Friday, January 6, 2012

New In WoW (Part 1)

   At the start of this year me and a few of my friends started out new characters that we can all play together and have fun. We have done this many times, so many times actually that we are alt capped and can't make any more, so hence we started off on a new server.

  What this meant was actually a very interesting thing, i would not have my millions to back me up, nor will i have any  heirlooms to help me out. That is when it dawned to me, this is exactly how a new player in WoW would feel like but with the only difference being that he would not have my experience to help him. Well this post will be aimed at those people, the new kids on the block, or better yet the new goblins in training.

   I will try and make this into a multiple part series in which i will try and guide you through your new character, and help you get some profits to pay for your training, riding, gear and what not. Before i start getting deep into it i will state the few things you need to have in mind as a sort of a objective.

  • Get into a level 25 guild ( it's fairly easy, and the reason is quite obvious if you have played WoW, you get perks that will get you more XP, and more importantly the Bountiful Bags perk)
  • Buy yourself some intro level bags ( the 16 slot ones which go for anywhere 10-40g per bag )
  • Choose your professions ( i wouldn't usually recommend gathering professions but seeing as how you should be broke it wouldn't hurt for now, at least until you get some capital going )
   These three should be the focus as for the first 10-15 levels.

( The following will be the basics seen through the eyes of a new Tauren Druid, but everyone will be able to use it no matter where they started off

Took this off Google so i would have a starting image
   Once you start out you are given quests to kill a bunch of mobs ( calling them as such because they are basically the same for all the quests in the low zones ) then deliver a few boxes and similar. This is the part that is kinda boring, but still if it's your first time you are on your way to pew pew evil creatures and you are having fun. 

   Well once you start off you will find out that your initial bags of like 8 slots will be filled up very fast. This is where all the people do the logical thing, they vendor their unneeded "garbage". Well you know the saying one man's trash is another man's fortune ? Well this is just that case. In the starting zones you will be tasked with killing many boars and wolves among other things. Killing these you will get Stringy Wolf Meat as well as Linen Cloth from the humanoids you kill, and if you picked up skinning by chance you will get Ruined Leather Scraps and Light Leather

   As you have just started out and have not sold your drops, by the time you get to a major city you will have the meat, the cloth and the leather to sell. The lowest tier of meat might not be the best sellers but you will find out that the meats you sell that are coming from mobs that are level 10 and above can net you in some great profits. As for the cloth, that is always a good seller, even at the low tiers starting from like wool and up.

   As soon as you get to like level 10 and are ready to venture out of your starting zone you should have some starting gold be it even as low as 10g. In the next part of this series i will cover how to go from having like 10g to 500g and from there the options will be limitless.  

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Your focus should be on lvling though, not making gold. the gold you get from quests will be sufficient enough.

  2. The focus should be on leveling, but i want to make the leveling on par with making gold. So by the time i level to 85 i'll have enough gold to pay for my flying mount, epic flying, cold weather flying and on top of that all have some spending money for epics.

    In the second part i'll take it to a bit of a twist and get into the whole gold making thing. Only reason why i'm lagging down a bit is because i'm catching some damn cold.

  3. Thank you for writing these articles, this is the kind of thing I do all the time. thanks again