Thursday, January 26, 2012

Transmogrification, Gold Maker's Style

   In the last few days i was a bit occupied with making the interview with the Mogfather which ended up being a very informative, as well as profitable venture. I did a bit of a research as to how the whole process is done, and then took it upon me to further put the gold maker touch to it. In this post i will cover a few things after which you should have a sold base on which to build on if you decide to get into the transmogrification business. 

   Before i start to get into detail on how everything works, and the how's and why's i would like to clear up one thing, and that thing is the whole logic behind this market. If you get into this market you will be entering the vanity market, that means that the items you are selling will NOT make the buyer stronger in any way, there will be no buffs, but instead you will make them appear different and with that stand out from the crowd. This is actually a very powerful mover, and it will make people spend huge amounts of gold on a piece of gear that in their eyes will make their avatar look awesome, and the place which is between the buyer and it's ability to look awesome is the place where we will put ourselves at, and profit from the whole affair, so let's get started. 

Phase One (Getting The Addons)

   Before you start getting anything done there are a few things you need to get. First thing that will make your entire job a much easier is downloading an addon called Mogit

   Upon downloading the addon, what it does is it makes a new view frame whenever you mouse over an item that is equipable by your character and how this makes it more unique then the blizzard frame is that this addon will make your character appear with nothing but the item on him equipped, so you can have a focused view on the given item.

   The advantage this addon gives is that it makes your decision whether to buy the item based on it's appearance or not, much easier.

   The second addon you want to have is Auctionator, but if you have been in the auction house business for a while i am sure you already have that one covered.  

Phase Two (Research and Acquisition)

   So now that we have the addons that we will be using it is time we focus on the research and acquisition part of the whole deal. The first part of the research can be done in two ways, a manual way and an automated way. Both of these ways have their pros and cons, and i will try and explain both.

   The manual way of doing the research is by simply going over to the auction house and start going through the items that are listed there. One thing though when you are listing make sure you are listing them category by category, and make the search to include items that are in the 1-70 item level range. The reason for this is that the items above that are simply too look alike like the current content and seeing as we are in the vanity market where we sell the pretty and cool, it's pretty much not worth it.

   So now that we are on the auction house window and we have set up the range to be 1-70 we can start scrolling and looking for a good deal. Another thing that is important is, if you are selling an item and have the ability check out and see how that model is going to look on a male and a female character, because many of the buyers are willing to spend huge amounts of gold on items that make their female character look like they are in a bikini.

   There are three categories that turn out to be most profitable and those are the Plate, Cloth and Weapons. Now don't take this the wrong way and think that there is no gold to be made because that would be wrong. Anyways when you are scrolling through the auction house what you are doing is you are looking for two things: a cool looking item, and a low price. As you can see up on the image above, and the one on the left i found both of those weapons for a 5g and 20g buyout price. Now what i can do is take those and flip them for 200, 500 or even 1500 or more gold depending on the unique aspect of the item. I will refrain from giving out prices for items because i am quite a new player in the transmogrification business and i have only sold about a dozen items, but there are other people out there that you can ask for prices that are more then willing to help you, like the Mogfather. (check the end of the post for the contact info)

   If you would like to learn how you can make this whole process on a auto pilot kind of a way you might want to check Jim's Post on Power Word:Gold about it, in which he makes a good and quite informative post about it.

Phase Three (The Go Getter)

   This last phase has nothing to do with the basics of the transmogrification business, but is a rather more of a gold maker's view on how to open up a small starting quantity of items for yourself in case someone has bought out all the cheap items and left you with nothing.

   The problem with getting your own green items is kind of a problem due to the randomness of it all, but there is a way you can do it non the less. Instead of explaining how to do it though, i went ahead and made a pretty video of it that will make sure that everyone can repeat and no one will get lost. Just as a clarification you will need to get to Scholomance in the Western Plaguelands.

   So as you can see in the video, you can get a rather good stash of starting items in a fairly quick manner by just doing this and then resetting the instance and doing it again. Though you can also choose to gather up the mobs in the instance and just kill them and loot them all for additional ways to get greens.

   That's all for today, and i am sure i will make an even more detailed post on how to profit further in the transmogrification market as i get more experienced in the market myself. But until then, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. I like this idea, will try it out, even tho I just checked AH, and see people are already using this method :)

  2. That's why i added the video at the end telling you where to get a seemingly endless supply of greens and blues from running Scholomance :)

    Glad you like it though

  3. Another trick I've seen on Area 52 is max lvl chars soloing the BC open world bosses since they all drop amazing looking boes.

  4. I'm having zero luck so far in the transmog market, although I've only been in for about a week and still working out the kinks. I haven't done any runs to get stuff, mostly just trying to flip cheap things on the AH based of Keel's list.