in a big circle. Nothing really great for mogging, except some boe shield. But thanks i'll be doing this on my down time during RBGs and such.